6 steps of kitchen design in the style of Provence and 55 photos

  • Color spectrum
  • Finish: floor, walls, ceiling
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen appliances and plumbing
  • Lighting
  • Decor, textiles and accessories

Kitchen in the style of Provence is good in that it is available for any budget, suitable for both small and large premises, both for a country house and a city apartment. And it will never go out of fashion, because in the basis of the Provencal interior the classic style is laid, only more cozy and relaxed.

Here are some of its features:

  • Natural color scale;
  • Traditional and natural materials in decoration;
  • Noble shabby and dilapidated interior;
  • The use of classical furniture from wood, as well as wicker or forged furniture;
  • Soft and diffuse lighting;
  • The abundance of textiles from flax and cotton;
  • Decor in the vintage style;
  • Use of "village" and traditional "Provencal" prints: cockerels, sunflowers and lavender.

In this material, we will tell you how to create an interior kitchen in the style of Provence from the ground up: to compose a color scheme, choose the finishes, furniture, lamps and decor. And still here you will find 55 inspiring photos of kitchens of city apartments and country houses.

Color spectrum

The interior in the style of Provence, as well as the southern coast of France, is rich in colors. True, not bright and flashy, but natural. Here are some of the most characteristic colors:

  • Terracotta (terracotta tiles - traditional finishing material in Provence);
  • Ocher (it is mined in France since ancient times);
  • Blue and blue (the colors of the sea, sky and wades, which grows in France);
  • Lavender shades: lilac, purple;
  • Yellow (the color of the sun, sunflowers and straw);
  • White, ivory, creamy (these are the colors of white clay, stones, sand, a tree whitewashed from the sun);
  • Green, pistachio and olive (shades of green often adorn houses in Provence, for example, window shutters and doors often paint in pistachio color).

If you want to create the most authentic interior in the kitchen in a country house, then you can use these colors in large quantities. However, in the kitchen in a city apartment, the colors of Provence are appropriate in more lightweight proportions.

  • A small kitchen in the style of Provence must necessarily be light. Walls, ceiling and large furniture should be painted in white (this will increase the space and compensate lack of natural light), the floor is decorated in beige, brown or terracotta shade. But in decor and accents it is better to use lavender, olive, ocher and other Provencal paints.

White kitchen in the style of Provence

White small kitchen in the style of Provence

To create a pleasant color palette, it is necessary to combine warm shades with cold colors. Well, in what colors it is necessary to design the basis of the interior - in warm or cold, - depends on the orientation of the room to the sides of the world:

  • If the kitchen faces south or southwest, and most of the day is flooded with sunlight, it means that the interior should be filled mainly with cold shades (blue, blue) or neutral (green, light gray).

Small kitchen in the style of Provence in the blue range

  • If the kitchen is dark and it lacks natural light, which often happens in our northern country, then the interior should be filled mainly with warm and light colors. Moreover, they are peculiar to the style of Provence like no others. Ocher, terracotta, white, beige, lilac, pink and yellow (in a small amount) - these are the shades that will replace the Provencal sun in your kitchen.

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Finish: floor, walls, ceiling

The real kitchen in the French province looks dilapidated and not very well - rough plaster on the walls, rough terracotta tiles on the floor, and cracked whitewash and wooden beams on the ceiling.

Kitchen design in Provence style in a country house

If the kitchen in a country house in Russia to recreate such a decoration is still possible, then in a city apartment - is already more difficult. Yes, and look like "the charm of antiquity" here will either not be appropriate or too artificial. What to do? The main thing is to use traditional and natural materials.


  • Ideally, the walls should simply be plastered or painted with a matte / semi-matte paint. This is both authentic and practical at the same time.
  • Wallpaper must have a classic pattern: floral prints, monograms, blue-white plots / patterns, stripes or a Vichy cage. Examples of wallpaper in the style of Provence in the interior of the kitchen are presented in the next selection of photos.

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  • Also, for finishing the walls, a wooden lining is suitable (cf. photo), it is better than light shades to visually expand the space.

  • Brick masonry can organically fit into the interior, provided that it is real. However, the artificial aging of bricks and their painting are completely permitted and welcomed. Another important advice - if the kitchen is small, bricklaying is better to cover only one wall or any of its fragment, otherwise the space will visually become smaller.

