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  • Country cuisine - how to create and sustain a country style?
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Today we will tell you how to create a kitchen design in the style of a country in an ordinary city apartment from scratch: what finishing materials will suit, what should be a rustic kitchen set, how to choose furniture, curtains and decor.

But before we begin, let's define what we will mean by the word "country because there are two basic approaches to understanding it:

  • Country style as a common name for all country styles of different countries. In the context of the interior, they can be classified as follows: French Provence, Alpine chalet, rustic, Tuscan, American, English, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and, of course, Russian country;
  • Country as an exclusively American (or English) style of a country or country house.

In this article, we will generalize the notion of country and consider all the aforementioned country interior styles a little.

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Country cuisine - how to create and sustain a country style?

How in the interior of a typical kitchen to combine the charm of rural life and the functionality of a modern city apartment?What it is necessary or desirable to take into account when creating a kitchen in the country style?


All the "village" styles from English chic chic to Russian country are related:

  • Natural materials in decoration, furniture, textiles and decor;
  • it is appropriate to slight rudeness, simplicity, shabby, plaque of antiquity;
  • preference of a natural color palette without bright accents and contrasts;

  • furniture as if (or in fact) handmade, sewn, painted, hand-bound or grandmother's hands decor items;
  • In the rustic interior, traditional ornaments, patterns, plant and flower motifs, peas and cage are appropriate;

  • typical abundance of kitchen textiles - tablecloths, towels, napkins, capes, pillows, etc.
  • the correct kitchens of the country, as a rule, reflect the national identity and motives of folk art. For example, in Russian country it can be: gzhel, samovar, nesting dolls, openwork textiles, Zhostovo trays, Soviet service, etc. Take a look on the following photos - it was the samovar that gave the usual kitchen with typical furniture from Ikea the soulfulness and coloriness of Russian country (leaf to the right).

What can not be entered in the country kitchen: glossy, chrome, plastic, shiny surfaces and objects, decor in a modern style, frankly artificial materials.

What you need to choose with caution: the main feature of the country kitchen is lightness, ease, simplicity. Interior should be as if you did not try hard, and the whole situation of "village cuisine" was formed naturally. Avoid unnecessary and / or poor quality props and imitations. For example, the notorious "rough brick wall" should not be drawn - it really should be rough, though processed and painted. And dried lavender is much more organic fit in the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence than artificial. But absolutely no props in the city apartment can not do, and the use of only natural materials in decoration and furniture is not always justified and affordable. Therefore, the "stylized" village cuisine in a city apartment is not a disadvantage if it is harmonious, and most importantly - like you and your family.

Country from scratch - the basics of finishing

As already mentioned, the kitchen in the country style should be predominantly finished with natural materials. But not always natural materials of access and are practical. Let's find out what is suitable for interior decoration?


According to the canon, the floor in the interior of the kitchen in the rustic style is finished with natural stone, wooden boards or ceramic tiles. The first two materials are not available to everyone. It is worthy to replace the floor of the array with a parquet board that does not differ from the "original" due to the upper wooden layer, but it is cheaper. The most budgetary alternative to wood is laminate and more practical linoleum "for wood" - modern coatings of high strength classes are quite pleasant to look and serve for a long time. A stone can be replaced with a more accessible and practical porcelain stoneware. The tile is suitable for monochrome natural tones, with a traditional pattern or classic black and white (for Provence).


If the kitchen is combined with a living room or a dining room, it is appropriate to combine wood (in the dining area) and ceramic tiles (in the work area).

The floor board can be either painted, or lacquered or deliberately natural (with minimal processing).

Tip: decorate the floor can be a small homemade rug: patchwork, knitted, wicker.



There are several options for creating a ceiling:

  • Whitewash- The whitewashed ceiling is very authentic. However, the basis does not even need to be leveled: the interior in this style welcomes the presence textured surfaces, rough and domestic (as opposed to the ideal smoothness of modern lines styles). If in time the plaster will start to crack - do not worry, for the country this is not critical.

  • More practical option -matt (!) stretch ceiling- is not afraid of floods, relatively affordable, takes only 4 cm of height and with careful handling will last a long time;
  • Wooden ceiling- this finish will immediately turn your city kitchen into a country or garden veranda. But the tree in its natural color will visually "lower" the ceiling, so if your kitchen is low, then think about the white wooden boarding which the Scandinavians like so much;

  • The combination of whitewash and wood- Wooden ceiling beams against the background of a freshly painted ceiling will give the interior a familiar look. But this is just the props, which in typical houses are appropriate only in quality performance, in moderation and under the condition of high ceilings.


