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A good TV does not have to be expensive and big. For smaller rooms, devices with a diagonal of no more than 32 inches will be more efficient. Models with such a diagonal are the most in demand today.

Determine the choice will help rating the best TVs in 32 inches in 2018, we compiled based on opinions and customer feedback. In the TOP-10, only the best models with the most popular features and functions got.

Inexpensive Models

LG 32LJ600U

This TV can not be called too budgetary. Nevertheless, compared with the more "advanced" models, it is quite inexpensive. The popularity of this model provides excellent functionality, juicy bright colors and stylish appearance. The device is equipped with a unique Resolution Upscaler system - a software option to increase the resolution of video to HD-quality, even for content shot at a lower resolution. The TV has a Direct LED backlight and a refresh rate of 50-60 Hz.

The TV has a function of "Smart TV" and a wireless Internet connection system. The updated interface provides access to the music player and the application store.


  • Smart TV system;
  • affordable price;
  • colorful image;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • stylish design;
  • the ability to manage from a mobile application;
  • high-quality digital signal reception.


  • there is no headphone jack;
  • not too good sound.

Thomson T32D16DH-01B

The next representative of the most popular 32-inch format is a TV from the slightly forgotten "Thomson" brand. This TV can be used for watching TV channels, and as a screen for video games.

The screen has a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, which allows you to get a pretty high-quality picture. The viewer will receive a high-quality picture in HD and a powerful sound. The TV is equipped with two powerful speakers of 5 watts each. For inexpensive models, this is quite a rarity.

The functionality of the TV is a bit modest. However, the user will be able to view the content from the USB drive. There is also an HDMI connector, it can be connected to a game console, an external player or other modern gadgets. The TV is easy to fix on the wall. For this purpose, special brackets are provided in the kit.


  • build quality;
  • presence of various connectors;
  • excellent sound quality;
  • full set.


  • small resolution;
  • modest frequency of development.

Telefunken TF-LED 32 S41 T2

Another brand is not the most popular brand in Russia. Televisions of this brand are, first of all, attracted by an affordable price. In addition, the model has very narrow bypass frames. They are almost invisible when the backlight is on.

Technical characteristics of the TV allow not only to view content in HD-quality. With certain settings, you can almost completely immerse yourself in the picture broadcast on the screen. Even though the frequency update is only 50 Hz, the matrix transmits a very dynamic and smooth picture.

The sound quality is quite "on the level". There are speakers with a total power of 14 watts. The TV is difficult to classify as "omnivorous however, all major formats are reproduced. The TV does not have its own memory, but the data can be written to a third-party medium.


  • fast response and excellent color rendering;
  • TV recording function;
  • convenient remote control;
  • powerful speakers;
  • teletext;
  • minimum bypass frames;
  • function "TimeShift
  • large selection of connectors;
  • excellent price.


  • there is no Wi-Fi and Smart TV;
  • not very large viewing angle;
  • there are no fasteners for placement on the wall.

Supra STV-LC32 LT 0030W

This TV came to us from the 90's. Since that time, the trademark does not leave the struggle for buyers. A distinctive feature of this model is a record low response rate of 6 ms. This can boast of a few models, even much more expensive in cost.

The TV has a fairly average diagonal size of -32 inches, so it is quite suitable for our rating. The model provides a quite decent viewing angle - 178 degrees. And the sound quality of this TV is even better than the previous model. There are 2 columns with a total power of 16 watts. Teletext support is provided.

Supra STV-LC32 LT 0030W easily reproduces most audio and video formats, has many connectors for peripherals and provides decent quality digital images.

Main advantages:

  • excellent color rendering;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • playback of most popular formats;
  • fast response;
  • great sound;
  • teletext;
  • very comfortable price tag.


  • there is no built-in Wi-Fi;
  • FHD, UHD are not provided;
  • weak configuration.

Philips 32PHT4001

This brand is beyond doubt and censures, and the TV is quite worthy of attention. Despite the 720p hd playback format, which is considered quite outdated, the playback frequency of 200 Hz and the medium-sized diagonal attract the attention of many buyers.

The sound quality of this model is also decent - the total power of all speakers is 16 watts. The sound is clean and saturated. The device supports teletext and can read most popular formats. A special feature is the function of protection from toddlers, which is not typical for models of this price range.


  • quality picture and excellent sound;
  • support for various formats;
  • teletext;
  • protection from children;
  • stylish design;
  • good display of analog channels;
  • metal housing;
  • neat bypass frames.


  • When watching movies from a flash drive, it does not display sound (transcoding is required).

Expensive TVs

LG 32LF653V

Opens the top-rated TVs 32 inches one of the best models from LG. There are a lot of brilliant indicators: high-quality surround stereo sound, Direct LED lighting, FullHD resolution and as many as 3 USB outputs. In addition to maintaining most popular audio and video formats, the TV has CINEMA 3D technology.

There is literally everything that a modern user needs: a large number of connectors, a digital tuner and a funny assistant-tuner named Binberd.


