What distinguishes a two-compressor refrigerator from a single-compressor

  • Comparative characteristics of
  • Pros and cons of single-compressor models
  • Pros and cons of two-compressor refrigerators
  • Which is better to choose?
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Many people who are not too versed in the technology, it is quite difficult to understand which refrigerator is better: with one or two compressors. This is really a very difficult question. After all, the home appliance market offers such a variety of models. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Today we will tell you what the main differences are, and help you figure out which fridge is ideal for you.

Comparative characteristics of

Outwardly, it is almost impossible to distinguish a single-compressor refrigerator from new models equipped with two motor-compressors. To do this, you need to look at the back of the refrigerator. By doing this, you can see 2 control units and 2 separate cooling loops. While traditional one-compressor models work from one circuit and to the refrigerating chamber and to the freezer. The two-compressor refrigerator operates on two individually installed units. In fact, these are two separate devices placed one on another. This is the main difference.

However, if you approach the question more responsibly, you should elaborate on each of the characteristics.

Number of cooling systems

What affects this parameter? Modern refrigeration units have at least two isolated systems: freezing and cooling. If your refrigerator is equipped with one compressor, then these chambers are connected by a single cooling circuit. With this option, you will not be able to adjust the parameters in them independently of one another.

If the refrigerator has two compressors, the temperature can be adjusted separately for each chamber. This greatly increases the efficiency of the refrigerator as a whole.


Modern household refrigerators in the bulk have a rather comfortable noise level. Indicators can vary from 40 to 45 dB.If your apartment has an isolated kitchen and you are not in this room all the time, such indicators are quite normal and the noise will not be annoying.

If you plan to install a refrigerator in a studio apartment, it is better to choose a dual-compressor option. Despite the presence of as many as two compressors, they, oddly enough, produce much less noise. If the room will operate a TV or talk to several people, the sound of a working refrigerator can not be heard at all.

Saving electricity

No matter how surprising it may sound, the twin-engine refrigerator “eats” less electricity than its single-compressor counterpart. The fact is that each of the compressors separately is less “gluttonous” than the one that is installed in the single-loop system. Since we use the freezer much less often than the refrigerator, then you will spend much less electricity. This is due to the fact that the compressor that controls the freezer is very rarely turned on.

The functionality of

The set of functions for dual-compressor models is often much more than for units with one motor. The main "utility" boosted by dual circuits is that, if desired, one of the cameras can be turned off altogether if you do not need it. Another option is possible. You can get the freezer to work with greater intensity. This is very useful if you need to quickly freeze a large number of berries, herbs or fruits for the winter.

In addition to super-freezing, you should pay attention to such useful “gadgets”:

  • System No Frost - with it you will not have to think about how to defrost a refrigerator.
  • Fresh zone - a storage compartment for products that need to be stored longer, but do not want to freeze. It can maintain an individual level of humidity and set a lower temperature, down to 0 C.
  • Super Cool - accelerated cooling of water and other beverages.

Such functions can have both single-chamber and two-chamber units. It all depends on the manufacturer, model, and, of course, the price of the refrigerator.


Of course, two-compressor units are much more expensive than single-engine refrigerators. Sometimes the difference can reach 25%.And this is the case when the functional content of the models is approximately the same. Two compressors are most often installed on newer and more expensive models. So, it is not necessary to speak about economy in this case.

To decide which is better: 1 or 2 compressors in the refrigerator, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options.

Pros and cons of single-compressor models

Most people imagine single-compressor refrigerators as units with a capacity of not more than 150 liters. They have a small built-in freezer, and sometimes it is completely absent. In fact this is not true.

Modern refrigerators equipped with a single compressor can be quite large and roomy. They have many useful functions, and some can optionally switch the compressor to only one of the chambers. This is achieved by installing a special solenoid valve in the system. It cuts off one of the circuits and part of the system ceases to be supplied with refrigerant. Many modern models also have a separate thermal control system. This means that you can independently adjust the temperature in the freezer and in the refrigerator.

Among the shortcomings are the following:

  • a little more noise due to the operation of a more powerful motor-compressor;
  • the inability to completely turn off one of the cameras, if you need to defrost the refrigerator, you have to turn it off completely;
  • powerful compressor "eats" a little more electricity.

Pros and cons of two-compressor refrigerators

The main disadvantage of two-compressor models is their overestimated cost. The buyer will have to pay immediately for two motor-compressors instead of one. In such conditions it is very difficult to make a choice. After all, the functionality of a modern "odnushki" may not be too different. So is it worth paying the increased price?


  • product freezing is much faster;
  • it is possible, if necessary, to completely turn off the refrigeration compartment if you are leaving somewhere;
  • if one of the compressors is out of order, you can use the second compartment, and do not lose the refrigerator completely;
  • low-power compressors often operate in turn, so each of them produces much less noise;
  • is constantly running only one of the motors, so the energy of such a refrigerator “eats” is much less.


  • with the simultaneous operation of two compressors( which happens very rarely), the noise can be comparable to the operation of one powerful compressor;
  • increases the probability of breakage, because the more parts the device has, the greater the likelihood that any of them will fail;
  • price difference with the same set of functions can reach 25-30%.

Which is better to choose?

In order to accurately determine the answer to the question of what kind of refrigerator you should buy, you need to make a small list of working conditions and needs. If you do not perform such an analysis, there is a risk of overpaying a considerable amount for those advantages and functions that you will never need.

How many foods do you usually have in the fridge? It is obviously not worth buying a huge two-compressor refrigerator “for growth” and storing a pack of butter in it and a kilogram of sausages. But if you like to stock up on food for the future and the refrigerator is always packed to capacity, then you definitely cannot do without a double-circuit unit. It will help you save a lot.

Where will the refrigerator stand? If you have a very small kitchen or studio apartment, you should consider buying a two-component appliance. If the kitchen is large and you spend a little time there, then it does not make sense to pay only for silence.

Do you plan to make blanks for the winter? If you like to freeze fruit and vegetables for the future, or the freezer is filled to capacity with fish or meat, you should consider buying a double-circuit refrigerator. So, you can easily make a difference in the chambers up to 30 C. In one-compressor models, this trick will not work.

How often do they turn off the lights in your area? Many modern models of refrigerators are able to keep the set temperature during the day after shutdown. But now, after the electricity appears again, the compressor starts to “catch up” the temperature again, and therefore it works at full capacity. And this is not too good. If the situation repeats once every two to three months, nothing terrible will happen. But if the light is “cut off” with enviable regularity, you should consider buying a two-compressor refrigerator. In this situation, the maximum load on each of the compressors will be less. It turns out, and they will serve you much longer.

How often do you have to leave for a long time? If you are at home all the time and never turn off the refrigerator for a short vacation, you should not overpay for the possibility of separate work of each camera. But if you haven’t been at home for weeks, but you want to keep the supply of food at all times, then the opportunity to leave only the freezer to work can be very useful.


Of course, the presence of a second compressor gives refrigeration equipment certain advantages. But is it really so significant - a purely individual matter. It is impossible to unambiguously answer the question of which refrigerator is better: with one or two compressors. It all depends on what kind of result you want to achieve. We hope that our recommendations and explanations will help you make the right choice, and the new refrigerator will delight you with all its qualities.

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