TV in the kitchen: how to choose the size and model

TV in the kitchen: how to choose the size and model


The kitchen is the place where every housewife spends a lot of time daily cooking dishes for her loved ones. You can pass the time around the stove with watching your favorite TV shows, however, not everyone knows how to choose a TV for the kitchen. After all, with the purchase of the device you need to try to please all members of the family. The youngest will be watching the cartoons at breakfast, and the elders during lunch will be able to enjoy a pleasant film.

It would seem that there to choose - came, saw and bought. It is worth remembering that this purchase is not for one day, having bought mindlessly the first product that has come across, it can not become a joy to you in time. Therefore, in the article we will talk about the intricacies of choosing a TV set for the kitchen, what should be paid special attention to, and what upgrades in the kitchen space are particularly relevant.

Finding a really good TV is not an easy task. To make the choice was not a "finger in the sky we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several items, how you should evaluate the model you liked and choose the device that will become an integral part of your kitchen.


  • 1Dimensions of the TV and screen diagonal
    • 1.1Small kitchen
    • 1.2Spacious kitchen
    • 1.3Kitchen-living room
  • 2Viewing Angle
    • 2.1Measured in degrees
    • 2.2We choose the matrix
    • 2.3Location of the screen
  • 3Functionality
  • 4Installation, mounting types
    • 4.1Swivel Wall Bracket
    • 4.2Swivel bracket for kitchen module
    • 4.3Built-in TV
    • 4.4Built-in TV

Dimensions of the TV and screen diagonal

This is the first point on which attention is focused when buying a TV. Here the rule "the more, the better" does not work, because the diagonal of the device should be chosen directly depending on the size of the kitchen.

Small kitchen

Small kitchens, or otherwise - standard, have an area of ​​up to 9 sq.m. To view programs without visually stressing, choose the diagonal up to 20 maximum 23". The distance from the eyes to the device will be about, meters, and such a diagonal will allow both to see the image well and not to damage the vision.


For a small room to choose a good TV in the kitchen is not difficult. Televisions with a small diagonal have always been popular, they are purchased for kitchens and for children's rooms, as well as for a pleasant pastime at the cottage and in the garage.

Spacious kitchen

The kitchen is 10-16 sq.m. you can often meet in new buildings, or in private homes. In such a kitchen, you can safely choose a TV with a diagonal of 26 32". The device will be located about 3 meters from eye level, and the diagonal size up to 32 "will make viewing the most optimal and comfortable.


The main thing is not to sacrifice either the quality of the image or your health, so do not choose either a too large model or an openly small one. Nevertheless, do not forget that the kitchen is not the main place for rest.

Kitchen-living room

Choose a TV in a large kitchen-studio or a combined kitchen with a living room easiest, there is no need to be limited to the desired diagonals. TV in such a room, most likely, will often be in the center of attention, so choose a device with 40 "screen and more.

If you are wondering how to choose a TV set in the kitchen with an impressive area, then first of all when buying, pay attention to high-grade quality models with a plasma screen. They will look very impressive.

Viewing Angle

If you plan to watch TV from different angles of the kitchen, then the viewing angle plays an important role in choosing a device. A good angle provides an ideal picture without distortion from any vertical or horizontal point. Those. on the TV with a good viewing angle you can watch both from the side and from below - the picture will retain its clarity and color. What subtleties of this parameter should be taken into account when choosing a device?

Measured in degrees

Standard models of kitchen TVs have a viewing angle of about 170º. For better viewing, you can buy a more expensive model with a viewing angle above 175º. This indicator will allow you to watch TV shows without falling the contrast and brightness.

