How to buy a washing machine on Avito

No money to buy a new washing machine? Today, this is not a problem, because there are special sites for selling used equipment. In this article, you will learn how to cheaply buy a washing machine on Avito (Avito).

What are the search criteria to enter, and where is it better to buy a styralka: from a private person or from a company?

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  • 1How to find what you need on Avito
    • 1.1Ad for search
  • 2How to Buy Profitfully
  • 3Checking the washing machine
    • 3.1Check for purchase for spare parts
  • 4How to find a suitable model
  • 5Advantages and disadvantages of Avito

How to find what you need on Avito

In order to find a washing machine on Avito, you can use one of these methods:

  • It is on your own to find a suitable technician by applying filters.
  • Place your own search ad.

To achieve the result, you can take advantage of two options at once.

Start with a self-search. Sequencing:

  • Go to Avito's website.
  • Choose a region and a city so that it is convenient for you to pick up the equipment by self-transportation. How to do it, shown in the photo below.
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  • In the section "For home and cottages" select the category "Household appliances".
  • Another option: in the category of "Household appliances" indicate the type "For home as shown in the photo.
  • Select the type of product you need. In this case, these are washing machines.

So the system will filter out and select only those results that you need.

There is a simpler way:

  • Type the query in the search box and click on the search.
  • To see photos in ads, tick the "Only with photo" category.
  • To filter the search for buyers, click the "All" button - all categories will be highlighted, "Private" - will only allocate private ads for the sale of washing machines, or "Companies".
  • If you select the "By date" button, then the latest and most recent ads will appear above.
  • If you are interested in low prices, then click the "Cheaper" category. So first the cheapest offers will be displayed.
  • After reviewing ads, select the ones you like by clicking on them.

Ad for search

For search, you can independently place an advertisement, for example: buy a washing machine for Avito parts. How to do it:

  • Click the button "Submit an ad" in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your email address, and also enter your password to log in.
  • As you can see in the photo above, the social networking icons are above the email field. This means that you can access the site through any of them.
  • In the announcement, indicate your name and phone number, address - at will. Also write what exactly you are looking for. What brand and model do you need a stylalk, in what condition. If the technique is necessary for use in everyday life, then you need to specify the capacity of the drum, mandatory modes and programs of work.

How to Buy Profitfully

In order to profitably buy an automatic machine on Avito, you need to be careful and pay attention to such rules:

  1. In order not to run into unsuitable equipment, pay attention to the price of the goods. It should not be too high for a beetroot stylalki, but not too low, otherwise suspicions arise that it does not work.
  2. The ad should have photos of the car, and the more, the better.
  3. The real phone number of the seller should be indicated. Calling on the phone, you can personally find out all the details and bring down the price.

It is advisable to buy from individuals, as companies have inflated prices. However, if you are interested in the warranty and delivery of the car, it is better to contact the company.

  1. To safely conclude a deal and not get caught "on the bait" of scammers, read the special sections on Avito.

Buying equipment from a private person, evaluate the situation of his house, ask for documents on the machine, and evaluate its condition. This will help you avoid buying a stolen car.

Checking the washing machine

Buy a washing machine bu on Avito is not difficult, most importantly - do not regret buying. Therefore, you need to carefully inspect and check the equipment. How to do it:

  • Carefully inspect the stylalk externally. Is there any rust, corrosion, damage to the case.
  • Check the machine documents. If it has been in operation for more than five years, there is no point in such a purchase, since the parts are already working on wear and tear.
    Ideal when the technology is still under warranty. This happens if the seller decided to buy a more modern model.
  • Inspect, touch the drum. There should be no defects, notches. The drum at hand should rotate evenly and easily. If you hear a squeak, then the bearings are already worn out.
  • Inspect the sunroof sealing rubber for continuity. Check that the door closes tightly.
  • Check the control panel, press the buttons.
  • Start the fast wash mode. So you appreciate the efficiency of the stylalki and the quality of the spin. If the machine is highly vibrating and jumping when pressed, this is not a good sign. Bearings may have worn out, and their replacement will not be expensive.
  • It is advisable to check the condition of the heater and other parts.

If you notice a slight defect, this makes it possible to bring down the price of the goods.

Check for purchase for spare parts

You can also buy washing machines for spare parts on Avito. When selecting ads, pay attention to the price - it should be either very low, or the equipment can generally be given away for nothing. It is important to find out which parts are faulty and what you can get out of the car.

To purchase equipment for spare parts in bulk, it makes sense to choose companies. To do this, specify the appropriate category in the filter. You can also resell the styralka if it can be repaired.

How to find a suitable model

What should I do when I need a washing machine of a certain size? For example, you had a built-in technique or a space in the room is limited. It is also possible to find such a styalka on Avito.

To do this, determine the size of the model (height, width, depth), and then find similar in the online store. Having established the name and brand of the styralka, you can start searching.

Advantages and disadvantages of Avito

What are the advantages you get from buying on Avito:

  • The goods can be bought much cheaper than in the market or in the store.
  • You can read reviews about the technique. Learn from the seller the operating characteristics of the stylalki.


  • There is a risk of buying a product at an inflated price.
  • There is a risk of getting on scammers or buying a poor-quality car, as it is difficult to verify its condition precisely.
  • You can not know that the car has not been repaired or what parts have been replaced.

Now you know how to buy a washing machine on Avito. Enter your search criteria and start choosing profitable offers. Take it responsibly to such a purchase, because you can hardly return the technique back.

We do not deal with the purchase and sale of used equipment! We only collected the best advice from the masters and users.

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