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customers reviews Just a few years ago, many of us could not even imagine that you could entrust the cleaning of an apartment to a real robot. Today the animated picture from a science fiction film is a reality for many houses. In order not to be unfounded, we have compiled for you the ranking of the best robot vacuum cleaners for the house in 2017-2018 years. It is likely that after studying it, a high-quality self-propelled vacuum cleaner for your home will appear in your apartment in the near future.

The reviews of buyers who have already tried this miracle of modern technology helped us to compile the rating of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

If the choice of an ordinary room cleaning unit is a serious problem for many, the acquisition of a robot vacuum cleaner is a dead end. The fact is that this branch of the household industry has not yet been thoroughly mastered. Therefore, the price of some devices does not correspond to their quality. To buy the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home or office, carefully read this article.

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What to look for when choosing

To understand which robot vacuum cleaner is better, you should pay attention to three parameters:

  • quality cleaning elements - they should not get too fast;
  • maneuverability and independence - the unit, designed to work without the participation of the owner, should be able to independently circumvent all barriers and make a "house map" in order to navigate freely in space;
  • environmental friendliness and the level of noise emitted by the device at the time of work.

A good robot vacuum cleaner should comply with all these qualities. The rating of 2017-2018, which we have compiled for you, includes only models of well-known manufacturers.

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Rating of robot vacuum cleaners 2018

10. Clever &Clean AQUA-Series 01

The Aqua Series – 01 vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer Clever takes the bottom, but no less honorable step of our rating. Clean.

The average price of this model is approximately $ 280.

Its distinguishing feature is the possibility of cleaning in the mode of both dry and wet cleaning. In the first version, you can clean the low-pile carpet from dirt, and in the second, the robot will perform the function of a floor polisher. To do this, you have to install a removable panel with a self-moisturizing cloth. Also the design of the device provides for the presence of a lamp with ultraviolet light. Thus, the owner can not only clean, but also disinfect the room. This is very important when there are children in the house.

In addition, this vacuum cleaner can be programmed not only by work hours, but also by day of the week.


  • 6 cleaning modes;
  • three movement options( zigzag, spirally, along flat surfaces);
  • replaceable fine filter;
  • spare side brush set;
  • remote control;
  • the possibility of disinfecting the premises;
  • versatility cleaning types.


  • sometimes gets stuck in one place;
  • works erratically;
  • does not have a virtual wall.

9. Foxcleaner UP

If the price is crucial for you and you are not ready to spend more than $ 150–160 on this miracle of home appliances, the best choice is Foxcleaner UP.In our ranking "The Best Robots Vacuum Cleaners 2018" he is ranked ninth. Nevertheless, among the low-budget models, he definitely can take one of the prizes. Reviews of this model are the most positive.


  • compact size;
  • very thin( flat) case;
  • very high performance;
  • attractive design.


  • for such a price - not detected.

8. E.ziclean Tornado

A slightly higher score goes to the e.ziclean Tornado vacuum cleaner. The average price of such a unit is 390 conventional units. But he has more functions than his predecessor. First of all, this model involves two types of cleaning:

  • thorough;
  • daily.

Also, the vacuum cleaner has a built-in touch panel, on which you can set the following indicators:

  • mode;
  • days of the week for which the device will work;
  • cleaning hours.

The advantages include the presence of a “virtual wall”, which will prevent the device from colliding with the furniture.

7.iLIFE V7s Pro

And here is another robot vacuum cleaner, the price of which is not amazing. The quality of this can only be envied. The cost of such a unit is about $ 200.

The model has a double V-shaped brush that will help cope with animal hair and the smallest crumbs. During rotation, the brush can cope even with dried spots on the carpet. The container for dry cleaning is equipped with two cleaning filters that will not let through a single speck of dust. The owners of the robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7S PRO note in their reviews that it perfectly copes with wet cleaning on linoleum and laminate.

  • modern battery can work without recharging for quite some time;
  • equipped with a remote control;
  • beeps if you forget to insert the container;
  • quietly cleans under cabinets and in hard to reach places;
  • automatically corrects the trajectory.
  • automatic timer work.


  • can get tangled in wires;
  • insufficiently damp rag when mopping.

In general, the reviews on this model are very positive.

