Built-in washing machines sinks

During Soviet times, the international standards coexisted bad. Not surprising. Abroad used to be measured in inches, we use SI units, centimeters. But the old gas stoves and kitchen furniture shown in the height of 85 cm plus or minus a production error. A curious detail, before the restructuring agreement were to be elected solely detail, for example, a fire hydrant in the ship. That is something that has traveled around the world and called to serve well in different conditions. Built-in washing machines sinks performed slightly lower height to crawl through the kitchen cabinets.

Variety of Embedded washing machines

In the kitchen furniture is often a cap. This is done to protect against dust and dirt. Much of the furniture plinth includes the kitchen strap reaches its maximum size. According to the generally accepted norms of the floor in the room is vacuumed and washed in the kitchen. This imposes restrictions. Water and drops would fall between the door wing and penetrated inside, if it was not such a high pedestal.

In connection with the above dimensions embedded washing machines distinguish two denominations height:

  1. 82 cm.
  2. 67 cm.

Built-in washing machines sinks

Recent placed directly on the base and fit in the compartment under the table top. The first exhibit complex shape in the front panel. At the bottom of the plinth are also repeating the contours of furniture. As a result, the washing machine is directly on the floor or on a small plaque thickness. Built-in socket in the front panel serves two purposes:

  • Firstly, the front panel with a window to download and pan detergent washing machine as close to the user. Trying to sleep through the powder package edge, imagine how important it is. So, the first trump cap - convenience.
  • Second, the cap increases the useful volume of the washing machine. It is permissible to place the sensors protect the system from leaks, pumps. The extra space allows you to make a drum capacity.

As planned by the built-in front panel of the washing machine must coincide with the plane of the inner door. Known models, simply inserted inside, but equipped with advanced special metal fasteners, which are outweighed by the door. The device becomes invisible from the outside. The internal volume of the furniture is used to the maximum. In addition a special metal fittings for hinges have elements for hanging latches magnets or furniture, projecting guard against accidental or inadvertent opening cabinets.

Convenient laundry at home

Counted three kinds of Embedded washing machines:

  1. Height 67 cm, are simply placed inside the furniture plinth.
  2. Higher able to:
  • Slide in and serve section, equipping a cap.
  • Be integrated fully and cover the outside of the door, creating the impression of a standard cabinet.

Built-in washing machine Zanussi FCS 1020C

Embedded logical to call the washing machine, in which the front panel is a special fixture at the door. Permissible attributed to said class of devices that detect obvious stylistic similarities with the surrounding furniture. Consider the model is logical to name just a small-sized washing machine (for example, under the sink). Due to the small size of the device is placed directly in the enclosure section, the top is a table top.

Washer Countertop

Built-in washing machine under counter shows the height of 67 cm. Enough to hide inside the table. With a width of 50 cm and a depth of 52 cm the device is a specimen is placed almost at any section. After installation and connection to the standpipe for water supply and sanitation for the discharge of waste simply close the door until it will be the turn to take advantage of built-in washing machine.

This expensive model for 18,500 rubles, examine functional. With a maximum load of 3 kg and class power consumption and the device looks modestly to the background even among small-size washing machines. Wash class B does not reach the average drying class C is located on the golden mean.

Spin speed 1000 rpm - recommended limit, this place is not overpaid. Consumption of 39 liters per wash does not look top economy, however, and will not ruin. Control Panel together with the tray just brought forward, opened the door of the cabinet easy to easily set the desired options.

There is protection against leaks and tank control imbalance during the spin cycle, the internal smart filling tracks the consumption of detergents and water. When a plastic tank (instead of stainless steel) begins to pursue a feeling of excessive cost.

Present filling and drain hoses neatly folded and fastened to the rear wall of the locking devices. Protection of children no (integrated devices option is not required), linen offered load on the eye. If the manufacturer's warranty for 1 year washing machine looks a little expensive, there is hope for a good quality product. Useful option balancer reduces vibration and noise.

For information support of the company's own products put 5+. Operating instructions are available on the official website, it is easy to get acquainted with the product before buying and choose the right model.

Built-in washing machine with plinth and the door

Against this background, built in washing machine with a cap and door Zanussi ZWI 71201 WA looks much more interesting. Completely retract together with the basement part. Pierces the lower septum cabinet section and is directly on the floor. As a result, when the door is closed, it appears inside the cookware.

The sink countertop for the washing machine

Energy rating of A ++ good. Striking fact: it's a full-size washing machine. Only slightly reduced height up to 82 cm, need a special sink countertop under the washing machine, you still will not remain a single gap. Width 60 cm and depth of 55 represented a little more, try to choose furniture with large sections. Classes of washing and spinning, A and B, a bit higher than average quality of the main product mass.

There is protection of children is alarming tray at the bottom. However, if you do not expect in the near future leaks, climb back with a tour of the float valve is not necessary. Kitchen floor will protect the system. Consumption of detergents and water is controlled, the inside fit 7 kg load. The figure is not a limit of dreams against the backdrop of a broad window LG or Samsung, but a small load is clearly not name. Consumption for washing is 52 liters, there is a saving of water compared to the previous model.

The detergent compartment 3 section that provides additional benefits in terms of variety of programs. There is a timer delayed the launch by 20 hours, which helps you track the wash. The spin speed is 1200 rpm.

It was built in washing machine with the desired options, but it still looks a little more expensive than the cost actually.

Integrated washing machine Miele W 2859 iR WPM

It is difficult to find a washing machine under the table top without the hinged door, but the authors of the review failed. Miele W 2859 iR WPM 82 cm simply pushed inside. The rest is a full-sized device with a width and height inherent in such products.

Inside is placed 5.5 kg of laundry, the boot screen is covered by a door. Made in the style of hi-tech, built-in washing machine gleaming steel matt smooth surface. The machine has a basement, is designed for use with some furniture. Controls handed over the door, do not have to constantly open and close to perform the desired action.

Impressive cost. Integrated washing machine Miele W 2859 iR WPM comes at a price of 120,000 rubles. Inside, there are options available, in addition, the program can be updated. Such a high price is due to the ability to integrate into the system Smart Home, the other options and features do not seem dizzying advances of science and technology.

Benefits of Embedded washing machines is that devices do not take up too much space and invisible. And how much it is willing to pay the buyer - a private matter.

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