17 best varieties of sea-buckthorn


Most recently, many believed that sea buckthorn iswild berry, which grows mostly in the territory of Siberia. But modern scientists have deduced a huge quantity of the grades, differing the raised flavoring qualities, large size and other positive characteristics, growing both in the Urals and in the Moscow region.

The largest fruit brings the variety of Essel.The absence of spinesspeaks about the safety of work with the plant, such qualities can boast varieties Giant, Sunny and many others.The most productiveis considered a botanical variety, it is often used on an industrial scale.Increased winter hardinessthe variety Trofimovskaya, the Golden Cob and the Dar of Katun is different. In this article we will get acquainted with the description of these varieties.


Table of contents

  • The largest varieties of sea-buckthorn, description
    • Openwork
    • Augustine
    • Elizabeth
    • Essel
  • The best grades of unrestricted sea buckthorn
    • Giant
    • Solar
    • Altai
    • Friend
  • The most productive varieties
    • Botanical
    • Moscow beauty
    • Chui
    • Favorite
    • Nivelena
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  • The most frost-resistant varieties
    • Gold cob
    • Trofimovskaya
    • Botanical amateur
    • Gift of Katun

The largest varieties of sea-buckthorn, description

Sea-buckthorn, growing in the wild, yields weight, gram, weight of berries of cultivated plants equals, gram. But there are varieties that can bear fruit, the mass of which reaches, gram.


Seabuckthorn variety Azhurnaya

This tree has a beautiful, sprawling crown, there are no thorns on the branches. The fruits are bright orange in color, in shape resemble a cylinder. The weight of one berry reaches 1 gram.Seabuckthorn of this sort ripens early and yields a plentiful harvest. It is resistant to frost, drought and many fungal diseases.


Sea-buckthorn varieties of Augustine

Fruits of this sort weigh about, gram, is characterized by orange color and egg-shaped form.Fruits are collected in loose brushes, which greatly simplifies the process of collecting them. On shoots there is a small number of spines. Seabuckthorn ripen early, with one adult tree harvest 16-18 kilograms of harvest.


Winter-hardy sea buckthorn Elizabeth

Shrub with a neat, compact crown, which does not require long pruning. On average, the berries weigh, gram, have a sweet and sour taste with light hints of pineapple.Fruits grow on long peduncles, easily separated from the brush, mature late in life. In addition, the variety is characterized by high winter hardiness and resistance to pest attacks.


Sea-buckthorn variety Essel

The variety is a novelty of Siberian selection.Berries have excellent characteristics, their weight reaches, grams, the shape is oval, the taste is sweet, dessert. Fruits ripen in August, differ weak attachment to the brush.


The best grades of unrestricted sea buckthorn

Seabuckthorn without thorns is one of the most important discoveries of breeders. Such plants are safe for the gardener, they are much easier to take care of and harvest.


Bearless Sea Buckthorn Giant

The variety can be sold as a shrub or as a tree.Has a cone-shaped crown without thorns, reaches a height of, meters. Fruits of bright orange color of cylindrical form, grow on short peduncle, have sour-sweet taste and large size.


The sea-buckthorn bush grade sunny

A large shrub with a sprawling crown, the safety of the variety ensures the absence of spines.Fruits of amber color by weight reach, grams, are distinguished by a pleasant sweet taste and increased oiliness.


Seabuckthorn variety Altai

On the neat crown there are practically no spines. Fruits ripen in late August, average weigh, gram.Have a pleasant sweet taste with a light pineapple flavor. Berries are distinguished by an easy, dry separation from the stalk.


Sea-buckthorn variety Girlfriend

Shrub of medium height with a crown, characterized by a weak spreading. The shoots of the plant are straight and thin, with no spines on them. The leaves are shiny, light green in color and lightly pubescent.The fruits are large, their mass can reach 1 gram, the shape is oval, the color is rich orange. The taste of the berries is sweet and sour, they can be used both for fresh consumption and for various types of processing.


