Repair your hands lamps and chandeliers

For repair table lamps, lamps and chandeliers will need testers and tools for disassembly and assembly of devices.

Repair table lamps with their own hands

How to fix the lamp in the workplace

Simple Chinese table lamp arranged uniformly. Less products - a relatively small area of ​​the stand, combined with a massive canopy. The procedure for the repair bench fixture in most cases clear. To restore stability is inserted inside a massive steel plate or a plate. It seems that this is too much for a table lamp, but when you want to cook at home a trifle, and the visibility is zero, willy-nilly, you realize the need for lighting. Run to the store for an expensive lamp? No, just adjust the desk.

It should stand firmly on the floor (for cooling and save materials) basis. Therefore, the stand needs to be improved. This image shows the regular weighting table lamp. A good part of it is wooden board relatively low weight. This table lamp falls at the slightest inclination. The weighting agent is better to remove, make a mold of his likeness from alabaster (adding to the solution a little sugar), then cast in concrete. Of course, it is useful to add lime and PVA, sand take the middle size and washed.

Simple table lamp

Simple table lamp

The list of components of the solution, readers will find themselves on the building sites. Recommend to read repair table lamp as manufactured paving tiles (pavers). It is desirable to find a shaker for a tap. To cement will not stick, use any oil in the ground contact. We give method of preparation of sand and solution:

  1. Close sieve eliminate lumps of clay, pebbles, and other relatively large body.
  2. Take the smallest meshes of the possible. The volume under repair small table lamp, suitable tea strainer decent size. The purpose of the event - to weed out the dust.
  3. The sand should be thoroughly washed with running water. Drying is not necessary, knead solution.
  4. Due to the wet sand content of water is reduced. Gradually add the lime and cement. Do not interfere pour sold in hardware store PVA.
  5. The result is a working solution for the repair of a table lamp. They fill the mold. Optionally, you can create a foundation reinforcement of the grid from an old baby carriage or refrigerator tray strengthening table lamp design after repair.
  6. Concrete is poured for 28 days. The design itself can be removed before it can gain the strength already in a table lamp.
  7. In order not to split the relatively fresh cement stone, puts a rubber washers under the screw heads.

Table lamp the first time after the repair is not subjected to vibrations at least four weeks from the date of manufacture of castings. After the performed repair table lamp stands stronger, although its mass increases. A big plus is that the cast discovers an arbitrary shape, limited only desk lamp socket. In this case, the factory shows the shape of a heart. Expanding it to a metal base, which gives the stability of the structure. It says that such a thing can fall, for example, in the child, but in this case it is supposed to equip the workplace.

Permissible to use clamps, but they have to get (buy) on the floor, they are useless. In contrast, the ears, established on the base, securing screws our desk lamp securely. As the ears will fit the small corners, including furniture. Price - thirty rubles, with parts removed easily and applied elsewhere for other purposes.

What to do if a lamp or lamp will not turn on

At rates not allowed to operate the wall lamp 220V without switch - Direct connection to the socket. We'll have to replace the wear of parts. Take a tester and evaluate the wiring. We pull out the plug from the socket, turn on the lamp and check the resistance. It needs a heater lamp (halogen and LED, as a rule, give the break).

If the experiment fails, prozvanivatsya cartridge. Metal Thread isolated. You can check to see if it is closed to the terminal or housing. If this happens, it's a different story, it's easier to change the cartridge, taking new rubles for 30. Petals on the bottom are usually two:

  • central line;
  • side crescent shaped.

One needs to call directly to the fork. Disconnect switch and check the integrity of the cord. Trays probe to the terminal, a second check of the plug pins. Call one at a normal result of the vein. The second switch is opened. You can check it by setting the button to lit the light. If the cord is to call on both strands, by all indications lamp is OK, but it is much more likely to have to deal with the switch.

