A foreign object hit the washing machine

Often a foreign object is in the drum of an automatic stylalki. If he spins there with clothes, then this does not represent a danger to the typewriter. Another thing is if it is stuck in the tank - in this case, you need to undertake a campaign to remove the object, so that the stylalka prematurely does not fail.

About how to get a foreign object from the washing machine without the help of a specialist, we'll tell you below.

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  • 1As foreign objects enter the washing machine
  • 2How to get a thing from the washing machine
    • 2.1If stuck in the tank

As foreign objects enter the washing machine

To get an object that is stuck in the tank, you need to understand how it got there:

  1. Usually small things fall into the drum from the pockets, if you forgot to check them.
  2. Also, badly sewn buttons and other decorations may come off the clothes.
  3. In the pockets often remains paper, coins, chains, lighters, flash drives. Sometimes users even forget to get the phone. These items usually remain in the tank, something goes into the drain system and gets into the drain filter.
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  5. The greatest danger is the bone from the bra. This bra element is thin and flexible, so it easily passes through the holes under the drum and stays there, creating noise and grinding.
  6. Large rubbish and small things, such as a sock or a handkerchief, are unlikely to get into the tank, but they can be clamped with a rubber cuff - and if the washing is too intense, they too will go inside the tank.
  7. Trifles can go down into the tank through the detergent drawer.

Important! Often the reason that a foreign object is stuck in the AGR is a large gap between the tank body and the drum.

Everything that has fallen into the tank, goes this way:

  • falls to the very bottom of the tank;
  • stuck in the tank;
  • can wind on the shaft.

How to get a thing from the washing machine

If everything happens on the first minutes of washing, then simply cancel the mode:

  • hold down the start (or pause) key to stop the cycle;
  • again press the start button for 5 seconds;
  • Wait until the pump pumped out all the water, after which the CM will shut down and you will be able to retrieve the forgotten item.

A foreign object hit the washing machine

On a note:

  • In vertical machines it is enough to press the pause, open the hatch and remove the excess water without draining it - it is convenient and saves time and resources.
  • In some models of automatic machines, water does not drain automatically, so a manual drain is required. For this purpose, use an emergency drain (a small hose near the drain filter or the filter itself, if there is no hose). As long as you do not merge the water, the hatch will not open.

If stuck in the tank

To get a thing that has already managed to get into the tank is somewhat more complicated. But you still need to get it. Even soft objects, such as a sock or a kapron stocking, can harm the machine pretty much, wrapped around a pump or shaft. Extract the foreign body can be through:

  • A "garbage" filter;
  • groove for the heater.

If the object is small in size, then it will go to the filter through the drain pipe and, in order to remove it, it is enough to unscrew the filter element and get the object.

A foreign object hit the washing machine

And if the object has fallen to the bottom of the tank, it can be removed through the hole for the thermoelectric heater. The bones of the bra can get under the TEN and stay there: then you will not hear them. If they knock, it means they are stuck between the heater tubes.

Very rarely, a bone can get into the hole of the drum, but do not fall into the tank. Gently touch the drum from the inside with your hand, perhaps just pull it out of the hole.

To determine which side to start disassembling AGR, you need to know where in your model is the heater. In the overwhelming majority of brands, the heater is located behind, and in the minority (Bosch, Siemens, AEG), to remove the heater, you need to remove the front panel.

If you can not decide where the part is, inspect the rear wall - if the service hatch is of impressive size, it means that the heater is there.

Remove the part. On how to remove it, you will learn on the page "How to replace the heater in CM". Do this carefully so as not to damage the heater seat.

A foreign object hit the washing machine

After you get the part, take the flashlight to find and remove the object. To do this, build a small wire hook, which you can pick up the desired object.

Important! If the thing has already wound around the shaft, then it is necessary to conduct a capital disassembly of the styralka. In this case, you need to follow the instructions from the "How to remove and disassemble the washing machine tank" page. If in your model the tank is not folding - glued, then the process will require sawing and subsequent gluing of the tank. Since this is a difficult task, we advise you to entrust it to specialists. And if you are confident in your abilities, you have plenty of information on how to get a foreign object. Good luck!

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