Iskrit washing machine: what to do

When the washing machine sparks, you can see small light flashes beneath it. The first thing to do when you find this breakdown is to de-energize the device.

Do not use a sparkling washing machine, it can be dangerous!

Before continuing to operate the machine, repair it or contact the service technician for assistance.

During such a failure, you can see not only sparks - a breakage is often accompanied by an unpleasant burning smell; The smelted details usually smell like this. There are times when sparks are visible from behind the glass of the hatch.

Turn off the styralka and follow our advice to find out the cause of the malfunction and fix the problem.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the washing machine sparks
    • 1.1Heater short circuit
    • 1.2Failed programmer (control module)
    • 1.3Wear of electric motor brushes
    • 1.4Damage to collector sipes

Why the washing machine sparks

Let's find out why there are sparks in the washing machine. This can be one of the following reasons:

  • Closing the heater.
  • Breakage in the control module.
  • Wear of electric motor brushes.
  • Breakage of lamellas in the engine manifold.

Now let's look at each case separately: how to deal with the malfunction and what can be done independently.

Heater short circuit

If the heater is closed, it can be detected through the glass part of the hatch - in the lower part of it you will notice the sparking.

To make sure that the TES is broken, it is necessary to organize its verification. To do this, you need a tester.

About the verification is described in detail in the article "How to check the washing machine's TAN".

If the failure of the heating element is confirmed, buy the original analogue in a store or a certified service center and install. The process of replacing the heater we described in detail in the articles for each separate brand of washing machines: LG, Bosch, Samsung, Indesit.

Failed programmer (control module)

Due to voltage fluctuations, the control module can spark. In this case, you will see sparks not from below, but at the top of the machine. Identify this failure can be even visually - when the voltage jumps on the board remain dark traces.

If you missed these sparks, the control module could fail, which you will be notified by the control panel: in this case all the light bulbs will flash. Exit the situation: repair (firmware) or replace the unit.

We do not recommend doing this work on your own. But if you feel a huge repair potential, look for answers to the questions in the article: "Repairing the control board of a washing machine with your own hands."

Wear of electric motor brushes

If your machine is many years old, then the electric motor in it could wear out. The first to suffer are brushes - when moving they do not touch the collector too tightly, because of which sparks may appear. Since the motor is located at the bottom, it will spark from beneath the bottom panel of the AGR.

To eliminate such a malfunction, you need to remove the motor and change the brushes. Step-by-step instructions for these jobs are waiting for you on the page "How to replace engine brushes in a washing machine".

Important! Not always "age" is the determining factor of this breakdown. Sometimes it cracks and sparks from the side of the engine and from the new styralka. This may mean that the brushes have not yet been much used up. If you encounter such a malfunction, do not worry. Just the first time, do not overload the drum.

Damage to collector sipes

If the brushes are all right, but the machine is still sparking, then there may be a wear of the lamellas. These elements can break due to frequent and prolonged operation of the machine.

To be sure of a breakdown, you need to manually scroll the motor shaft. If you hear a knock, it will mean that the brushes are tapping on the lamellas - they are broken.

To the great chagrin of many craftsmen we will inform, that lamellas can not be replaced, therefore the complete replacement of the electric motor is necessary. Do not worry, the engine is not the most expensive part of the CM, replacing it is much cheaper and easier than the control module.

In this work the recommendations from the page "How to connect the washing machine motor" will help you. Also watch the video:

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