How to connect and configure the lighting control timer

Timers are used frequently. Suppose some exhaust fans provide the timing device. After turning off the blade does not stop running a fixed time. It is expected for the expired period of the room bathroom clear of vapor. Let's see how to connect and configure the timer lighting control.

lighting timer

lighting timer

Varieties of lighting control timers

Timers on a design divided into three types:

  1. Overhead mounted on the wall. Lack of features, remember that electrical wiring is pulled on the bottom burns only in a fireproof insulation. Bother to perform in most cases the protective pad. Fireproof box, plaster walls. For the recommendations read PUE 6, spelled out a huge table that lists the options. For clarification, we are talking about open wiring for a simple reason, often combined with overhead switches.
  2. Available find timers mounted in a typical podrozetnik. Look carefully diameter because the size (accessories) are different. Sometimes it will be difficult to carry out the installation. Try to choose a timer included in the Escutcheon, the place of the switch.
  3. Today, many sold timers cling DIN-rails. Special guides modern switchboards. Small work to instal, snapping the body. You can feed the apartment timer, if it has a reasonable explanation. Readers, please see how you can use the timer to replace the bushing, and other complex types switches used in the standard complex to control one source (chandelier) from different Places!

Remote timer F & F

bell push

call button, switch becoming

In commercially available timers AS-222T company F & F, remotely controlled by buttons. Where to take so many buttons? - And to be beautiful. Minute! Look at the photo: the call button. Different from the single-switch presence in London only return springs, a small bell icon. Sensing the need, you can remove the markings by moving the button with the other products of the company and the series (made easy).

spring return

spring return

We can arrange the buttons - for air? - as you want! If there is a long corridor put "calls" wherever pleases. Bounded on one condition: contacts should converge to the place of the timer settings. Permission is granted to use junction boxes, there are extensive switching capabilities. Here is the website address of the manufacturer until timer see skills!

We made a screen of the official English-speaking guide, given the company's website F & F. Model for DIN-line TH-35, discussed above. The characteristics of the states, the unit takes the place of two modules. It allows to estimate in advance the possibility of the electrical panel. See enable delay is less than a second. A lot or a little, need to check yourself, permitted variation in delay of half a minute up to 600 seconds.

Features from the official site

Features provided by the official site

Written half a minute before the extinction of the light intensity decreases. Visually reminiscent of the host, soon off... Brilliant? A good solution, we will try to find a better one. When pressed again, the lights go out. Does not matter, it is better to realize a. For example, in the bedroom, "pass" switch is not set, wait for the attenuation is simply unrealistic.

Ask, what does a bedroom? Bring the power of chandeliers in parallel easy. Can be put at the entrance of a simple switch, normally closed, normally open circuit. If the timer switch phase will be served at the same time? It does not matter if one phase. potential difference will be zero between devices. Another thing, exotic option PUE restrictions like not (check).

Timer counting solar cycles

Apel company produces timers, for a given latitude counting the moments of sunrise-sunset this area. We are making adjustments as needed. specify the settings depending on the type of instrument:

  • The need to include on weekdays.
  • Adjustments to the estimates.
  • Current time and date.

Adjustments are required in view of the geographical conditions. Irregularities in terrain, the air content of the various components. Timers Apel give the opportunity to make amendments to the global type and by quarter. Suffice in most cases. In addition, some timers Apel equipped with two relays. One operates on the principle described above, the second adjusted more flexibly. It helps the world economy. Early morning hours, on weekends allowed to leave the idle load.

Clearly, you do not want by performing the replacement of light bulbs fall voltage, timers Apel on time technical works are translated into test mode. Guide writes in parallel both relays included. We tend to avoid typographical errors or incredible subtle move, allowing voltage to remove the cartridges. According to the wiring diagram timer serves zero phase. After the load circuit is a voltage is applied, it is impossible to change the light bulbs because of the risk event.

