Juicer carrots

When squeezing carrot juice extractors most rotary evinces efficiency in the range of 55%. Suchet other cake obtained from twin-screw models cost from 24,000 rubles. However, the plastic parts are purchased, for example, Green Star painted in orange. Consider the task of selecting a juicer for carrots.

It is believed that carrots:

  • improved vision;
  • It accelerates the growth of a young organism;
  • It contains an abundance of β-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A.

Eat 1 kg of carrots is not any under force, much easier to squeeze and drink juice that preserves the useful properties of vegetables.

Rotary juicer Zelmer Julia 377

Zelmer is, juicer Julita 377! The model is characterized by limited options. There is a small built-in compartment for automatically discharged cake. Capacity enough to pass through a centrifuge 2 kg of carrots. The coefficient of extraction of 55% - this value is demonstrated modest size model.

Rotary juicer Zelmer Julia 377

What pleases Julita 377 - do not worry about the cleanliness of the kitchen. Typically, the rotor of the type of household juicer and juice lumps fly away. To like this has happened in Julita 377, a domed cover. The pulp is thrown on transparent plastic can be seen at work, but the user does not reach cake. The neck to supply approximately equal to the height of the dome, goes deep inside lumps stumble upon a wall, climb out can not. For carrots the latter is not so critical, but when you try to press the grapes or an apple, the difference will be on the face of the user an alternative juicer, and centrifuge at 377 Julita has applied.

This is not the only step that makes a person to meet Zelmer. Fun to watch the commercial juicers SynBio where extraction product shoots out of the socket, flying over the top edge of the glass. To like this has happened, Zelmer designers are provided with special rotary juicer collecting container with a lid. As a result, the juice gushes out, but the table does not reach the surface of the drop. Mark Zelmer, a matter of respect for the reasonableness of the design in terms of safety, convenience, and accuracy.

It is known that squeezer Rosynka used protective bracket of incorrect assembly 377 is present at Julita like. Located inside the centrifuge with a sharp grater, it is impossible to prevent accidental operation when the top cover is removed. The neck does not differ a great width, have a carrot cut into halves lengthwise.

Probably pre-treatment is required in order not to overload the motor of 250 watts. Do not worry - the rotor of the juicer 377 Julita present overload protection. At a price of 1,400 rubles model looks strong class representative and is designed for those who want to brighten up a small amount of a rigid diet is not too high quality juice.

Decent juice in a juicer rotor can not be obtained in principle. Lost of the nutrients bound by grinding the fruit on a grater. Juicer fruits and vegetables Julita 377 provides a single high speed. The device weighs 1.5 kg.

Recommended juicer Julita 377 people without pretensions, desired to have a few drinks fresh. The model is not suitable for the preparation of baby food, it destroys the vitamins, very noisy.

Auger juicer Zelmer JuiceMaker JP 1500

Auger juicer Zelmer JuiceMaker JP 1500

At a power of 150 W auger juicer Zelmer JuiceMaker JP 1500 excellently presses carrot. In the view of the authors, the spin rate is lame, perhaps, a sense subjective. Halves of root crops are ground with cheerful crunch, poured into a glass is excellent, nice to look at the carrot juice.

The speed of 40 revolutions per minute half the other models of the family, it is appropriate to talk about the true cold pressed. Price bites. 7000 rubles. For such money will recommend to draw the eye to the Russian Vitek brand, able to reap carrots (VT - 1602). Worth 4300 rubles. Zelmer - a decent juicer carrots, but expensive.

Remember, juicer JP 1500 is able to operate continuously for 20 minutes, then the required rest period of an hour. Possible to grind the inclusion of 5 kg of fruits. For truckers model is clearly not fit. This poor performance is not pleased with the noise level - 71 dB. Something like running a washing machine during the spin cycle.

Recall the favor. Squeeze the carrot juice is not to taste, drink unsweetened and bouquet on the fan. You want to get the most benefit. For this purpose is used auger juicer - carrot juice to get useful. In particular, children recommended daily give 100 g of the beverage, diluting the same amount of milk (in 200 g).

Auger juicer Vitek VT - 1602

Auger juicer Vitek VT - 1602

Auger Juicer VT - 1602 today, the cheapest in the family.

Large, wide neck is clearly aimed at the whole apples. The official website of the device with the letter G stands 7000 rubles. On Yandex Market pull out a similar for 4300 rubles. What is the difference, it is not clear, it is possible that there is action, and there are no differences. The forgery is hard to believe.

The device is able to work without a break for half an hour, then 10 - 15 minute break. Such a machine is quite suitable for the processing of cake vacationers. The highlight is considered durable and tough engine power of 150 watts. The screw rotation is twice as fast. On the official website shows the number - 80 - 160 rpm. And it is not described as a auger juicer is capable of changing its own speed. Unclear.

The manufacturer claims that the juicer cope with grains, seeds, and even needles. Needles contains 100 times more Vitamin C than lemon. However juice is extremely difficult to get out of the waxy leaves. Green needles and possess other properties. Marketing policy explains why consumers in the pine forests are required to shell out 7000 rubles. Please note, Zelmer clarification on its website does not.

The device has a reverse function in case you screw clogged. No different from the products of other manufacturers. Worthy advertising the product is not provided, not to be confused with the same juicer food processor of said producer.

Twin screw juicers Angel Juicer

Twin screw juicers Angel Juicer

Twin screw juicers Angel Juicer cost 35,000 rubles, we do not recommend pressing beets or carrots for a cheap Green Star Juicer. In these models, too much detail of white plastic, certainly will be painted with pigments. Silent about the twin-screw juicers incorrectly described models just designed for hard fruits, including carrots.

Benefits Angel Juicer:

  1. Housing made of shiny stainless steel is clearly aimed at the long operation.
  2. Absence of plastic parts in the design.
  3. of pure steel augers squeezed by a factor greater than 90%, such nipochem apple seeds.
  4. Bitter acid (referred to as the first useful second - tasteless) will go straight into the drink.
  5. Price, ahead of the competition offers.

Tend to assume the fourth point advantage, fresh contains iodine. Drink the juice of a fresh, full of vitamins and trace elements is guaranteed. Juicer carrots and beets Angel Juicer, jokingly, to cope with the needles, overcome wheat germ. Equipment from South Korea aimed at a juice bar, and raw foodists, it is not surprising to high quality and considerable price.

According to information notdelnym uptime products is 60 minutes, then needed a technical break, while relaxing appropriate rearrange prefabricated containers and prepare new fruits. Duration juicer rest is 10 minutes. The spin speed is roughly equal to the speed of simple screw models. That Angel Juicer in the campaign used a clever ploy by releasing bagasse rotary juicer and get more impressive amount of beverage. It turns out, juicer Summer Resident able to pass their waste for further processing.

Is it worth it to pay the grower 35,000 rubles (minimum) for the transfer of innovative ideas? Probably no. Do the needles can squeeze juice bar? Probably yes. Drinks will invariably vitamin. If the West Angel Juicer able to buy the majority of the inhabitants in the Russian unit is considered to be rather professional equipment, rather than a child's toy beginner raw foodists.

Yes, it is not a mechanical juicer masher from China for 80 rubles!

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