The bottom of the lamp

The bottom of the lamp

We see that mentioned above: one core passes through (bypass). Second prozvanivatsya on each side (socket and plug). The Chinese lamps usually break switch. Its bedplate seen in the photo, it is removable, because for safety after repair flooded with adhesive. Outer button rests on the plastic axis, it can be removed. We do not recommend it - the material is easily broken. switch design is simple:

  1. a shallow shaft button rests on the spring pusher.
  2. The base runner travels, make or break contacts.

It happens sometimes difficulties with the assembly. It would be desirable to remove the button to set the slider at the bottom to the top press. This is not the best idea. Button is bad enters into the base of the lamp. It is much easier to work with the base.

Repair lamp plug

broken plug

broken plug

Often, the plug breaks during rough handling. The photo shows a collapsible plug mounted on the lamp. Pay attention to the wound insulation tape. This is done to maximize the wire snug to the body. Reliability design for the top of the Chinese poured glue gun. Please note that part of the cartridge is afraid of water, a layer of sealant may peel off when wet. The presented design works great and good that has remained from the Soviet era.

Repair or replacement of the chuck fixture or chandelier

Suppose crumbled holder or corroded contacts so that they do not have to clean sense. In this case, it is recommended to replace the cartridge. The picture shows the purchase electricians:

Dismantling the luminaire

Dismantling the luminaire

  1. Before us is a typical white ceramic cartridge for mounting on the plane (left). Structurally, it becomes part of the wall light for bathroom. Note the relatively strong isolation unit. This cartridge, if necessary, be acquired at a price of 30 rubles, and put instead of the old.
  2. Black cartridges also come in a constructive inclined type lamp, but for the pantry. Is not prohibited by a set and a bathroom ceiling, but if flooded neighbors, to the good of such installation will not.
  3. Pay attention to the design right. Inclined without Insert rear wall. We found a backdrop of chandeliers and showed that the parts are perfectly suited to each other. Need to buy a separate cartridge, get it as part of electrical fixtures. The shops readers to the surprise will find mostly white instead of the usual ink cartridge - plastic and ceramic. They are in size and form factor were not closely familiar with. In refining cartridge chandeliers or lamps work will be added: typically heel is fastened to a threaded joint (seen in the pictures), are not suitable for the diameter of the new standards. We'll have to modify the file, that the long, tedious and does not guarantee a successful outcome. Our technical solution looks better, although oblique light a little more expensive cartridge separately.
types of cartridges

types of cartridges

It is useful to clean the cartridge contacts. Perform this fine sandpaper. The procedure is aimed at reducing contact resistance. In this case, the ignition is simplified. Note that the halogen lamps often blink several times before starting. It does not speak about the need to fix the lamp, but simply points to the structural features of HID sources.

What if the light bulb in the chandelier is not lit.

Main fault types to deal with the old fixtures compatibility. If screwed energy saving lamp does not want to work, get ready to think about fixing chandeliers. Let's open secret: you can not squeeze. Do not try to force back the light bulb into the socket: its plinth, made of soft metal, will tear easily. In halogen specially made circular contacts, it was impossible to cause damage.

Try: Halogen lamps revolve endlessly. They reach to the limit, then the glass begins to rotate relative to the cap. The point contacts. Thread the new bulbs is cut short - do not reach the bottom. Repair of ceiling lamps is reduced to work with contacts. Note: the switch in the rest position, the phase should not go on the cartridge. Otherwise, you need to turn off the circuit breaker (tube) in the driveway panel:

  1. Central contact screwdriver bent upwards. Pad should be at an angle rather than vertically.
  2. Lunovidny contact finalize complicated. The old chandeliers usually stands upright. At least one tab to gently (half a millimeter) screw up, pushing toward the periphery of the cartridge. Sometimes a little straighten the bent ends.

Sense events - to provide electrical contact between the lamp cap and the cartridge. Usually it takes no more than three fittings. Do not break the edge of the cartridge. Repair ceiling light can also lead to the need to replace the cartridge, but this is an extreme measure.

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