Design project kitchen in the style of Provence with the use of brick masonry


Brick will look great and in the apron kitchen

  • Speaking of an apron. The most practical, affordable and authentic Provençal version of its finish is ceramic tiles. Suitable for any "rural" design options: imitation of terracotta, tiles with floral / floral pattern, tiles, square tiles and "boar" format. Below are various examples of facing the apron for the kitchen in the style of Provence.


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The best finish of the ceiling is ordinary whitewashing and painting. If over time or as a result of flooding the ceiling starts to crack, it does not matter, because it is in the kitchen in the style of Provence that this defect turns into dignity.

  • Well, if the ceiling is not too low, then you can decorate it with ceiling beams. The main thing is that they are made of natural wood.

The ceiling of this "Provencal" kitchen in the city apartment is decorated with white lining and wooden beams

Pay attention to the article: The ceiling in the kitchen - 7 ways to design.


For flooring, the ideal solution is wood or ceramic floor tiles. In the kitchen in the style of Provence, glossy surfaces are unacceptable, so the tiles should ideally be matt and somewhat rough, and the laminate - with the effect of dilapidation. And here are the photo-examples of wooden coverings and floor tiles in the kitchen in this style.



The dining room and kitchen furniture in the style of Provence is necessarily wooden, woven from rattan or forged, of classical style, preferably aged or deliberately rough.

  • Facades must necessarily be with panels, possibly with glass inserts and even... a metal mesh as in the photo below.


By the way, all the kitchens from Ikea with paneled facades fit perfectly into the Provencal interiors.

  • A characteristic feature of the Provence style is the open cupboards and shelves. Keep in mind that they and all their contents need frequent wet cleaning, but visually facilitate the interior.
  • The dining table can be massive or, on the contrary, very light. Chairs, stools and half-chairs can be wooden, rattan (wicker), metal (also forged), made of bent plywood, possibly with soft upholstery. And chairs can be different. In the next selection of photos you can get interesting ideas for dining kitchen furniture for Provence.

Kitchen appliances and plumbing

Of course, the best of the Provencal design will emphasize the technique and plumbing in the appropriate style:

  • Instead of a chrome-plated mixer, it is better to choose copper or bronze with an old-fashioned double-acting device (see Fig. material: We choose a kitchen faucet);
  • Perfect washing - from white ceramics;
  • It is advisable to choose household appliances "antique". Fortunately, today almost every manufacturer company can find retro-models.


In the daytime there should be a lot of natural light, so make sure that the furniture and curtains on the windows do not interfere with its penetration into the room.

  • Artificial lighting in the Provencal kitchen should be uniform and soft. To achieve this, instead of one powerful chandelier, use a lot of small appliances (you can in addition to the main chandelier). For example, it can be spotlights, wall sconces or simply placed around the room table lamps and floor lamps.

As for the appearance of the fixtures, we recommend giving preference to forged, simple metal, wooden, wicker or fabric luminaires. Well suited and lamps with glass and porcelain shades.

  • By the way, it is better to hang a chandelier not in the center of the kitchen, but directly above the dining table. So the dining area visually separates from the working area and becomes truly a parade.

Decor, textiles and accessories

It is the details that create coziness, so every little thing should be chosen with an eye on the interior.

  • The design of cuisine in the style of Provence is unimaginable without the abundance of a variety of textiles: linen or coarse tablecloths Cotton, light white curtains or curtains with a classic print, pillows, chair covers, towels and napkins. Traditional motifs for textiles are a floral or floral print, a Vichy cell and a rare strip. Ideal types of curtains: classic, Roman, curtains-cafe.

By the way, curtains can be not only on the windows: freely walking curtains can be hung on the bottom of the headset (see. photo) or an island table.

  • The dishes are suitable for the most ordinary - from ceramics, porcelain, wood, cast iron, aluminum (with or without enamel).

  • Perfectly complement the interior wicker baskets, aluminum pails and wooden boxes, where you can store household trivia or fruit and vegetables.
  • Excellent in the Provencal kitchen will look "antique" wall clock. They are usually round, with a Roman dial, possibly with inscriptions in French or traditional Provencal drawings (lavender, roosters, etc.).

  • For wall decoration use decorative plates, classic paintings, wooden vintage tablets, bird cages and flowers, for example, dried lavender.

  • Do not forget to decorate the kitchen with one or two cockerels, for example, in the form of forged figurines or paintings.

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