Which TV to buy

Let's talk today on the topic of choice of budget options of the title technique.

Cheap TVs

Today in the sale are types of TVs:

  1. In the cathode ray tube.
  2. Plasma.
  3. Liquid crystal.
Inexpensive TV in the house

Inexpensive TV in the house

TV picture tube can be taken for 2500 rubles. On TV Horizont avito sold for 300 rubles! Full proposals in the segment of up to 2,500 rubles, if the new TV money is not enough. Possible catch:

  1. When buying a TV with a hand not hurt advice of an experienced technician.
  2. All cheap TV sets with cathode-ray tube. Unhealthy.
  3. It is difficult to say how long a machine, there is no guarantee.
  4. Spare parts on old models get extremely difficult.

Readers have asked how to check the device, if the familiar master of none, and no knowledge.

TV with its own set of channels

TV with its own set of channels

Set TV channels

Any TV set has channels. Old analog "Horizon" will not be able to receive digital broadcasting for two reasons:

  • Lack of decryption card. Not any modern TV there will - take the receiver to re-buy or rent separately.
  • Soviet TVs are not designed to receive frequencies above 200 MHz, and digital TV begins at 400 MHz.

Typical "Horizons" often contains a set of 12 channels and a pair of antenna breaths - VHF and UHF. It seems worth to buy a receiver to use, but did not succeed. Modern digital maps show connectors "tulip" or HDMI. First to the old TV can be connected if there is a SCART. This is a big, long slot, where the inputs for component, composite video. This applies to TVs which were issued after the restructuring, for example, the Knights. They SCART there for a simple reason:

All Soviet standards in television originate from France. Because the Russians suffered the reception when the borders opened.

It is known that the French SCART designed to stop the flow of Chinese, Korean, Japanese technique that flooded the European markets. However, conceived as a universal interface to quickly showed their own shortcomings. As a result, France, began to press the Germans, the country's production could not pass inspection. Is now pointless to explain that the SCART is included in the TV to emphasize the friendship between the peoples, as was the custom. Buy hand-TV, released after the adjustment or foreign (albeit with a cathode-ray tube) is relatively safe.

Russia has firmly decided to move to digital broadcasting, and Europe has already finished the process. If there is no card in the TV, look for at least a connector for an external receiver. Otherwise the equipment looks like scrap metal.

Connect the external receiver to the antenna input VHF or UHF no special tricks impossible. You have to buy a modulator or isolate from the b / y technique analogue. It is not enough simply to buy an old TV, it is necessary to set up equipment in tune with the times.

digital TV

digital TV

We recommend immediately take digital TV with DVB-T2 board. If you can not, keep an eye post-perestroika TV with SCART or imported machine. Then the transition to digital television will painlessly along with the country.

How to check when buying a TV from hands

Going shopping, I do not know what to expect. Sellers unit costs in the dust, collective antenna is not in sight. Do not try to buy an antenna for digital TV! Now we will show what to do.

First, try to catch the first channel. It broadcasts a horizontal polarization at a frequency of 49.25 MHz. Not the fact that in every region of the figure is the same, therefore, will have to learn on the internet resources before you leave home. We offer to make a homemade antenna to the appropriate wavelength of 6 meters or find the store required. The majority of fans since the Soviet Union has in the house like that. Not all collective use.

Before going to the buyer on request by the antenna. In the absence of a seller take her. broadcasting plan is already known, the first channel will certainly catch.

Check your home environment

Check your home environment

To check the efficiency of the screen, it is easier to find an old console from China who worked on the canal. Signal them with such force that the whole staircase watched the battle with game characters, if the house was got a gamer. We have a strong pickup.

Pick up the unit, it will be able to easily test the functionality of any old TV and new. Consoles Sony Play Station will do. Connected as a receiver, through the "tulip" or HDMI. Inquire on the network if they have to buy a TV connectors. Do not forget to take an adapter cable.

In case the old TV SCART adapter possible to collect it from the "tulip". The pin assignments (pinouts) is found in abundance in the network.

Features TV

Consider the basic characteristics of TV from the viewpoint of the final user. We will not find fault with the quality of the image will show that you need to watch the programs. Today is not enough just to buy a TV and on the wall to hang the antenna.

Buying a TV antenna to give relies represent machine capabilities. About Digital TV already told. If desired, you will need to catch the console or integrated DVB-T card (DVB-T2). Note that in a cable, especially satellite broadcasting, separate receiver, DVB-C and DVB-S, respectively.

Conclusion: you want to watch satellite or cable, take the appropriate model with integrated electronics.

Satellite TV on the old Horizon maybe if you can find a transmitter to the antenna input. It should be in the store at 3000 rubles. At 10 times the price of the TV horizon. If the fork and take the hands of a TV with a built-in receiver DVB-S2, the plate may be connected to the antenna input. Map for paid content is inserted into the corresponding connector on the TV (usually at the end).

From the foregoing it is clear that allocated three standard digital broadcasting requiring its own built-in or external receiver. channel tuning is carried out according to the instructions on the TV. Major TV manufacturers - Samsung and LG, Philips across. Always process is similar. See previous reviews for details how to set up the channels.

Power consumption is not considered to be a key feature, the image quality is evaluated visually. Ideal option checking with game console. Passing through the ether waves are complemented by noisy, ignorant people will not be able to assess the quality, glancing at a television snow. When purchasing a digital television receiver in the presence of host (embedded or external) is extremely easy to evaluate quality. Note that single dead pixels allowed standards. The principle of a well-known, not like it - do not take.

TV settings regarding brightness, contrast evaluate qualitatively, visually. According to his passport look useless. Manufacturers often give limited, artificially inflated data. Distinguish between dynamic and static contrast ratio, but to evaluate the performance without special training under the force of a rare man. It is recommended to check with the expensive TVs all colors. Simply done by connecting the device to a PC. See the earlier reviews as to perform an operation.

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