The walls in the interior of the country kitchen can also be decorated in a variety of ways:

  • Painting: it is worth giving preference to warm shades (beige, cream, natural green, light brown, olive, etc.) or basic, for example, white and gray.

  • Decorative plaster: the roughness of the walls will emphasize the old-fashioned and simple style. The feeling that the owners just made repairs with their own hands.
  • Wallpaper: the wallpaper in a flower, a cage, a strip and with traditional ornaments will approach.
  • Tile: Ceramic or Metlakh tile is suitable for decorating the working area.

However, you can decorate not only the apron, but also a part of the walls as shown in the photo below.

  • Wood paneling or wall panels: the interior of the country, if possible, recreates rural life, so that the decoration of the room with wood will be the most successful.

  • Brick: the finishing with a brick (or "under a brick") looks old-fashioned, simple and natural. This option is better to combine with painting or decorating with wood, as a completely brick kitchen will look small and cramped. In addition, the foundation of the country - it's still a tree.

Furniture and equipment


Country is an old-fashioned style, so it's better to hide something that can be hidden behind the deaf wooden facades of the kitchen set. "Hiding" are: refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, food processor, etc.


And what can not be hidden (oven, hood, stove), it is better to choose in retro style, which today can easily be found in any major hardware store.


What should be the country furniture? Let's figure it out in order.

  • Kitchen set: wooden or veneered from chipboard / MDF. The facades of the kitchen set can have simple panels, carving, metal fittings and glass inserts (turn the photo to the right).
  • The cabinet can be massive or conversely lightened- with open shelves and without upper cabinets - after all the interior in the style of country with a rural cordiality exposes parading cute jars and clay pots, bundles of herbs and linen bags, tin boxes with tea and vases.

  • Color of furnituredepends on the size and lighting of the kitchen: a large light kitchen will not look cluttered even with dark massive furniture; small kitchen or kitchen, the windows of which go to the north, will look harmonious if you decorate it with light furniture (beige, ivory, cream, light gray and etc.).
  • Table and chairscan be wooden, woven rattan or forged. Their color should be combined with the color of the kitchen set, finishes or textiles. Read more about the selection of the dining room group here.

Tip: to enhance the effect of ease of rural life - make a dining group of chairs of different colors or species.


Instead of the usual kitchen furniture, you can buy a garden, for example, benches and tables with a cruciform substitute as in the photo below:



Curtains made of natural materials can be monophonic, floral, peas, cage, with embroidery and lace. As for the style, then in addition to traditional curtains, you can choose: fabric roll models, Roman, curtains, cafe, tulle. And you can decorate the curtains with a lambrequin. Country refers to the use of natural gamut in textiles: marine blue, sunny yellow, herbal green, etc. A wide window sill can be decorated with clay pots or wooden boxes with living plants.



Decorate the kitchen interior with the following accessories:

  • wicker and iron baskets, chests and boxes, pots and buckets;

  • dining utensils with flowers and edges, decorative utensils made of clay or wood, as well as decorative plates on the walls, which can be easily hung with their own hands;

  • kerosene lamp, candlesticks in the form of a lantern or candelabra;
  • handmade embroideries, rag dolls, pillows, capes, tracks, homespun napkins and tablecloth, combined in color or pattern with curtains;
  • carpets and rugs;
  • paintings, embroidered embroidery hoops, watches;


We scoop the ideas of the interior decor of the country kitchen in the next collection of photos (scroll right).



Interior in the country style implies natural lighting combined with an artificial one. Light from small windows is complemented by the lighting of the kitchen set and the chandelier above the dining table as in the photo below.

You can highlight the working area, and you can highlight the light shelves of the headset, which exhibited beautiful dishes or other cute accessories.

There may be several sources of light: a central chandelier, a sconce and even a floor lamp - this is especially necessary if the kitchen is combined with a living room or a dining room.

Chandeliers imitating candelabra with candles, Tiffany chandeliers, rough "barn" lamps, lantern-type lamps and lampshades (especially in Russian design) are appropriate.

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