Apel should fuse inside the timer, if the system fails, the test is logical to start from here. Each performance will be. For example, timers for DIN-line fuse to ring will not give. In other cases, the findings are between terminals 2-3. Schemes provided by official guidance, shows that the load is connected in parallel timer. It can be considered as a simple instrument.

However, the lighting circuit is broken contactors internal timer. The total power consumption does not exceed 1 kW. Require more use the lower figure, the external contactors are used. It is necessary to eliminate arcing within the timer as a consequence of failure. Clearly, the external contactors must be designed to skip exerted power. Otherwise, come down they are already. Finally, the contactor is a device safe load switching.

Load Wiring Diagrams

Load Wiring Diagrams

Investigators shtudiruet GOST 50030.4.1. The text specifies: contactor called the device that provides the load connection is not manually otherwise. circuit force is generated by an electromagnet. Timer is necessary to connect the lighting control through external contactors in the presence of a strong load. Total consumption may be increased, reaching 5 kW. In addition there are many other electromagnetic type contactors. Obviously, in this case, the device is controlled by electricity.

It would be desirable to note the use of energy-saving lamps 10 can in time (order) to increase the return light flux. What is more beneficial regime. To set the timer, follow the information that characterizes the housing security over IP, standards (GOST bathrooms described 505071.11). Note: DIN execution devoid of protection. Housing the electrical panel must protect the filling from outside influences.

To adjust the light control timer TO-2 company Apel, used three buttons switch functions, arrows increase-decrease parameter. LCD display, allows a very convenient way to place the information on the screen.

Features timers


To the reader: one of the most important characteristics in favor of the housing. Will determine whether the will be able to put a timer in the distribution board or not, hang on the wall, mounted in the Escutcheon. In many cases, the installation process will be decisive. For example, for a private apartment wall option looks, to put it mildly, ugly. On the other hand, a junction box is not hanging at home in each. Escutcheon remains an option. Type of housing version specifies the IP protection level, which is decisive in selecting the installation site.

light control

light control

load current

This parameter indicates how many watts can carry a timer. Ideal institutions, functioning according to the schedule. Let's say at the right time main light timer is turned off, is an auxiliary, requiring less energy. The mind remembers the barracks, however, if you think about any cafe operates synchronously schedule. Required off-plan to serve your company - can provide a single rocker switch. Automatic play a positive role, measured off a fixed time before the end of working time, disconnects the load signaling approximation hours H. Conveniently banks (dim light from afar will understand that the office is closed), offices. The load current can not be exceeded without allowing the output equipment failure.

work method

The designation does not separately marked. Seen parallel with the self-timer present model, controlled remotely. In fact, the ability to anticipate consumer tastes manufacturer will determine the degree of popularity of the product. Clearly, the design factor is unique, maintainability. In the case of TO2 company Apel me whole board. Filling preferably formed microcontroller, reprogramming is not feasible in the home.

Operating temperature range

Parameter instantly allow separate options from outdoor performance spaces. If the manufacturer claims to ignore the equipment fails. Temperature Variation external timers large room units interval goes inside the range of products.

The range of delay time

In controlled timer appears the concept of time exposure range. Interval, after which the unit will turn off automatically. Such mechanisms are exhaust fans bathrooms, as mentioned, since the review.

connection timer

Connecting the lighting control timer not always being contactors, as one might think. The moment is closely linked with the peak load current. Most timers powerful devices are simply no match. Mighty contactor is not included body composition by default, reducing the value of the timer: of course, not every house lights typed 5 kW.

Setting the timer

Important methods of performance tuning lighting control timer. We saw many algorithms invented. Ahead externally programmable timers, where the algorithm is loaded via the interface input-output port (COM, USB). Obviously, the second option is ideal to large companies, where the need arises to change the conditions of illumination of large areas. It is clear, run-clicking the buttons costly thing is not the point - the opportunity to make mistakes increases. And what are the implications, identifies the specifics of the meeting venue.

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