Wireless vacuum cleaner Morphy Richards SuperVac 734050

SuperVac 734050- a novelty in the segment of wireless vacuum cleaners of the British brandMorphy richards. In this review, we will consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the novelty, and also make a comparison with the closest competitors.

  • Battery life
  • Power
  • Garbage collection and air purification system
  • Additional features and ease of use
  • disadvantages
  • Conclusion

Manufacturer - British company Morphy Richards has been operating since 1936. Today the company occupies a leading position in the sale and production of household appliances in the UK.

Morphy Richards equipment was delivered to the Russian market in 2016. During this time, about 140 service centers were opened, so you can not worry about warranty repairs. By the way, the warranty period for all equipment is 2 years. Official site in Russia and the CIS: MorphyRichards.su

In his field, Morphy Richards has only one worthy competitor - Dyson (models V7, V8, V10).
What criteria exist for the evaluation of wireless vacuum cleaners? The same as for conventional, but in addition it is worth considering the moments associated with the autonomy of the work. So, the main characteristics, which should pay attention when choosing wireless vacuum cleaners:

  • working hours;
  • power;
  • the size of the dustbin;
  • functions;
  • comfort of use.

Battery life

This indicator, in our opinion, is the main one. Here, almost the same as in the case of using a smartphone, it is always unpleasant when in an unexpected moment the device turns off. At the same time, the wireless vacuum cleaners are charged for a long time.

The Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner has the longestworking hoursin the maximum mode of suction among similar devices - 20 minutes, in the minimum mode - 60 minutes. From the first glance it seems that the indicators are not cosmic, but everything is known in comparison. For example, Dyson V8 with the same power in maximum mode will work for 7 minutes, and in the standard - 40 minutes.

Thus, Morphy Richards SuperVac 734050 will work for 50% longer in the minimum mode and almost 3 times longer in maximum suction mode. This circumstance gives him noticeably more opportunities for a long house cleaning.
Full Charge TimeMorphy Richards - 4 hours and 2 hours to 75% capacity.


Another important parameter. It should be understood that the power of the motor, which is measured in watts, does not reflect the actual usable power of the suction of the vacuum cleaner. This cunning is used by manufacturers who indicate the power of the device, but they keep silent that only a third or a quarter of this capacity goes to useful work.

Morphy Richards SuperVac 734050 has an actual suction power of 110 watts, with a total power of 400 watts. The Dyson almost equal power is possessed by the flagship model V8 Absolute: engine power - 425 W, suction power - 115 W. These indicators are achieved in the maximum mode of operation of vacuum cleaners. Values ​​in the standard mode are not specified.

Garbage collection and air purification system

Do you want the vacuum cleaner to have a bulky waste collector? Alas, they do not have wireless vacuum cleaners. Morphy Richards SuperVac - 0.5 liters, Dyson V8 - 0.54. But this is difficult to attribute to shortcomings. The larger the dustbin, the more weight and dimensions. But the main advantage of such models is mobility, compactness and lightness. Therefore, capacious garbage cans were sacrificed for convenience and speed of operation.

But the quality of air purification vacuum cleaner can not be sacrificed in any case. And Morphy Richards SuperVac has something to brag about. The vacuum cleaner belongs to the cyclonic type. The garbage separation system in conjunction with the HEPA filter provides purification of the exhaust air from 9.5% of the dust particles. At the same time, the removal of collected garbage is done by pressing one key and takes a few seconds, which partially compensates for the small size of the garbage container.

Additional features and ease of use

One of the advantages of Morphy Richards SuperVac 734050 is the presence of a multifunctional design 3 in 1:

    1. Vertical configuration - suitable for the usual cleaning of all surfaces (parquet, linoleum, tiles). In this mode, the bend function of the handle is available for easy cleaning under furniture.
    2. Handstick mode - maximum maneuverability for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. For example, between furniture, corners, dust on the walls, cobwebs.
    3. Manual mode - remove the entire body kit, and get a powerful portable wireless vacuum cleaner. Great for cleaning furniture and car.

The handle of a vacuum cleaner allows to hold it under any angle convenient to you. In this case, the handle is at a decent distance from the electric motor, which protects it from heating, especially during prolonged operation.

Parking vacuum cleaner, in our opinion, is very convenient. Unlike the same wireless Dyson models, a Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner can be placed on the floor vertically and left in this position. Places he will occupy no more than a mop. Also included is a stand, which is also a charging base for it.


Now let's touch on what manufacturers do not like to talk about in advertising - shortcomings. About one of them (container capacity) has already been said. However, it is necessary to share the shortcomings of the type of technology as a whole, and the shortcomings of the specific model. The small size of the dust collector is just the general drawback of wireless vacuum cleaners.

If you continue the comparison with vacuum cleaners Dyson, you can note a slightly larger weight of the vacuum cleaner from Morphy Richards. 200 grams - not a big, but still a difference. Also, the model in question has a slightly higher noise level, and can not boast of such a rich set of additional brushes as the competitor.


In general, we can safely say that the model Morphy Richards SuperVac 734050 is a very interesting novelty in the segment of powerful wireless vacuum cleaners that can replace conventional ones. The model boasts a combination of high power and duration of operation, and quite successfully stands comparison with the market leaders - wireless vacuum cleaners Dyson.

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