Proper fit and care for the sea buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is able to produce a bountiful harvest of very healthy berries every year. But in order to achieve maximum success, need to know the rules of planting plants .

Each fruit crop has its own distinctive features that must be considered .

Table of Contents

  • Proper planting of sea buckthorn in autumn and spring: determine the terms
  • Basic rules for the autumn and spring planting of a bush in the country
  • Choosing and preparing the soil and seedling for growing
  • Choosing a place where to plant this tree
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  • The choice of the place where to plant this tree
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      • Tips for caring for new plantings
        • How to prune: tips and tricks for pruning
      • How to transplant: simple rules for shrub transplantation

Proper planting of sea buckthorn in the fall and spring: determine the terms

Best of all Sea buckthorn should be planted at a dacha in the spring: determine the terms

The best way to plant sea buckthorn in the spring and spring, with the time

there will be time to get stronger before the onset of cold weather.

Spring landing is usually carried out in late March - early April. It is during this period that the soil is sufficiently wetted, and the shrub is at rest.

But for seedlings with a closed root system, an autumn planting may be acceptable. Her terms vary from late September to early October. An important condition is a comfortable temperature of +4 degrees.

They plant sea buckthorn after leaf fall, so that the seedling can spend all its energy not on natural processes, but on taking root in a new place.

It is best to plant sea buckthorn in the spring, then the plant will have time to get stronger before the onset of cold weather

If the planting dates for the bush have been missed, then the seedlings need to be buried in the ground so that they can overwinter for later cultivation. To do this, at the highest point of the site dig a groove with a height of 50-60 centimeters, and put seedlings there.

Crohn should lie in a southerly direction, this situation will help avoid sunburn. Then the hole is sent to the ground and watered thoroughly.

As soon as the cold comes, the plant is completely buried with , leaving only the tips of the branches on the surface. To protect against rodents from above, such a structure is covered with spruce branches.

After the snow has appeared, it is carefully tamped around the seedling to create additional protection. When dropping several seedlings at once, should not allow the plexus roots .

The advantages and disadvantages of spring and autumn sea buckthorn planting:

Pros Cons
  • spring planting of sea buckthorn with the first crop will appear a year earlier;
  • tree root system will have time to fully strengthen before the onset of cold weather, so there is less risk of death of young animals;
  • for spring planting can prepare a hole in advance and it will have time to insist, such a factor significantly affects the fertility of the soil, and therefore the future harvest;
  • during this period it is very easy to isolate those plants that do not take root well in a new place and require additional care.
  • one of the main criteria when choosing the time for planting is the biological rest of the plant. In the spring it is quite difficult to correctly guess the time for the tree to adjust to a new place before the onset of sap flow;
  • need to take care of spring seedlings very carefully, protecting them from heat and drought;
  • when buying a sapling in the spring will have to be content with a small assortment.
  • in the fall presents a wide selection of seedlings, they can be judged by the quality of the foliage and other criteria that are not available in spring. Also, many sellers offer to try the fruits of trees sold;
  • in this period, the price of planting material is significantly reduced;
  • in the fall has to spend less time on watering the plants and other care;
  • The trees planted in autumn will begin to grow 2-3 weeks faster than the spring.
  • frosts have a detrimental effect on the buckthorn root system, as well as the wind, which can easily break off young twigs;
  • in winter, the plant is very often attacked by rodents, the little sea buckthorn can not withstand the invasion of various animals.

The basic rules of autumn and spring planting a bush at the cottage

Many novice gardeners believe that there is no difference between spring and autumn planting and sea-buckthorn transplantation. But it is worth remembering that these two procedures have significant differences, which consist in the following features and rules of seasonal planting.

For spring work, adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Plants are planted before the onset of hot weather, so do not hope for a predetermined framework. The gardener should carefully monitor the air temperature in the region and select the most favorable period.
  2. Organic fertilizers, such as manure, are used for planting.
  3. Immediately after planting, young plants need careful care, which is timely watering and protection from the scorching sun.
  4. To accelerate the growth of sea buckthorn, as well as the emergence of young shoots, you can use various growth promoters.
There are significant differences between the spring and autumn plantings of sea buckthorn and the rules that

must adhere to. During the autumn works, follows these rules:

  1. Particular attention should be paid to checking the condition of the seedling root system. Sick plants most likely will not be able to take root in a new place.
  2. If the planting dates were missed and cold began, then the buckthorn is dropped in before spring.
  3. During this period, manure cannot be used as a fertilizer, as it can damage the roots of a plant.
  4. In order for a tree to survive the winter, it must be carefully covered with the use of various improvised means, such as spruce branches, paper, film, blankets, snow, etc.
  5. To protect against the wind, sea buckthorn is tied to a peg that will serve as a support and protection.

Selection and preparation of soil and seedlings for growing

. When purchasing a sea buckthorn seedling, you need to pay attention to its root system and the crown .They should be free from mechanical damage and signs of disease.

To obtain varietal planting, is best to choose a seedling obtained after inoculation. Sea-buckthorn, grown from seeds or obtained with the help of the root shoots, most often does not inherit the characteristics of the parent plants.

