Classes energy consumption of washing machines

The next guidance on the labeling of energy consumption of washing machines out in the European Union September 28, 2010 under number 1061. In prehistory Commission has already met in May, made decisions for the future. Among other things, intended to clarify how to label power in washing machines. According to the decisions of the old law on the marking of 1995 expired, and the importance of the issue was emphasized by the fact that in Europe a significant fraction of the energy consumed by the specified class of devices. In the said part of the world there is a struggle for the preservation, the Russian craze has come to exchange old appliances older than 20 years with a new compensation. It is definitely more profitable than buying without discounts. washing machine energy consumption classes show how much the device spends in a year, and in Europe This is especially important because the state government encourage the purchase of economical devices citizens.

Fundamentals of the EU directive on labeling of energy class washing machines

Tasks directive on the labeling of washing machines

Classes energy consumption of washing machines

Why do Russians need the EU directives adopted by a special commission. With a view to harmonization and convergence with European standards.

From now marked energy consumption washing machines and other household appliances. The Act numbered 1061 reported that drying equipment is not covered by the document, as adopted by its document 96/60 / EC should be revised soon. The aim is to use methods of measuring parameters corresponding to the criteria:

  1. Accuracy.
  2. Reproducibility.
  3. Reliability.

Explain term reproducibility. This means that experiments are constantly obliged to give the same result, net error. No matter how many times replicated experiment, the value of the magnitude remains constant. As to the objectives, the Commission set the task to develop common rules for the performance of marking, technical documentation and promotional materials for washing machines. Everything should as little as possible differ from document 95-year, in order not to enter into the difficulty of buyers and sellers. Finally, the need for measures for the development of new labeling of washing machines due technical progress, by 2010, make it impossible to correctly display the capabilities of modern devices.


Sense standards of labeling a class of washing machines energy

From the above it is clear that the dryers are not covered by the document. a separate paper is designed for devices. Nominal loading is calibrated with increments of 0.5 kg, and partial loading - coincides with a half. In terms of slips steam power saving mode:

  1. Standby (off-mode, idle mode). When the washing machine is plugged in, but almost no power and is able to remain in that position indefinitely.
  2. Postrezhim (left-on mode). Mode, following the cycle. There is also a washing machine remains indefinitely. Energy consumption is minimal.

According to the specifications of the manufacturer must fulfill two conditions, that the products are not considered to be a deviation from the norm:

  1. Affix sticker with energy standards on the front panel of the washing machine.
  2. Attach to the back of the tag (microfiche) with the specifications of the product.

For both elements in a paper presented samples, the topic of today's discussion. The annexes indicate how to produce technical documentation - what to include and how to use the information in promotional materials. The result is a standardized presentation of information. Russian dealers like do not sin.

energy labeling

The content of the sticker on the front panel of a washing machine

Colorful sticker on the front panel of a washing machine buyers noticeable. However, there is a nuance: the territory of the country is able to vary a bit. The lower part shows GOST stickers or document on which the pattern is formed. For example, in Belarus - like the STB in 1573 - 2005.

It is important to understand that a lot of stickers on the standards, but the meaning is similar. Energy consumption washing machines everywhere towers from A +++ to G on the downlink. Available equipment is difficult to meet enlarge mainly is washing and drying machines. There are exceptions. European sticker crowned blue circle with small golden stars on the perimeter. To the right is the logo with mnemonics Energ, followed by different endings. Just below emblazoned inscription in Greek. Consumers in Europe understands that it is directly on energy consumption. Authors seem much more colorful sticker European domestic and more intuitive.

Mnemonic make clear data regardless of the language of the buyer. Below these icons are the manufacturer's name and brand of washing machine in a bold line. Located just below the scale of energy classes. Gradation of colors from red rainbow begins and ends on a lush green. Classes power washing machines D range from the bottom to the top of A +++. Lanes 7 mm left aligned to the edge of the sticker, the right end with an arrow, each subsequent bit shorter than the previous one, starting with D. The relative scale is applied to realize the fact that the buyer of the forthcoming purchase.

The choice of power classes

The distance between the stripes is 0.75 mm, the colors represented in the four-autotype CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Here are the values ​​exactly painted stripes:

  1. A +++ X-00-X-00.
  2. A ++ 70-00-X-00.
  3. A + 30-00-X-00.
  4. A 00-00-X-00.
  5. The 00-30-X-00.
  6. C 00-70-X-00.
  7. 00 D-X-X-00.

Juiciness tones are given as percentages, with x = 100%. It is appropriate on this occasion to note that the main color is cyan sticker. This frame with rounded corners on the perimeter of the inscription energy in different languages, mnemonic image specifications. Logo EU made color X-80-00-00 with pure yellow stars in the CMYK system.

On the right side of the sticker, approximately half of the height scale black arrow is applied in the direction counter to barchart. It is slightly thicker (14 mm). Nearby is a mnemonic, showing real class power consumption of the washing machine. This is the main characteristic of which is oriented buyer, shows the index EEI (Energy Efficiency Index):

  1. A +++ <46.
  2. A ++ 46 ≤ EEI <52.
  3. A + 52 ≤ EEI <59.
  4. A 59 ≤ EEI <68.
  5. In 68 ≤ EEI <77.
  6. C 77 ≤ EEI <87.
  7. D EEI≥ 87.

In the calculation of the parameter no difficulties. Shows the attitude of the real annual consumption of the device to the standard, expressed as a percentage. For the standard, apparently taken the class E, which is absent on the sticker. The number of kilowatts per year depends on the rated load (see. above), and is calculated by the formula:

SAEC = 47 x C + 51.7 where C - Nominal loading. Now, readers will be able to calculate how much consumes a washing machine.

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