Which is better to buy a dehumidifier

Dehumidifier difficult to choose: indigestible performance, power consumption increases the cost of electricity. Typical characteristics of industrial air dryer: throughput of 1,000 cubic meters per hour, draining 3 liters per hour, the highest efficiency.

What is a dehumidifier

Inside a typical air dryer - refrigerator in section. Principle: The freezer is open, it is passed through the air flow that is required to drain. Cold air mass contains less moisture surplus at the evaporator falls to the dew, frost. At the outlet stream is heated, by supporting the climatic conditions of the room.

Air Dryer

Air Dryer

Recall that:

  1. Evaporator is the part of the refrigerant circuit, where the temperature drops sharply due to expansion of the refrigerant.
  2. Called condenser coil, for example, in the refrigerator, where the energy is transferred to the environment.

Each part of the air dryer manufactured rugged surface, increasing the exchange with the environment. The fan sucks the room inside the dryer, takes on the evaporator. Fall dew or frost, then the flow is passed to a condenser, the initial temperature of the stream is returned. Try to make your home like that of split systems, placing the outdoor and indoor units in the same room. Keep in mind two things:

  • The evaporator of a split system is operated at low positive temperatures, so will not fall frost, dehumidification rate decrease.
  • Provided outwardly moisture drainage. Paving installers during the installation of a split system hose dripping condensate at passers-head.

The main features of dehumidifiers

Why in the fan? Forced circulation increases throughput volume increased hardware efficiency. Compare with NoFrost refrigerators. Food in the refrigerator NoFrost recommended wrapped in polyethylene packing, use a variety of measures to prevent negative effects.

Why dehumidifiers expensive:

  1. Industrial dehumidifier is able to operate in aggressive wet environments. The body is made of corrosion-resistant steel (galvanized), an evaporator protected against corrosion. For security device outside the powder coated, protecting the casing from corrosion. special, expensive materials.
  2. evaporator temperature is chosen extremely low, the maximum difference is obtained with the medium. Number of frost grows to the limit. When the snow layer becomes too large, the energy transmitted to cease, for this reason, industrial dehumidifier integrated pollution sensor, the defrost system. So clever electronics worth the money.
    Dehumidifier in the house

    Dehumidifier in the house

  3. 1,000 cubic meters per hour - a large number. The volume of a typical apartment is much smaller. Every hour of air from the space passes through the dryer several times. Such equipment is collected on the basis of asynchronous motors for continuous operation (GOST), is expensive. Collector motors (vacuum cleaners, food processors) operate louder, sparks are dangerous to your home network. It is better to connect the motor through a surge protector. Noise commutator motors significant. Because sound pressure dehydrators presumably find asynchronous motors (such as refrigerators).
  4. To ensure the low temperature evaporator is needed hardy compressor - heart dehumidifier. In the above embodiment, an industrial rotary compressor used in most refrigerators - piston. Production of high-power, non-standard parts are expensive.
    Control Panel dryer

    Control Panel dryer

  5. Built-hygrostat ensures that the humidity level has not fallen below the set. Scrupulously parameters measured downstream portion. It will automate the process dehumidifier. Not every model stands humidistat, therefore, the instrument needs to be looked after.

In industrial air dryer significant resource. This applies to materials moving parts, assembly quality refinement mechanisms, sometimes manually, which ensures high cost. How to estimate the required performance? Most manufacturers ignore this question, suggest to buy a dehumidifier for an apartment without a humidistat.

How to choose the parameters of the dryer

The rate of moisture from the air intake depends on two parameters: the dryer temperature area. For each model unique indicators.

Small dryer for the apartment

Small dryer for the apartment

Standard terms and conditions in the apartment: plus 22 degrees Celsius, the humidity exceeds the limit (eg, 80 percent). Is there enough moisture from the air sampling rate of 3 liters per hour for a period of time give a volume of 150 cubic meters of apartment to normal? According to the sanitary norms relative humidity (depending on the season) is 40-60%.

We know the absolute content of steam in the air pressure dependent parameter. Assume maintained normal conditions (according to the physics). At an air temperature of 22 degrees Celsius per cubic meter contains 19.4 grams of vapor per cubic meter when the relative humidity of 100%. Hence, the room is present 19.4 x 0.8 = 15.52 grams per cubic meter. Get wish to put under the norms of 60%. Per cubic meter of 19.4 x 0.6 = 11.64.

Hence, each cubic meter of the apartment must withdraw 15.52 - 11.64 g of water = 4 (rounded figure). Obtained: excess moisture on the entire area of ​​4 x 150 = 600 With the current speed of the desiccant problem will be solved in 12 minutes.

Nobody takes these kinds of dryers in the apartment: noisy hard are expensive, do not look. The device must have some performance to pre-estimate the power of the noise, the frequency of use.

Dehumidifier needs: moisture in the air spoils the life of moving parts in the equipment.

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