We choose the matrix


The quality angle of view directly depends on the matrix of the TV. In fact, the structure of the matrix is ​​the direction of the crystal of the screen. The better the matrix, the greater the viewing angle. The cost of a TV with a high-resolution liquid crystal array is 2-3 times greater than that of devices with a small viewing angle. Common types of matrixes LCD-displays:

  • IPS - the main advantage of this type of matrix - a large viewing angle. Ideal for small TV. Matrices of the IPS type are used in the production of LG TVs (it is also the manufacturer of the matrix), Panasonic and Philips 4, 6 series.
  • S-PVA is a higher-class matrix. It differs in deeper black, but in S-PVA matrices the color rendition and review is worse than in IPS. The manufacturer of this type of matrix - Samsung, so the matrix is ​​mainly on TVs of this brand, as well as some models of Sony and Philips.
  • UV²А - this matrix has the deepest black level, the viewing angle is higher than the previous one, but worse than the first one. Manufacture of firm Sharp, is issued in the limited quantity on TVs Sharp and 9 series of TVs Philips.

Location of the screen

The vertical viewing angle is always worse than the horizontal one. Therefore, when installing the TV, try to install it so that it is at eye level. If the TV is suspended from the ceiling, or vice versa - it is too low, the image will lighten / darken when viewed, the colors will be distorted.


In addition to its main function - the display of telecasts, the TV can perform the roles of other devices. Here, the choice depends on your personal preferences and the importance of having additional upgrades. In our opinion, not too many functions in the TV can be:

  • Presence of a socket USB - for reproduction from a flash-card of videoclips and viewing of images.
  • Support for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 - the necessary standards for watching cable and satellite television with a digital signal. The usual antennas are replaced by satellite dishes and cable television, so these inputs are very relevant.
  • Technology SMART TV with support for Wi-Fi - in the Internet age is an indispensable function for those who like to go to the worldwide network anywhere and anytime.
  • Radio - built-in TV radio can work with the device's screen off.
  • Timer for recording TV programs - if you see an interesting recipe on the culinary channel, or wait for a certain transfer, then The TV can, at the time you set, or when you press the button, start recording the TV program on the built-in hard disk.

It is desirable that the necessary connectors are not located on the back of the device, but lateral. This is necessary for your convenience and the opportunity to use them at any time.

Installation, mounting types

So, the choice is made and the TV is purchased. The last task is to install the device.

Swivel Wall Bracket


Mounted on the wall, both with a brick base and concrete. The bracket is fixed with anchor bolts. Special profiles are installed, on which the TV is "put on" in the literal sense and reliably fixed.

Swivel bracket for kitchen module

Suitable for small devices with a small diagonal. The bracket is installed directly on one of the kitchen modules (in the free space between cabinets, shelves, etc.).


Built-in TV

If desired, the device can be installed directly in any of the kitchen cabinets. This is a good option in the absence of free space on the wall. But you have to sacrifice the integrity of one of your cabinets. A hole is made in the door corresponding to the diagonal of the TV. Fasteners are supplied from the rear side, which is connected with screws.

The TV set in this way can not be turned to the desired side, and when you open the cabinet door, there is a chance to accidentally touch the screen. Therefore, before choosing this type of installation, compare the possible pros and cons.

Built-in TV

You can also buy a TV, already built into a household appliance. It can be a TV in the extractor, in the refrigerator door, in the kitchen stove. However, the "2 in 1" devices are unreasonably expensive, and the TVs built into the technology are not very functional. If there is a breakdown, then by and large 2 devices will immediately fail.

Summing up the article, I want to highlight a few closing moments about the choice of TV.

  1. Televisions in the exhibition halls of stores show not a television signal, but a specially selected composite one. That's why we advise you to choose a device by its characteristics, and not by a demo picture.
  2. If the seller has made you a full review of the TV, and then offers to bring the packaged from the warehouse - do not settle. Or, let him open the goods brought from the warehouse in the same way and show you completely.
  3. The exhibited samples often artificially improved the quality and brightness of the image. It is possible that this quality will not be on the model sold to you. Check the quality on the spot, spend an extra half hour to study the model to be 100% sure of the product that you buy.

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