How to choose a carob coffee maker

  • What is the horn coffee maker
  • Principle of operation and varieties
  • How to choose
  • Additional functions
  • Conclusion

Coffee can be different, as are the ways of its preparation: soluble, custard, hot, cold, cappuccino, latte, espresso and this list can be continued for a very long time. The popularity of the drink led to the fact that the market began to appear coffee machines from different manufacturers, with different options and prices, which allows coffee makers to make coffee at home. For connoisseurs of their time, who are not accustomed to saving, the carob will perfectly work. Note that these units are on the market in a large assortment. In this review, we will help you choose a carob-type coffee machine.

What is the horn coffee maker

Carob will be appreciated by people who love espresso, with a thick foam. To prepare a fragrant and invigorating drink, it is necessary to use coffee in pods or ground, processed by steam. The coffee maker got its name because of the mechanism of operation - it uses not standard filters, but horns that are plastic or metal.

Principle of operation and varieties

The principle of the carob coffee machine depends on the type of unit, of which there are only two:

  1. Pump - in this model, the poured water heats up to 90-100 degrees for a short period of time. After that, the pump passes it through the coffee under pressure. With this technology, you can get a rich flavor and save most of the nutrients. Such units operate at a power of 1500-1700 W, so it takes about one minute to prepare a cup of your favorite coffee.
  2. Steam - in coffee machines of this kind, the liquid is heated in a sealed container, which leads to the formation of steam passing under pressure through coffee. The disadvantage of this type of aggregates is that when the steam passes through the drink, the aroma is lost. The advantage is that this coffee contains a large amount of caffeine. Favorite drink is prepared a half to two minutes, which is associated with less power and pressure than in pump models.

How to choose

When choosing a carob machine it is necessary to pay attention to its characteristics:

  • Number of horns - in such an aggregate, there may be one or several horns. Inexpensive machines that are sold in a large assortment are mainly equipped with one horn, with the help of which you can prepare a maximum of three servings of coffee.
  • Material of making horns - it is better to buy coffee machines with stainless horns. In general, the filter includes a filter from a similar material. Note that due to the filter, foam is obtained when preparing espresso. The metal horn heats up faster than the plastic horn, so the drink acquires a rich flavor and blocks the appearance of sourness.
  • The size of the reservoir for the liquid - carob coffee machines are able to contain, liters. And also it is necessary to choose a device with a change of the liquid bowl, which will make it easy to care for, and the coffee machine will be kept clean.
  • Cappuccino Cooking - When buying a coffee maker, you need to purchase a machine with a cappuccino. Even if you are not a fan of this drink, it is still better to make your choice with the benefit of devices with the option of cooking cappuccino, so that in the future not to spend additional money on new acquisition.
  • Using chalds - pods are portions of coffee roasted according to the rules of various degrees of grinding for a single use. Advantages of the pods, ease of care of the coffee machine, coffee preparation requires minimal labor.
  • Additional options.

Additional functions

Coenzes carob type may have additional options:

  1. An indicator that indicates the presence or absence of liquid.
  2. Presence of protection against overheating.
  3. Additional pump, with which you can cook just two kinds of coffee, which is good for a family where people prefer a different kind of this fragrant drink.
  4. A button that will stop cooking coffee if necessary.
  5. The option of automatic heating is necessary when coffee is prepared in advance.
  6. Heated cups - this function is quite rare and it is equipped with expensive models of coffee machines. Note that this option can be replaced by a microwave oven.


Today, different manufacturers offer their models of carob coffee machines, which can be selected by brand, function and price category. In this review, we tried to help you answer the question of how to choose a carob maker. We hope that we succeeded, and you will be able to make the right choice.

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