Review of Washing Machines Whirlpool (Whirlpool)

The company Whirlpool for its many years of history managed to release so many washing machines that they easily won the recognition of buyers in many countries. How is the automatic machine "Virpul what are its features, where and who produces it, which models are the most popular - our review will tell.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do they produce and collect machines Whirlpool
  • 2Models of washing machines "Virpul"
    • 2.1Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1
    • 2.2Whirlpool AWS61212
    • 2.3Whirlpool WTLS65912
    • 2.4Whirlpool AWE2221
    • 2.5Whirlpool AWO / C 7714
  • 3Device and characteristics
    • 3.1Classes and modes
    • 3.2Programs
    • 3.3Energy efficiency and water flow
    • 3.4Technologies
    • 3.5Capabilities
    • 3.6Control Panel
  • 4How to choose the machine "Virpul"

Where do they produce and collect machines Whirlpool

Washing machines "Virpul" are produced by the eponymous company, which has a rich history. The brand itself, as well as the famous sonorous name, appeared in the middle of the XX century, although the firm exists since 1911. - until 1950. she worked under a different name.

If you collect all the years of development of the company, in aggregate will be more than 106 years. During this century, the company has experienced many changes, ups and downs. How it all was:

  • In 1911 in the state of Michigan was deployed the manufacture of electric washing machines. The production lasted almost 20 years.
  • In 1929 The company was swallowed up by Nineteen Hundred. Under this name, the corporation worked for another 20 years.
  • In 1950 There was a brand renaming in Whirlpool, the development of the company gained high rates. She absorbed by her power small household appliances, thus getting to other countries on the globe.

Where do they produce and collect machines Whirlpool

Important! Today it is difficult to unequivocally say who the producer country is "Virpul". The company was established in the States, and the first models were delivered to the Russian market in 2009. In the Vladimir region in Alexandrov opened the plant, therefore in the CIS countries the brand "Virpul" is mostly represented by the domestic assembly. Russian buyers most appreciate the models assembled in Slovakia, where they collect the lion's share of washing machines of this brand.

Models of washing machines "Virpul"

The popularity of the Whirlpool brand throughout the world is not only due to the high quality of the assembly, but also due to a wide range of models. In the range you can find vertical and frontal, machines with drying, built-in and narrow models.

Consider the most popular models that are in demand in Russia and the world.

Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1

Whirlpool AWE6516 / 1

A machine with a vertical load, equipped with the latest technology. The drum is designed for, kg of laundry, spin - up to 1000 rotations per minute. It is difficult to say unequivocally - quiet or noisy this model, as the indicators at the level with similar machines of other brands: when washing 62 dB, with a spin of 76 dB. Overall dimensions: 90x40x60 cm.

The manufacturer provided for a delay in the start, quick washing and control over the water level. For the budget model, the choice of wash modes is impressive - 18 different programs. There is protection from children, imbalance and excessive formation of foam.

It is made in Slovakia. It is worth about 21 000 rubles.

Whirlpool AWS61212

Whirlpool AWS61212

This model provides for horizontal loading of laundry. The capacity of the drum is 6 kg, the spin speed is 1200 revolutions maximum. In the work he makes noise, but not stronger than ordinary machines. The dimensions of the machine are 85x60x45 cm.

The manufacturer provided a plastic tank and convenient electronic control. In total there are 18 modes of washing, among which users pay attention to "night" and "stain removal". The manufacturer has implemented all protection systems in this model of the AGR:

  • from imbalance of the drum;
  • from increased foam formation;
  • from overflow and leaks.

This model belongs to the most economical in the Whirlpool range. Thanks to the energy efficiency class A ++, water consumption is only 50 liters per 1 wash.

This model is also produced in Slovakia. The cost is within 18 000 rubles.

Whirlpool WTLS65912

Whirlpool WTLS65912

The maximum loading of the drum in this machine is, kilogram. This is a noisy model, despite the fact that the labels and promises of the manufacturer say a maximum of 76 dB.


  • 18 modes;
  • function of additional rinsing;
  • deferment of the start of the program;
  • washing in the "Super-fast" mode.

There are also disadvantages - this model does not provide protection from leaks. Usually this is typical for the cheapest washing machines. But the lack of this functional is partially compensated by the control of foaming and protection from the intervention of children; However, when there is a leak, this does not help much.

With all the pros and cons of this SM is the most economical energy efficiency class - A +++ and modest dimensions: 90x40x60 cm. Whether it is up to you to give over 2, 00 rubles for it.

Whirlpool AWE2221

Whirlpool AWE2221

A popular budget option that can provide full-fledged care for any clothing. Vertical loading with dimensions of 90x40x60 cm makes this model very compact. There is no digital display on the control panel, but do not consider it a disadvantage - you would not need it, but would make the machine more expensive for at least 1000-2000 rubles. Other features:

  • loading of 5 kg;
  • spin speed - up to 800 revolutions;
  • washing course lighting;
  • 18 modes.

