Niche under the TV plasterboard

Plasterboard is very popular. The material is easy to handle due to its construction. The tool is not required. Take a knife and made of material that they want. It is easy to overlook the intricate patterns. Reinforced plasterboard lining floors in two layers, then lay the tile. Most of the designs are not a power, but conditional and decorative. For the purpose of additional insulation walls or alignment of a material carried septum. Niche under the TV plasterboard give the interior a charm. Nearby equip the regiment under the receiver cable into the household hide multideck.

What is understood today in the niche of drywall

Before the drywall was used for the construction of the primitive internal room dividers. Later they began to insulate the walls. Created crate (cage along the wall), under it are buried mineral wool or polyurethane foam. From top to hang drywall. Time is added, the vapor barrier film. Together, we reduced the cost of work on warming the room, bringing results.

Niche under the TV plasterboard false wall is formed artificially (without insulation) is cut through the window of the desired number and size. In one hole placed TV. The focus in the creation of a unique project in mind, to put into practice.

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Ready Niche under the TV

Consider now a couple of ways of working with plasterboard to create any imaginable form. Collect together the typical elements of craftsmanlike.

Methods of work with plasterboard

The strength of drywall constructions special profiles. Today they are produced more and more. Contours of the future shape laid out along the edges of the profile representing the linear metal products, miscellaneous section. This is the usual corners, and the letter P, and the F, and more. Before you start designing right obzavedites aluminum profile.

  • PS (CW) - rack profile forming the vertical and horizontal frame support. The form is different from P inturned ends, thereby providing angular similarity letter S.
  • PP (CD) - ceiling profile and a usual thickness. It is difficult to miss, hanging tiles.

construction niche

  • Mo is curved bracket with right angles with the letter P without bloat. Characterized by a guide profile size and type: is a ceiling (UD) and the wall (UW). They vary in width. CW Profile UW inserted in the wide side, and in the ceiling UD - CD and narrow. Accordingly, lie vertically inserted profiles (uprights) and horizontal (ceiling "beam"). In this case, the PS is almost square, and little difference which side is included in the guide profile in PP rectangular cross-section.

Of these, the designs and the master primitive plasterboard structures. For complex need to find a bent profile, for example, from ZAO Knauf. Bending radius very different, not always choose the right. But metal products are good and strong. Interesting profile flexible. This is going in the manner of a conventional, but it can take the most bizarre form. An exemplary process for creating parts is as follows:

  • Of straight pieces of bendable profile is bent due to language is going to cut the desired length. The profile consists of segments. Each pressed through a quadrilateral which can break the receiving hole or bend. Due to the uncomplicated design of linear pieces fit together bendable profile.

TV niche

  • Two straight piece of bendable profile of the dialed short segments, screws are screwed with screws in the normal style for aluminum profiles. Obtained two letters P, legs included in each other. Languages-bends fragile. Try to keep the makeup of the two segments of the profile seams do not match. This will increase the strength.
  • Dialed and screwed segment can be bent at the place at any angle. For fixing to the wall or ceiling are special corners with ears that are not used with other profiles. On the wall is drawn with the desired curve. Along the corners are fixed with ears in the right quantity. Through the corners of bends profile and self-tapping screws screwed over the ears.

Thus creating all sorts of curves, at its discretion, make a niche under the TV plasterboard fancy, no matter what it does not. Plasterboard is well broken slit through the outer shell, but badly bent. It is fixable, if a roller to wet the surface. The material gets wet, gypsum starts to bend in any direction.

Fixing material to the frame is carried out on the screws. By necessity of the sheets are cut the desired shapes. Drywall is easily broken in a straight line, cut up if any of the parties. Line is drawn in advance, then a penknife scalpel surgery is performed. The sheet is easily broken along a predetermined path.

On the curved line is more difficult, but under the TV plasterboard requires skills. Should draw a flourish on both sides. Make a template, or metered into the right places at the distance from the edge of the area. Then gently individually cut up each side. If tap along the line, the right piece will begin to separate. After assembly in the right places design daubed filler, for example, Volma layer.

There are also purely technical tricks. If it is necessary to flatten the fillet radius limit niches for TV, then the center point is mounted in the base profile. Then, create a kind of compass. It turns spatula tip directed to the center, fitted on the appropriate length of a piece of the profile, which slides in a circle, smooth putty. Consolidated at screw axis, which is then removed. Unnecessary structure dismantled. Obtained relatively smooth curves.

Additional elements niches under the TV plasterboard

Basic editing techniques discussed, but a couple of details about the corners and the ceiling will help to make things right.

Making a niche in the wall

  1. Firstly, there is a special corner profile (PU). He grid poorly suited for external mounting. But with it easier to fasten the angle of the two sheets of drywall. Profile sold, for example, at Knauf. Basically, if you use a baseboard moldings, with the decoration of the terrible knot of problems will arise. But just zashpatlevat not work.
  2. In nature, there are the flashing profiles, employees are not for fixing plasterboard, and to align the wall with putty or cement, concrete mortar, plaster. The main thing - the right to set profiles, and then a long float all construction done without a hitch. We just need to drive a tool to be set in the desired width of the supports. End float rests on Beacon profile. We get high-quality surface.
  3. There is a whole constellation outboard and corner elements, may be used to create optimal spanning below the recess for the TV plasterboard. It:
  • Direct suspension in the form of brackets for ceiling profile.
  • Extension profile for smooth connection of line segments.
  • Connector for single-level ceiling profile. It includes elements in one plane.
  • Duplex connector for roof profile. Segments intersect crosswise, lying on top of each other. This allows you to stand right angles and to give the necessary strength node.

A lot of useful things plasterboard with their hands, having knowledge! In fact, it all depends on the imagination.

How to design a niche under the TV plasterboard

To create a niche drywall will need the drawing. Speaking television, we mean a flat panel plasma or LCD matrix. Decide whether to hang the unit on the wall. If not, the design requires strong. Under the shelf set a sufficient number of vertical reinforcing struts of the profile, wherein the two layers, one wall, a second outer sheet from plasterboard. This is accompanied by the presence of giant angles. Each node is thought out.

Drywall is not necessary to break and cut through. When you create an internal angle (facing us) allowed one side to leave intact. So it will look better if the line is drawn straight, and the putty easier. On top of the structure is painted or covered with plaster, for example, liquid wallpaper.

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