Gas connection specifications: procedure for obtaining documents

More recently, the gasification of a private cottage took away a lot of nerves and money. The scope of this activity was strongly monopolized and had not always explainable prices. Now the situation has changed: it is enough to get the technical conditions for connecting the gas in the gas distribution company - and the blue fuel is practically in your house.

We will tell you who is better to entrust the preparation of the project, what documentation and in what order you need to get. We have described in detail the nuances of connecting households to the gas pipeline and to the gas tank. The strengths and weaknesses of both options are given.

The content of the article:

  • What are the technical conditions for?
  • The procedure for obtaining permits for gas
    • Reasonable choice of designer
    • Nuances of the technical connection stage
  • Gasification of the house with the help of a gas-holder
  • The process of connecting the cottage to the highway step by step
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What are the technical conditions for?

Technical conditions (TU) for gas - a document confirming from the supplier of blue fuel the very possibility of technological connection of the new facility to existing networks. This paper is the actual beginning of the process of connecting to the gas infrastructure existing in the village.

It is possible to design TU for an already erected house, and for a building still under construction.

Gas supply connection procedure

All the rules and procedures for connecting the gas are regulated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1314, it describes all the nuances of the process, but many pitfalls remain in this issue.

All consumers of natural gas by the volume of pumping out of the main pipe are divided into four categories:

  1. Up to 5 m3/ hour - owners of cottages.
  2. Up to 15 m3/ hour - small business.
  3. Up to 300 m3/ hour - medium organizations.
  4. Over 300 m3/ hour - large industrial and energy companies.

Almost all private homes fall into the first group. Five cubic meters per hour is enough to heat a dwelling with an area of ​​up to 200 square meters. meters and cooking in it.

But a lot here depends on the level of temperature minus outside the window and the number of people in the family. Before applying for technical conditions, it is necessary to calculate the maximum gas consumption. It is this calculated figure that will need to be specified in the application.

Gas supply system of a private low-rise house

Technical specifications for gasification can be issued exclusively for the capital construction object. (cottage, service yard or other building), just for a plot of land TU no gas fuel supplier will issue

The issued technical conditions contain:

  • approved gas consumption;
  • recommendations on the materials of pipes and fittings for tapping into the trunk;
  • description of the procedure for coordination of project documentation.

If it is planned to use gas for profit (not for consumption for the purpose of heating a private house or other structure), then such a consumer will immediately fall into the second group. Even if the consumption volume is below 5 cubes, it will still be carried out in the second category with slightly different connection conditions.

Final the cost of connecting to the gas supply You will learn by reading the article on this issue.

The procedure for obtaining permits for gas

The process of gasification of a house under construction should begin as early as possible. Bureaucratic and technologically this procedure often takes up to several years. And if with papers and terms of their issuance now everything is quite strictly regulated (the same gas distribution organization must be issued within two weeks), then the question is purely installation work may take a long time.

Autonomous gas supply scheme

If there is no master plan and gasification scheme in the village, the connection of the house to the main line may take three to four years to complete - in this case it is often better to consider the option with a gas tank

Long terms for the supply of gas pipes to gasified cottage due to the need for land management procedures. For example, the main pipe is only five kilometers from the settlement, but the land between it and the connected object is the property of an outside person who does not want anyone on it admit.

In such a situation, gas producers are forced to coordinate everything with a third party for a long time or look for a workaround that costs money and takes time. And then there is a lot of engineering communications in the ground, areas not put on cadastral registration, and much more. The timing of gasification is often delayed for long months.

The need to obtain technical conditions

Underground laying of gas lines must take into account the location of existing communications and the rules of location relative to gas pipes

In order to obtain technical conditions for the organization of gas supply in a private house, it is necessary to submit an application to the company supplying gas to the settlement, adding:

  1. An application with the name, address of the building, the planned date of putting the cottage into operation and the volume of gas consumption in cubic meters / hour.
  2. Plan of the site, made in relation to its territory of the village.
  3. Copies of documents of title to the land.
  4. Written consent of the neighbors (provided that the communications involved affect their areas).

There are two points here. The first is the calculation of the maximum possible fuel consumption per hour by all the gas equipment in the house. It can be produced in advance, using the services of the project company, or by sending a request to the gas supply organization, if it is ready to make such calculations.

The second point - you can generally do without this calculation and TU. If the consumption does not exceed 5 cubic meters of gas per hour, then the technical requirements for the standards are not mandatory.

All you have to do is apply for the connection and the provider connects your house to the highway. However, such a scenario in practice is possible only if there are already gas distribution networks in the village.

Connecting a house in the gasified village

If the village was originally designed with gas supply, then the corresponding pipes through it have already been laid and all consumption volumes are pre-incorporated into the project (+)

If in the village all the possibilities for the supply of gas are available, you only need to crash into the main line and divert from it to the cottage. But not everywhere such luxury is in reality. In the overwhelming majority of cases, gas producers still require preliminary calculations of fuel consumption and technical specifications based on them.

Reasonable choice of designer

In order to connect the house to the gas pipe, in addition to the technical conditions, it is necessary to have a building gasification project coordinated with all instances. It is impossible to prepare it yourself, and after that it’s impossible to do it yourself and work on the connection to the pipe.

Both documentation and gas installation are performed exclusively by licensed firms.

If there is even the slightest desire to save money by trusting a third-party company without a license, then it is better to immediately refuse such savings. Otherwise, either the project will not be approved, or the employee of the gas supplying organization will not sign the act of putting the drain pipe and valve into operation.

