Why not warm air conditioner

The air conditioner cools with varying degrees of effectiveness, the complexity begins when the equipment is operated for heating. On such a regime capable of is not any of the brand, but only those where the external unit installed four-way valve that changes the direction of movement of Freon through the compressor. So, ask why not warm air conditioner, it is logical only in relation to these models, and in cold weather. We discuss the limitations of equipment, measures to allow the equipment - according to dealers - operate at sub-zero temperatures at 30 degrees Celsius.

working air conditioner

working air conditioner

Air conditioner in the cold season

Inside the air conditioning unit, or more precisely, the evaporator is not working at subzero temperatures. Inside the channel does not increase the frost. Because air conditioners rarely put dehumidifiers filters. Instead often encounter capillary tube throttle path changing section. Similarly, provided the desired pressure on the condenser and vacuum in the evaporator, which greatly reduces the power requirements of the compressor. The temperature in the refrigerant circuit is not less than zero, the filter drier is required.

Another thing, when it's minus. Even at low positive temperatures, the external condenser unit, turned-in evaporator are already running on the negative. Leaves, frost will build up inside and out. Under the conditions described system behavior becomes mysterious and unpredictable. Not surprisingly, the air conditioner does not heat.

Therefore, the lower temperature limit of the air conditioner does not go down below zero. Moreover, the authors do not say a word about the oil in the crankcase of the compressor and the drain hose where condensation freezes (really say at work on heating is not formed much!). Beginning in the winter set:

air conditioner in the winter and summer

air conditioner in the winter and summer

  1. Special board regulates refrigerant pressure in the circuit by changing the intensity of the condenser blower, transformed into the evaporator, the outdoor unit. How to install a device, indicated in the instructions, the average market price of the gadget is 1500 rubles, and completion will require intervention in the electrical circuit, a skilled sensor installation. By the way, the firm offers to train technical staff to this action in the 3000 rubles. Total 4,500 rubles to the cost, not including the overhead of the road and so on. It is believed that the air conditioner operates in heating at a temperature in the street to minus 30 degrees Celsius. Do not expect the device special feats.
  2. Second gadget heats the drain pipe. If the frost will include warm air heating, no water drops through the floor (overrun due to the traffic jams in the drain channel). Prudently in Siberian frosts.
  3. A third device, thermostat for oil in the crankcase of the compressor. Motorist knows that winter oil more liquid, like the summer better not to use. Conversely, when the warming requires a new refueling. With the air conditioner external unit described focus does not take place, a sealed refrigerant circuit. The oil is not separated from the working part. hermetic compressor. By the way, the crankcase heating mode is beneficial if the liquid phase refrigerant gets inside, case of failure of the air conditioning of the heart. Additional heat precludes this situation.
Defrost circuit capacitor

Defrost circuit capacitor

Nice to include here the circuit defrost the condenser (playing at work on the role of evaporator heating), but there is no analogue in the store. If at temperatures near zero external unit will acquire frost, tear off and whisk it. Recall that the idea of ​​the air conditioner in the winter for heating looks like: pick up heat from the cold. It sounds paradoxical, but the manufacturers praise.

Why air conditioning does not want to heat

Ice in the air conditioner freon loop

To this we add that it is worth the usual spiral in some air conditioners on the indoor unit. It generates heat that passeth through the room fan. As a result, air conditioner turns to vetroduvku. The creators understand the stupidity of undertaking the transfer of heat in the room from the cold, went an alternative route. If the air conditioner heats poorly, check relies spiral power, performance indoor fan.

Both the first and the second under the force of the consumer, so the transit back to gears, trying to pick up the heat from the cold on the work of the refrigerant circuit. Difficulty capable covered, for example, in condensate freezing in the tubes inside the passage and is clogged. The catch has a negative temperature in the street, temporarily disabling the air conditioner, the plug melted, does not help. It should enable the heating cable (runs along the pipes) and hoped that the difficulty is not in the external unit. Either wait for spring.

Tool for filling of freon

Tool for filling of freon

The reason the condensate into the refrigerant circuit: nonprofessionalism installers, defects in the manufacture, microcracks through which the ubiquitous liquid percolates inwardly inexplicably. Warm up circuit is almost unreal. Although the specified purpose of trying to turn the air conditioner for cooling. Then coil the outdoor unit will give off heat. Perhaps the plug melts. The air conditioner is not a capillary tube, the probability is higher in the face four-way valve. Incidentally, the mode switching from heating to cooling and vice versa try to rectify the situation.

Exceeding the permissible operating modes conditioner

Leaf through guide if winter kit described above is not set, already at zero degrees Celsius work is far from any model.

In the latter case, the reasons should not look for faults, you just need to wait until spring. Warmer, and people will start to use the appliance again. Alternatively, set winter set units to an external unit.

Air conditioners require refilling freon

It happens in the refrigerant circuit pressure drops. This is due to the formation of cracks. In addition, when the control procedure is lost a little refrigerant. In this case, the air conditioner will not work neither cold nor warm.

How to refuel, decides to master. In some cases, you will need to conduct nitriding to find the leak. Then an American twist again, brazed joints are updated. Seek assurances prevent such a situation, a long and quality of the air conditioner. For the procedure to be vacuum nitriding, which helps even at low temperatures to remove the remnants of the channels freon, air and water.

It is easier than in the case of refrigerators, it takes less time. Service procedures are conducted through pipe fittings external unit. But uncomfortable. External power is hanging outside the window on tangible height. Nitriding, vacuum and then filling the air conditioner is convenient to use the collector. Please note on the scale of the unit contains the permissible types of freon. If you miss this fact to know how much refrigerant is required, it is difficult to refuel.

Master easier to use a thermometer that measures the temperature of the refrigerant vapor at the inlet of the compressor (thick copper pipe). According to the testimony manifold pressure is determined at the same time. With a parameter associated boiling point will be found on the instrument dial. We believe that in the absence of the necessary mark of Freon is not a sin to use a table. It located on the network or directories. The difference between the boiling points and vapor in the vicinity of 5 - 8 degrees Celsius. When exceeding requires refilling. Incidentally, the above procedure is carried out and on the high pressure side. The difference is 5 - 8 degrees, the actions performed by the mirror reverse.

How quickly determine why the air conditioning does not work

Unlike a number of air-conditioning devices are always with a remote control. Found the screen to display the error code, located on the indoor unit. Less commonly, information is read from the control screen. According to the instructions perform a self-test mode of the air conditioner, read the error code and find out the value, according to the table. There is no information in the manual - look through the Internet for what they seek.

With the use of scroll forums. Most people find the answers. There's talk, why not warm air conditioner, how to repair air-conditioning. In Russia, full of artisans, who are not able to present the material, poor command of written language, but willingly share their experience. Summarize the wrong cases and find your own.

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