  • many connectors for external devices;
  • high-quality backlight Direct LED;
  • Smart TV;
  • modern 3D technology;
  • 8 image modes;
  • setup assistant;
  • beautiful juicy color rendition;
  • support for multiple formats.


  • not too convenient console.

Metz Cosmo 32

This stylish TV from Germany perfectly fits into any, even the most refined interior. The device is made using the most advanced technologies and first-class materials. The design of the TV is very stylish and modern: a thin aluminum frame and a sturdy stand of tempered glass.

If we consider the technical characteristics, we can note a video processor having a frequency of 200 Hz, as well as a high screen resolution. The TV produces a clear detailed picture of a high, almost cinematic quality. Realisticness of what is happening on the screen adds a deep stereo sound, which is provided by the speakers, with a total power of 24 watts.

Probably, it is not necessary to say that such characteristics simply can not cost cheap. Not everyone can afford such a TV.


  • excellent picture quality;
  • high frequency;
  • stylish design;
  • support for multiple formats;
  • the presence of Full HD;
  • Smart TV;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • stereo sound Dolby Digital;
  • timer;
  • function "TimeShift
  • teletext.


  • it costs expensive.

AVEL AVS320FS (Magic Mirror)

This model should be chosen by those who want to have a TV in a room with high humidity. Avis AVS 320FS is perfect for accommodation in the sauna or in the pool. It has an increased protection against moisture, so nothing will happen to it at all.

The TV has another interesting feature - after turning off its surface becomes a mirror and can perform an additional function by reflecting objects around.

By purchasing this TV, users will be able to enjoy a high-quality Full HD image. The device admirably accepts channels of both analogue and digital broadcasting. The viewing angles are maximum both horizontally and vertically (178/178). Stable operation is provided by a high level of moisture and dust protection.

The TV can read all known formats, has many connectors for external devices. You will not need extra wires when connecting, the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module. Depending on the user's choice, the bundle can be supplemented with the media player "Smart TV however, in this case the cost of the device will be much higher.


  • increased dust and moisture protection;
  • water resistant remote control;
  • excellent build quality;
  • full quality Full HD;
  • wide viewing angles;
  • Smart TV and built-in Internet module;
  • excellent image quality;
  • stylish appearance.


  • very expensive.

Sony KDL-32 WD756

It is unlikely that any honest rating can do without the participation of the recognized Japanese leader - the company "Sony". For the quality and realism of the image, this trademark is almost impossible to overtake. The modern stylish appearance of the TV will please the customers. Such a device will become a real decoration of any room.

Now a little about the technical characteristics: the state-of-the-art Full HD resolution, the innovative Edge LED backlight, the progressive IPS matrix. Using the X-Reality PRO processor, you can scale the initial image by the number of pixels. A special technology is also responsible for high-quality color rendition.

Sony KDL-32 WD756 is an excellent TV for high-quality viewing of analog and digital channels. Supports many different formats, however, not all, which is one of the drawbacks of the device. In general, an excellent TV, worth its money.

Main advantages:

  • colorful clear and very realistic image;
  • European assembly;
  • stylish execution;
  • many important connectors;
  • bright, "juicy" picture;
  • the presence of "Smart TV
  • very economical (consumes about 57 watts);
  • wide viewing angle.


  • a little "brake" console;
  • not all formats are supported;
  • the contrast is not at altitude.

Samsung UE32J5205AK

Finishes review one of the award-winning models from the firm "Samsung". This brand is not only considered the leader among manufacturers of most types of home appliances, but also tries to introduce all kinds of novelties and advanced technologies before all.

Compared with the previous model, this is not so expensive. Nevertheless, the consumer receives the device with quite acceptable characteristics. The high resolution of the screen and stylish firm illumination on a leading edge provide the present immersing in a picture displayed on the screen. Progressive screen scanning is provided. Provided "Smart TV by the way, quite smart.

The model provides a variety of connectors for connecting almost any periphery. Most popular audio and video formats are played here. The sound is powerful and clean, in Dolby format. There is a built-in wireless Internet model.

This model has a nice appearance and not very big weight. If desired, it can be easily mounted on the wall. Dimensions of the device are standard, the screen is medium, 32 inches.


  • a high resolution;
  • clear sound;
  • nice design;
  • support for most formats;
  • "Picture in picture
  • Smart TV and built-in Wi-Fi;
  • clear picture;
  • bright, juicy colors;
  • popular brand.


  • quite noticeable framework around the edges;
  • glossy body "collects" fingerprints.


When choosing a high-quality TV, you should not focus only on the screen diagonal. Televisions with a fairly average of 32 inches can be equipped with all the modern features and become a real decoration of your living room.

Technologies are developing daily, and it is likely that in the near future there will be new TVs that far outperform the models presented by us. We hope that our rating of the best TVs of 32 inches of 2018 will help you make the right choice and an "excellent" TV set equipped with all modern technologies will settle in your house.

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