The most productive varieties

Grades of sea-buckthorn bred recently, are endowed with the highest yield. From one bush it is possible to collect up to 18 kilograms of fruits, instead of the former 5-6 kilograms.


Sea-buckthorn variety Botanical

The variety is often used for commercial purposes,with proper care from a single 5-year-old tree can be collectedup to 20 kilogramsharvest. The fruits are large in size, red and orange and have a pleasant, juicy taste. The berries are easily separated from the stalk and transport well.


Moscow beauty

Sea-buckthorn Moscow Beauty

A medium-sized shrub with a compact crown. Saturated, orange berries have dessert taste and rather large size (, gram).The variety brings an abundant annual harvest, from one plant is harvestedup to 15 kilogramsfruits. In addition, the Moscow beauty is characterized by good winter hardiness and unpretentiousness to care and growing conditions. Immunity to most diseases.


Variety of sea-buckthorn Chui

A compact tree with a sprawling, sparse crown, is well shaped.From one plant they collect10-12 kilogramsThe berry is oval, slightly elongated. Fruits ripen in summer, they have a pleasant sweet and sour taste.


High-yield sea buckthorn variety

Shrubs of medium size with a flat-oval crown. Straight shoots, almost without thorns, are characterized by a whitish coating. The top part of the leaf is light green, and the lower part is silvery. Fruits are orange oval. The skin is sweaty, the flesh is slightly friable, very pleasant to the taste.The variety ripens at the end of August and brings a stable and large yield that is suitable for various types of conservation. The variety is characterized by increased winter hardiness and immunity to most diseases.


Grapes of sea-buckthorn Nivelen

The shrub is of medium size with a weakly scabrous umbrella-shaped crown. Shoots are light brown in color, matte, thorns are present in small amounts. Leaves are small in size, green in color.Berries are large in size, yellow-orange, the shape is spherical. The flesh is distinguished by its good aroma and sweet and sour taste. Such berries ripen in late summer, transport well and can be stored for a long time. Also, the variety is characterized by increased winter hardiness and resistance to diseases.


The most frost-resistant varieties

Sea-buckthorn belongs to Siberian plants, so good frost resistance is its natural characteristic. But there are varieties in which this indicator is at the highest level.

Gold cob

Frost-resistant sea-buckthorn varieties of the Golden Cob

A variety of sea-buckthorn berries, beginning to bear fruit for the third year of life. You can also select a small number of spikes.Berries of golden-orange color weighing up to, grams are collected in dense cob brush. The main advantage is increased winter hardiness.


Sea-buckthorn variety Trofimovskaya

A tall shrub with a sprawling, umbrella shape.Brings large fruits weighingbefore, gramorange with red overflows. The shape of the berries is elongated. The variety is characterized by a high content of ascorbic acid. Trofimov is able to survive not only winter cold, but also spring frosts, which are more destructive for most cultures.

Botanical amateur

Seabuckthorn Botanical Amateur

The shrub grows to 4 meters in height, the crown has a pyramidal shape. The leaves are large, light green in color, spines practically absent. Berries ripen in early August, and if you do not harvest in time, then it will perepet and will not be transportable. The fruits are large, yellow-orange with scales. The shape is oval-cylindrical. Pulp differs pleasant taste and pineapple smell. Alsothe variety is very productive, they collect from one bush15 kilogramsharvest, the fruit-bearing sea-buckthorn begins already for 3-4 years of life. Botanical amateur is resistant to frost, drought and various diseases.

Gift of Katun

Freezing resistant sea buckthorn Dar Katuni

The bush grows to, meters in height, the oval crown, the thickening is average. There may be a small number of spines or they may be absent altogether. Leaves are concave, green in color.Fruits have an orange color and a round shape, on average their weight is, grams. Harvest can be harvested in the second half of August. The fruit-bearing of sea-buckthorn begins on the 3rd year of life and lasts up to 12 years of age. From one shrub collect 14-16 kilograms of harvest. The variety is resistant to frost and disease.

Sea buckthorn contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, so these berries have a beneficial effect on the human body. Due to the high content of oils, this culture is often used in cosmetology.

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