What to do if the washing machine pump does not work

Usually, the user suspects of a broken pump when he pulls wet clothes out of the tank. Sometimes the washing stops, not reaching the spin, with a full drum of water.

Do not rush to replace the drain pump immediately, perhaps the cause of the failure lies in another. To confirm the guesswork, you need to diagnose the details of the washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and signs of breakage
  • 2How to get to the pump in different brands of AGR
  • 3How to solve two main problems
    • 3.1The pump leaks, the washing machine does not work
    • 3.2The pump does not turn off, it works without stopping
  • 4To prevent damage, proper operation

Causes and signs of breakage

How can I make sure that the pump in the washing machine does not work? It is necessary to inspect and eliminate the malfunction of other parts. First, pay attention to the external signs of failure:

  1. The error code was displayed on the AGR display. After reading its meaning, you understand that the reason for the malfunction of the pump or drainage system.
  2. The washing cycle runs as usual, but before the drain the machine stops with a full tank of water.
  3. The pump does not turn on at all.
  4. The pump operates continuously, without stopping.
  5. The water merges very slowly.
  6. Drain occurs once, not after each wash.

Start looking for the cause of the problem with a simple check:

  • Make sure that the spin mode is on. If the program "Delicate or Manual washing" has been selected, the spinning is automatically deactivated. Choose another program or increase the spin speed.
  • Inspect the drain hose. It should be located exactly, not above the tank level. If it is not bent, it is advisable to detach the hose and check for blockage. Turn on the drain mode by pointing the hose into the sink. If the water flows normally, the sewage system may be clogged.

If you are sure that the mode is set correctly, you need to check the drain.

  • Open the small hatch under the front panel.
  • Place the container, unscrew the drain filter.
  • Drain and clean the filter of debris.
  • Shine in the hole in the housing where the filter was located.
  • Inspect the impeller of the pump. Select the spin and see if the impeller rotates or not.

If the impeller does not fly off and stands still, you need to check the pump. At the same time, the drainage pipe is inspected.

How to get to the pump in different brands of AGR

Knowing where the pump is located, you will reach it quickly.

In the models CM "Samsung "Kandy "Ariston "Indesit Beko, Whirlpool, LG, you need to put the stylalk on its side and get to the pump through the bottom. How to do it:

  1. The machine is disconnected from the network and communications.
  2. Water is drained from the filter.
  3. The dispensing tray is removed from the housing. It also needs to drain the remains of water.
  4. The machine is neatly placed on its side. In order not to damage the case, you can lay a blanket on the floor.

In the brands of washing machines "Zanussi" and "Electrolux" you need to remove the back cover:

  1. After disconnecting all communications around the perimeter of the rear panel, unscrew all screws.
  2. In some models, the screws are hidden by plugs. They can be removed with a screwdriver.
  3. The panel moves to the side and inspection begins.

Longer and more difficult to get close to the pump in the models "Bosch "Siemens "AEG". It is necessary to dismantle the front panel:

  1. The top cover is removed from the body of the machine.
  2. The dispensing tray is pulled out.
  3. The control panel is unscrewed and removed.
  4. The latches are unclenched, the plinth panel is removed.
  5. The hatch of the hatch cuff is separated. The cuff is filled in the tank.
  6. Unscrew the door lock bolts.
  7. Screws, fastening the panel, are loosened and it is removed from the case.

How to solve two main problems

Carry out inspection and inspection of parts if the machine not only flows, but does not work, or, conversely, works without interruption.

The pump leaks, the washing machine does not work

Did you notice that the bottom cover of the washing machine is leaking? Water can flow from below directly to the floor. Then it is obvious that the pump broke.

When you reach the pump, proceed as follows:

  • Check the drainage pipe, it may be defective and leaking. It could be damaged, or the clamps of the clamp loosened between the spout and the pump.
  • Turn off a bolt of a branch pipe and unfasten a collar pliers.
  • Remove it and inspect for blockage, as well as for damage. When the nozzle becomes clogged, this causes the washing machine not to drain the water.
  • Now disconnect the wiring from the pump.
  • Unscrew the fasteners and remove it from the case.

Examine the pump. Often the hair and threads are wound on the impeller, because of which the pump croaks, and it does not pump water.

The pump cover is unscrewed - unscrew several screws. Remove the snail. Check all gaskets for integrity.

Check whether the pump has burnt out, can be multimeter, by measuring the resistance on the windings.

The pump does not turn off, it works without stopping

When the pump is running without shutting down, the problem can be in the control module. The electronic board controls the operation of all parts in the washing machine, and if it fails, such problems are likely.

Damage to the pressure switch, as well as the boards, can cause malfunctions with the pump. For example, when the pressure switch does not provide information on the amount of water in the tank, the module "does not know" that it needs to be drained. Consequently, the pump does not turn on or works without stopping, as if there is water in the tank.

Checking and replacing the board is best entrusted to specialists, but the pressure switch can be replaced by yourself.

  • Remove the top cover from the machine, near the wall you will find the pressure switch.
  • After disconnecting its tubes, check them for blockage, possibly after cleaning the device will normally work.
  • Unscrew the bolt and remove the appliance from the tank.

Replacement is carried out in the reverse order.

To prevent damage, proper operation

Save your styralka, following the manufacturer's rules:

  1. Do not overload the drum with linens. Load the norm, otherwise the details of the SMA will work for wear, and things do not normally wash.
  2. Always check the pockets of clothing before washing. Coins or seeds provoke clogging of the drainage system.
  3. At least once a month, clean the drain filter of debris.
  4. Choose the correct mode for each fabric. Do not constantly use fast and intense washing. This leads to wear of the bearings and the formation of mildew, since the fast regime passes in cold water.

When it comes to blocking the system, the problem can be solved on its own. But if the cause is in the module or pump, it is better to call the master for accurate diagnosis.

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