In order for the plant to absorb atmospheric nitrogen, nodules can form on its roots. Such growths are natural for sea buckthorn and cannot be removed!

In order to get a buckthorn crop, it is worth remembering that needs an additional pollinator in the form of a male variety of the same crop. The most popular of them are considered to be Alei and Gnome.

There are several signs of that can be used to determine the sex of a plant:

  • in a male plant with large buds with 5-7 scales;
  • in a female plant, elongated buds, with 2-3 scales.

How to distinguish male and female sea buckthorn trees:

If the site does not have enough space for planting both female and male varieties, a male plant can be grafted onto a female.

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Before planting, the seedlings must be prepared :

  • in the autumn period, all foliage is removed;
  • before planting the roots of the seedling dipped in a clay mash;
  • if the root system is dry, it should be moistened by placing in a container of water for about 2-3 hours.

Choosing where to plant this tree

Each crop has its own habitat preferences. Important factors may include soil composition, climatic conditions, etc.:

  • The sea buckthorn’s natural habitat is sandy or pebble soils on the shore of the reservoir;
  • prefers neutral or alkaline soils;
  • this crop has good drought tolerance, but timely soil moistening will contribute to obtaining a good harvest;
  • unacceptably high groundwater storage;
  • sea buckthorn is very fond of sunlight, the shadow can adversely affect the health and fruiting of the plant;
  • strong winds also have a detrimental effect, therefore, gardeners often choose the south side of the site;
  • this culture does not transfer the neighborhood with other plants because of its sprawling root system, which is only 30-40 centimeters deep, but can reach several meters in diameter. Therefore, for the sea buckthorn usually allocate the edge of the site, the area along the fence or buildings.
Sea Buckthorn prefers neutral or alkaline soils, does not tolerate neighborhoods with other plants.

. How to plant

in open ground. Regardless of the planting time, must prepare a hole for the seedling in advance of the .For the spring period, preparation is carried out in the autumn, and for the autumn about a month before the start of work.

In this case, the soil will have time to infuse, it will become more nutritious and fertile.

The depth and width of the pit should be 40-50 centimeters .When it is digging the top( fertile) and the lower layer of soil folded separately.

Then, fertile earth mixed with:

  • 1 a humus bucket is poured into the resulting well;
  • 1 river sand bucket;
  • 200 grams of superphosphate;
  • 800 grams of wood ash.
When working on planting sea buckthorn, it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to damage the fragile root system of the plant.

Experienced gardeners recommend buying seedlings with an earthball, in this case, the risk of damage will be minimized:

  • carefully plant the seedling in the hole, then sprinkle it with earth;
  • root neck should be 5-7 centimeters above ground level;
  • at the final stage, the soil around the plant is abundantly watered and mulched with peat or sawdust.
Buy sea-buckthorn seedlings with an earthy clod, while planting try not to damage the root system of the plant

How to care? Tips for the care of new plantings

In the first 2-3 years after planting, sea buckthorn does not require the introduction of additional fertilizers , at this stage it will be enough of those nutrients that were made during planting.

One of the most important factors is soil moisture, so the gardener must make sure that the soil does not dry out , and that it does not stagnate moisture.

Sapling more than ever need help in the fight against insects and rodents .The use of chemicals can affect the quality of the fruit, so it is preferable to use various biological additives or mechanical means in the form of special traps.

In the first years of life, it is necessary to help the plant to form the correct form of the crown ; to do this, remove the branches that grow in the wrong direction, also cut off diseased or dry shoots. This procedure is carried out in the spring, before the formation of buds, or in the fall, after leaf fall.

Features and care for sea buckthorn:

How to prune: tips and tricks for pruning

The most thorough pruning of sea buckthorn requires in the 4-5th year of life. At this time there is an active growth of a plant, therefore it is very important to form its crown correctly.

For this, in early spring, before the first buds are removed, shoots that grow parallel to the trunk are removed, it is also necessary to cut the fruiting branches, because an excessive amount of berries on the tree can negatively affect its development and growth.

Another type of trimming is called sanitary. It is usually carried out by in the fall, after the leaf fall .During this procedure, the following work is performed:

  • removes all dry and diseased branches, and also cleans the plant from dry foliage or dried, uncollected fruits;
  • all cutting areas are obligatory processed by garden pitch;
  • , when a fungus is detected, it is cut off and the affected area is treated with antiseptics.

How to properly trim and form sea buckthorn in the garden:

How to transplant:

simple rules for shrub transplanting The rules for sea buckthorn transplant are not much different from the initial planting of plants. The most preferred is the spring period to transplant the plant, but autumn can also be suitable for this procedure.

In spring, a tree can quickly get used to the new environment and recover from the work done, but in the fall( especially in the Urals and Siberia), there is a risk of sea buckthorn frosting due to lack of time for engraftment.

Considering the structural features of the root system of such a tree, many gardeners recommend not to replant adult sea buckthorn at all, because there is a high risk of damaging its roots.

Despite the fact that sea buckthorn is one of the most useful berries, many gardeners grow such a tree or shrub for decorative purposes .

From this we can conclude that sea buckthorn not only brings fruits that are rich in chemical composition, but also decorates any part.

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