What is the best juicer

It is believed to define the scope of work of the juicer - starting from the aspect by choosing appropriate. Consider the daily goal - to tighten the banks, drink a glass of juice for fun, manufacturing of medical drugs. Choosing a juicer is necessary for inquiries.

Best juicer spins

Best juicer spins - rotary. Not differ by more efficiency. But the speed of processing will provide the banks themselves and their neighbors. Semi juicer, such as "Neptune", give 60 liters of juice per hour. Disadvantage - the collection of cake inside. Some instruments surplus thrown into the outstretched the capacity. Not all Rotary juicer does. Select with the capacity to work is not interrupted.

best juicer

It is closely linked to the sustainability of the possibility of continuous operation. The low-power blender is easy to burn, without turning off time. Not all models have the control automation. Juicers relatively important aspect of the same. A low-power juicer "Vitek» VT 1602 G 150 W requires a 15-minute break every half an hour of work - is inconvenient. Said screw type juicer is not suitable for the processing of an abundant harvest due to poor performance.

The best juicer for apples:

  1. It falls into the category of the rotor.
  2. High performance.
  3. It provides continuous operation.

The crop year is another juicer is simply not up to the task. Type in a search engine "Russian store juicers" - there is something useful. At the head is "Neptune", below not widely known "Rossoshanka", "Salute".

Juicer in

Rotary juicer to cope with a carrot. On obtaining a large amount of juice: first, miss the harvest through the rotary juicer ( "Neptune"). The resulting cake treat VT 1602 on the screw. The amount of equipment worth 11,000 rubles. Vyzhmut 85% juice by weight. Oil cake is easier to throw into the juicer "Vitek" - whole carrots there can not be loaded. Rotary juicer having efficiency - 50%, produces an initial processing enables a large amount of juice reduces the amount of pulp twice. The screw finish the work, the pressing of the pomace residues.

A method for efficient, inexpensive. Have to wash the harvest, then so have time to substitute the banks. An additional advantage: two devices are operated in parallel. There was a cake of the first rotary juicer - download VT in 1602. Performance screw low - work for him half as much as for the centrifuge. You can effectively organize the process. Turn off the screw every half hour.

For carrots suitable rotary squeezer "Neptune" in tandem with Vitekovskim screw. As to any of the products: apples, beets, other vegetables and fruits. Before downloading apricots, peaches, plums, do not forget to remove the seeds. Apples can throw a whole.

The best juicer for home

When not in a hurry, screw fit model. centrifuges feature - noise. You turn the rotary juicer - will know the neighbors. This aspect does not concern Santos models - their price is very high (about 80,000 rubles). Special Engine - the know-how of the French company - is not equal to the product other equipment.

Auger juicer buzzing during operation is much quieter centrifuge. Turnover measured in tens of per minute, against thousands of models from the rotor. Creates less vibration. Auger juicer safe. Two types:

  • a vertical auger;
  • horizontal auger.

The best juicer for home

The first made, with the exception of metal mesh, plastic - relatively safe. The latter are of steel, reminiscent of a meat grinder with the consequences. Models with horizontal screw are sold as individual equipment at the price of 10,000 rubles or as a nozzle on a food processor (4,000 rubles). Cheap equipment - plastic. Not indicate safety - less stable. Steel when ingested apricot pits will be on location at plastic models will crack the case. Both recycle solid objects up to a certain time.

Auger juicer for home better, quietly, safely. Advantage and overwork screw food. The process resembles the cold pressing. The centrifuge as fruit torn apart: the pulp is heated, the destruction of the nutrients, nutrients. If the spins are not expected to drink juice is better out of the screw: it will be up to 6 times more vitamin C than in the drink, issued by the rotary juicer.

The screw speed is unchanged - the performance of most models is similar. The difference in power, materials, labor resources. Auger juicer is easy to cope with carrots, are long, not broken. Thin models require special preparation of vegetables, fruits. Carrots cut into strips have to - not cause the engine to stop. Apples in the VT 1602 throw a whole. Peremelyutsya bones, iodine appears in the juice. But will add the bitter acids - spoil the taste.

Auger juicer

The best juicer for raw foodists

Veganism appeared long ago, the founder lived to be a hundred. We began to think about the composition of food, the need to eat raw. On stage the quality twin screw juicers:

  1. Models made from special steel screws are magnetized.
  2. The great life of the products.
  3. Quiet juicer, barely hum.
  4. Maximum of useful substances will move from product to food.
  5. Twin-screw juicer powerful: spinning process takes place between two steel helical screws.

Qualities that make it possible to obtain the juice of herbs, leaves, roots. If you had to brew lime tea today - drink lime juice. As for all medicines. Founder of veganism to prove the existence that the inventive method is not practical in terms of longevity.

Twin-screw squeezer - versatile, strong. Something stuck inside - enable reverse. Relative strength, did not come across a model of the plastic. Large loads arising during pressing between the screws, capable of withstanding only steel. Price juicer from 35000 rubles. It can be of any material but get the juice. Other models also unable.

Relatively firm, trust Belarusian low centrifuges. Strict policy within the state will not allow the scandal to the quality of the soil.

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