Replacing the heater in the washing machine with their own hands

The abbreviation TEN has always been decoded as a tubular electric heater. It is strange when you need to replace the TEN in the washing machine with your own hands. According to Wikipedia, Ten is a Korean surname, a village in France, the name of the most significant musical album of grunge for the 90s, but not an electric heater. Another so called River Don. The word heater gained popularity, they were called and the titans, and other electrical heating elements. And TEN for the washing machine does not exist.

Why do I need in a washing machine TEN

Even a wall-mounted washing machine is connected to the water supply. This is usually done by wiring inside the supporting structure. Unlike a number of dishwashers, washing heat the water on their own. This is good, because the hot standpipe is usually filled with a liquid that is unsuitable for washing. It is dissolved salt, not intended to protect against scale, and ordinary.

It is added to water so that the pipes do not overgrow with deposits of calcium and magnesium. This water is not designed for washing. We can erase it, but it is important to understand that the content of impurities is high, and they can adversely affect the work.

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The Internet is full of myths, why hot water can not be drunk. Near the boiler rooms are usually heaps of halite. This is a large natural salt. Probably, her presence there is not accidental, but for addition to hot water. The main purpose of salt - to prevent the formation of scale in the boiler. And halit coped with this task.

The second possible reason is cleaning activities that take place in any boiler room several times a year. It is not known how to clean drinking boilers, but industrial - with the help of hydrochloric acid and other unimaginable reagents. Of course, all then washed, but a full guarantee that it is permissible to drink, is not available.

Do not drink hot water. And without cleaning, the efficiency of boilers decreases dramatically: scum has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity and interferes with the operation of heating elements. For this purpose, used and boilers.

In them, heat transfer is indirect. Future hot water is in contact with the primary circuit of the purified coolant, and it is already heated from fuel( fuel oil, gas, electricity).This reduces the formation of scale. Otherwise, the cold water from the water intake would simply be passed through the heating elements without any manipulations. Yes, the liquid is filtered by cleaning steps in the boiler room, and then passes through the HVO, where it acquires the qualities it needs. We add that the consumption of excessive salt water, which is hot, at least leads to serious diseases of the liver, kidneys and teeth. No wonder cold water is constantly measured for hardness, not allowing the overestimation of a certain limit.

Why hot water is not suitable for a washing machine, we have already told. We add that in Norway hot water is allowed to drink. With this in mind, it is likely that dishwashers are made, which make a fence from the corresponding riser.

Russian realities for these requirements are unsuitable. To understand whether it is permissible to use hot water for drinking, you need to know how to get it, and what happens before water enters the house. We do not think that most people are aware of such information sufficiently to competently address the issue.

Acoustical devices to protect boilers from scale look good. When they put in all boilers, hot water will be suitable for drinking. For now, it is not recommended to use it in the washing machine. Mixing-type washing machines could mix cold and hot streams to get the temperature required for the mode. As a result, the need for PETN would disappear. Why, if it is possible to get the desired temperature by mixing water? Regimes at 90 ° C are not recommended in principle. It is said that most powders partially lose their activity above 60 ° C.And the option of heating up to 90 ° C is called superfluous in the reviews. From a hot sprue water of greater temperature is supplied.

But this is an ideal, and we have already considered what happens in practice. There are basically two factors that prevent the TEN from changing to a conventional mixer in a washing machine:

  1. Poor water quality. This applies to both temperature and impurities.
  2. Periodic complete lack of hot water in the faucet.

Regarding the first difficulty, it is recommended to set up commissions and evaluate, with the preparation of an act, temperature. The second moment has already been lawfully introduced in a number of cities for economy. It's official, but the real reason is unknown. We have already said that such a move kills ventilation with a natural impulse in high-rise buildings, and forces people to buy powerful instantaneous water heaters, and from them the plugs on the dashboard fly out, and accidents of access scale occur.

Replacing the heating element in a washing machine

We discussed why you need a heating element in a washing machine, and why you cannot get rid of it. It turns out that inside the device there is an ordinary boiler that brings the temperature to the desired one. It is not always the device has a regular spiral, often shown in advertising Calgon. There are washing machines equipped with instantaneous water heaters. This allows you to complete the cycle much faster, but is accompanied by technical difficulties in implementing the idea itself.

In washing machines, unlike dishwashing machines, heating elements are usually used. Non-induction tubular electric heaters are made in the form of traditional spirals of various shapes. There is a nuance:

A special fan is located in washing machines with turbo-dryer; a separate heating element is installed for it, which is prone to breakage. The

TEN washing machine for water usually stands at the bottom of the tank, under the drum( possibly on the side).TEN for air is located in the upper part of the body, near the duct. Replacement may require any of them. The typical price of a heater for a washing machine for water is 1000 rubles. Of course, the cost depends on the brand of the device. It is worth mentioning that in the old washing machines there was an induction water heater working as a transformer, the secondary winding was a coil of aluminum wrapped( on an insulator) around a steel pipe. The currents of Foucault quickly heated the iron, and from it the water.

And here are the first instructions! First of all, you need to see what type of heating element is in a washing machine. Easier to do this by disassembling the case. TEN is dismantled from the tank, there are inscriptions on it saying about the name of the model. The second thing is inspecting if there is a protection element on the heating element. These are usually tubular structures that are not related to the helix and are reinforced with steel clamps. There are at least three types of protection of heating elements:

  1. Bimetallic. It triggers the microswitch located outside the heating element and visible to the eye. Causes of malfunctioning are usually scale deposits, or switching on with an empty tank. The carbon is removed and the microswitch returns to its original state. There is a chance that the heating element of the washing machine will be efficient.
  2. Solder protection releases, due to melting, a ceramic rod with a spring, which opens the relay inside the TENA case. The device will have to be disassembled and the stock shortened. Overheating protection is no longer guaranteed in the future.
  3. In the simplest case, a thermal fuse is located inside a tube attached to the heating element of a washing machine.

Repair is quite simple. Do not forget to stock up on waterproof sealant that is not afraid of heat and does not cause allergic reactions. It is allowed to use for the washing machine Poksipol, NOT intended for food containers. During washing many harmful substances will not stand out. But, if turbosushka is present, the dose of formaldehyde in the air is guaranteed, and Poksipol is better not to apply.

Pay attention, we didn’t tell how to change TEN independently - there’s no such thing. Do not try to buy TEN for a washing machine in the online store.

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