Decree №1314

Often, the gas supplying company carries out both the design and installation of the pipeline, and the maintenance of gas equipment, but their prices are often too high (+)

In order not to overpay gas supplier for the preparation of project documentation and connecting the house to the gas supply, the performer of these services is worth looking on the side. However, remember - he must have a license to perform such work.

In order for the gas to enter the house, it will still be necessary to conclude an agreement with the gas distribution company. And its employees at the slightest deviation from the rules refuse without talking.

The best option is to contact an intermediary company that does everything turnkey and “two in one”. Such companies are ready both to prepare all the necessary documents, and to coordinate them, and then carry out installation work with subsequent commissioning.

They can even be trusted to receive technical conditions from gas-makers by issuing a power of attorney for this. They work with a gas supplier not for the first day, they know its requirements and legal norms.

Everything happens much faster with them, and you don’t need to go to court with notes. Plus, often such firms give a considerable discount on their services, provided that a contract is entered into at the same time gas pipeline design and construction work.

Nuances of the technical connection stage

By the time the residential facility is directly connected to the gas supply, all gas-consuming appliances must be installed in the cottage and all pipes from the gas meter.

Here it is also better not to rely on one's own strength, but to initially rely on professionals. You should not joke with natural gas. Leak plus spark - resulting in a fire.

General estimate of gasification at home

If the gasification project costs approximately 50-100 thousand rubles, then an estimate for the installation of the pipe from the highway running along the street Rarely exceeds 25 thousand, but here we must also add the cost of distributing gas pipes in the house and connecting boilers, boilers and slabs

To reduce the spending of Russians on the gasification of their homes, in many regions of Russia there are subsidies for connection. Of course, not all categories of citizens can use them. But to study in more detail existing in the region or the region of the program does not hurt. Extra money saved just will not.

After completing the tie-in to the highway, which is carried out on the basis of the issued technical conditions, it is necessary to call a representative of the gas supplying organization.

It is needed to:

  • check the conformity of the work performed TU;
  • to seal metering devices;
  • conclude a contract for the supply of natural gas;
  • to instruct the customer on the rules for the use of gas equipment in everyday life;
  • sign on the act of entering the gas supply pipe in operation.

By law, the entire responsibility for the serviceability of gas in-house equipment lies on the shoulders of the gas consumer who has entered into an agreement with the supply company. However, it is the specialists of this company that in the future will constantly come to inspect the networks and devices inside the house for their performance and the absence of leaks.

Gasification of the house with the help of a gas-holder

If there is more than a hundred meters from the house to the gas main or you cannot connect to it at all, then only the option with installation at the gas holder site. This is a tank for pumping and storing gas, from which it enters through the pipe directly into the cottage to the boiler or stove.

Autonomous gas supply with gas tank

The main advantage of a gas tank is a minimum of time for coordination and installation, all gasification works at home can be done in just a couple of days, technical conditions are not necessary here (+)

If the gas tank installed has a capacity of up to 10,000 liters (which is abundant enough for most private houses), then it is not required to receive technical specifications or other permits for it. All projects and documents will be provided by the company that will install it.

This capacity itself costs a lot of money, but if you connect to the pipeline there are no opportunities, then the gas-holder is a good replacement for it. Usually its volume is calculated with such an account that the refueling should be carried out two or three times a year. Otherwise, such a system of gas supply to the house does not differ from the above option. The same sensors, valves and gas supply pipe.

The strengths and weaknesses of connecting a private house to gazgolderu and gas line thoroughly dismantled in our proposed article.

The process of connecting the cottage to the highway step by step

As such, technical conditions are just a piece of paper with requirements and capabilities. In addition to them, among the documents for connecting the main gas to a private house are various plans, projects, statements, acts and agreements. The problem is that without all this paperwork, it’s impossible to gasify a cottage to its owner by definition. These are the norms in our country.

Approval procedure

The process of connecting a house to a gas pipe in Russia is strictly regulated by laws, this is done in order to limit monopolists and lower prices for the gasification of private households

A complete “ceremony” with connecting the cottage to the trunk gas is as follows:

  1. Estimation of gas consumption.
  2. Applying for TU.
  3. Getting technical conditions.
  4. Designing a gas network from the highway to the house and inside the latter.
  5. Conclusion of a connection agreement.
  6. Installation of input outside and gas equipment inside the building.
  7. Check the readiness of all this to work.
  8. Drafting of the act of connection.
  9. Conclusion of a service contract.

Plus, it is necessary to sign more acts of delineating the operational responsibility of both parties and property.

Plot gas pipe from the highway to the fence of the backyard plot belongs to the gas supplying organization, and all that is further is already the property of the owner of the cottage. At the same time, all gas equipment must be serviced and its gas supplier (or its subsidiary authorized by him) must monitor its serviceability.

Information on how to produce insert into the gas main pipe, you will find in the article recommended by us for review.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

To connect to the gas, you need to collect a large enough package of documentation, but without it, nowhere. The video below is sure to help you understand all the nuances of this procedure.

Everything about the gasification of cottages:

The nuances of the internal layout of the gas pipeline house, which should be considered before the approval of the project:

Movie that allows you to understand how much it will cost to connect a country house to the main gas:

Connecting a private house to a gas pipe is a tedious and lengthy approval process. The installation itself is carried out within a few days, but the development of the project, the submission of requests and the waiting time for response papers takes a lot of time.

However, the presence of blue fuel in the cottage immediately removes many of the issues with heating and cooking. The use of natural gas allows you to save a lot, the flour waiting for the connection is worth it.

Stories about how you received technical conditions for connecting a country house to the backbone network, please post in the box below. Please write comments, ask questions, share useful information and photos.

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