Affordable price - less than 18 000 rubles - will be the main advantage when buying.

Whirlpool AWO / C 7714

Whirlpool AWO / C 7714

Need a built-in model? Pay attention to its characteristics:

  • loading up to 7 kg;
  • intelligent electronic control;
  • convenient digital display;
  • dimensions - 60x56x82 cm;
  • the highest classes of energy efficiency and spin: A +++ and A;
  • Spin - up to 1400 drum rotations per minute;
  • partial protection from leaks;
  • Control over excessive formation of foam and drum balance;
  • 18 wash modes;
  • relatively low noise level when washing and wringing: 52/74 dB.

This rubbish costs in the range of 60 000 rubles, but it fully justifies the funds invested in it - its functionality, reliability and durability.

Device and characteristics

The device of washing machines "Virpul" differs little from other import and domestic analogues, among the model range each buyer can choose the SMA according to the type of installation and loading:

  • built-in:
  • detached;
  • vertical;
  • horizontal model.

All machines differ in volume of the drum, design and options, but the operation of the AGA Whirlpool involves such common features:

  • high quality classes of washing;
  • modest expenditure of energy resources;
  • use of modern technologies;
  • dosage of detergents;
  • protection against leaks - partial or complete;
  • protection from accidental pressing of buttons;
  • spin speed - up to 1400 revolutions and more.

Classes and modes

All the "Virpul" stirals are erased perfectly, judging by the users' feedback and expert opinions. A class of washing And to all models it is appropriated not simply so. You will find options with a drum up to 9 kg, and the spin speed in modern models is not lower than 1400 rpm.


The device of the machine is considered more technologically, if it contains unique programs. Even in the most budgetary models, a set of functions - at least 18 different programs. Almost in each typewriter you will find such modes:

  • ECO-cotton in the temperature range of 40-60 degrees;
  • cotton 95 ° С;
  • Synthetics 50 ° C;
  • delicate wash;
  • wool;
  • quick wash 30 ° C;
  • mode for colored things 60 degrees;
  • separate rinsing;
  • separate extraction.


Among the additional functions you can find these:

  • "Fast" - reduces the time of any program;
  • "Cold wash" - erases in any mode without turning on the heater;
  • "Easy ironing" - gives out the laundry a little wet for easy smoothing of folds;
  • "Stop with water" - is relevant for delicate things, down jackets, jackets, shoes

Energy efficiency and water flow

Even in the largest sewers of this company, the energy-saving class is A ++ or A +++. With a full load of the most overall model, "Whirlpool" will be spent only, kW per hour. Delicate and low-temperature washing will give a consumption of only 1 kW per hour.

At half load (a frequent function for vertical "whirlpools"), electricity consumption - total, kW / h.

Energy efficiency and water flow

If we talk about the flow of water, then 9 kg of things (jeans, duvet covers or jackets) will be spent 90 liters. At half load it will take only 45 liters.



The scheme of development of any successful company in the field of home appliances involves constant improvements in the goods. The "Virpul" stirrers are not an exception, they use the most advanced technologies of developers: Supreme care; Hot finish; Colors 15; Wave motion plus.

  • Supreme care. It is worth protecting such qualities of fabric as structure and color.
  • Hot finish. It suggests rinsing in cold water. Suitable for delicate fabrics of wool.
  • Color. This mode is intended for cold washing of things prone to molting. This is an economical mode, since it does not require the inclusion of a heater.
  • Wave motion plus - adjusts the rotation of the drum, given the type of fabric. You choose a mode according to the type of fabric (cotton, synthetic, jeans, wool, etc.), and the machine chooses how the drum will rotate - intensely or smoothly, from side to side or in one direction, slowly or quickly and etc.


The management of the company took care to ensure that all parameters of the AGR were the latest technology. Therefore, in new models you can find:

  • pre-wash option;
  • a stain removal program;
  • hot rinsing;
  • Bio stain 15 ° to remove stains of grease or grease;
  • fast washing modes;
  • Fresh Care for freshness;
  • postpone start or rinse.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Bonus for every owner of SMA "Virpul" - convenient navigation and thoughtful control panel. In most models, it is located slightly at an angle so that it can be clearly seen from anywhere in the room. The display is always noticeable, large and brightly lit.

The machine can store the latest settings.

How to choose the machine "Virpul"

Despite the fact that our review is somewhat reminiscent of the laudatory ode to the brand of Whirlpool, customer feedback about the washing of this brand is very controversial. In general, users praise the car for 3 positive qualities:

  • acceptable cost of most models;
  • reliability and multifunctionality;
  • relatively quiet work.

We hope you have already compared the machines, looking through our rating. It remains only to decide whether to stop at this brand, or go on a quest further. Perhaps you will be interested in reviews of other brands: Daewoo, Gorenje or Indesit.

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