6. Samsung POWERbot( VR20H9050UW)

The sixth position in the ranking is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners of this type. This is a powerbot from the Samsung brand. This unit received only the most positive feedback from consumers. The vacuum cleaner – robot is equipped with large, stable wheels that allow it to move freely throughout the house. No threshold or edge of the carpet can prevent it from working. In the networks of wires scattered on the floor, he also does not get confused and does not turn over.


  • clean and fast;
  • extensive management capabilities;
  • presence of a laser pointer;
  • perfectly cleans the corners of rooms;
  • interesting design;
  • the ability to set the "quiet" mode.


  • thickness;
  • has a blind area for furniture with low legs;
  • the ability to set the timer for only one day;
  • rather big price - about $ 885.

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TOP 5 best vacuum cleaning robots according to customer reviews

Only those vacuum cleaning robots that collected the largest number of positive customer reviews and had virtually no negative reviews ranked the top 5 models.

5. Neato Botvac D – 85

So we got to the middle of our list. These positions are given to the cleaning robot, excellent in all respects, except for the cost. For example, the price of this model fluctuates around $ 685, which you will agree a lot.

However, if you carefully review customer reviews, it can be noted that the purchase is worth it.

Neato Botvac D – 85 is a popular technique developed by an American company( assembled in China).By quality, these cleaning robots are considered to be among the most effective among their own kind. Even among the more expensive models, not many are able to boast of such speed and cleanliness of cleaning.


  • duration of work without recharging;
  • cleaning speed;
  • excellent navigation;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • additional filter equipped with a protective grid;
  • modern Li-ion battery;
  • function "2 passes";
  • trendy design.

Negative sides:

  • price too high;
  • is a fairly high noise level, about 63 dB;
  • in the control menu there is no support for the Russian language.

4. Panda "X500 Pet Series"

The undisputed leader of popularity in the middle price category is the vacuum cleaner "X500 Pet Series", from the company Panda. Its price is quite affordable for the average buyer and amounts to about $ 245.Customer reviews about him the most positive.

"X500 Pet Series" is designed for dry cleaning. He does not know how to build a room map, but he cleans the apartment effectively. To do this, use the program change.


  • the presence of a fine filter;
  • buzz buzzer function;
  • infrared sensors - prevent falling from a height, for example, from a ladder;
  • program "Quick Cleaning";
  • garbage bin full alarm;
  • about 2 hours of independent work;
  • pollution detection sensor.


  • presence of touch buttons on the top control panel( children and animals love messing with them).

But still the top three are the more expensive models of 2018.

3. Neato Botvac Connected

The Neato Botvac Connected receives the honorary "bronze".Despite the relatively high cost - about $ 980 - its price is consistent with the quality. This robot cleaner can be called one of the most intelligent and functional devices designed for dry cleaning at home. Such a device is perfect for those who have pets or suffer from allergies.


  • built-in Wi-Fi;
  • remote control system using a mobile application;
  • high-capacity battery;
  • set of various brushes;
  • HEPA filter;
  • system "Laser Smart" - a vacuum cleaner is able to build maps and routes;
  • ergonomic body shape - provides high-quality cleaning in corners and other hard-to-reach places.


  • price, feasible, not every buyer.

2. iRobot "Roomba – 980"

Another model for the price is not too cheap, which gets the silver of our rating - "Roomba – 980".This model of the TOP – ruler AyRobot is able to independently designate its location and build a detailed map of the room. These features significantly improve the quality of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has the function of automatic recharging. If there is not enough energy to work, Roomba 980 will find the base itself, recharge it and continue cleaning.

This ultra-modern robot vacuum cleaner has a set of supersensitive sensors with which it is able to independently recognize the type of contaminated surface. Depending on this, the suction power is automatically changed.


  • Smart control;
  • infrared sensors - protection against falling and coup;
  • HEPA filter;
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance;
  • selectable mode of operation;
  • remarkable quality of cleaning.


  • quite a high price.

1. iClebo Arte

Well, finally, the well-deserved “gold” of our charts is the South Korean robot cleaner iClebo Arte Carbon. This little home assistant will sneak into all, even very hard-to-reach places, polish the baseboards to brilliance, clean the tiles far under the bathroom and clean the space under the radiators. According to customer reviews, this is the best robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning in 2017.

Even a fairly affordable price will not interfere with the quality of cleaning. In different retail outlets, this model costs from 500 to 560 dollars. On the one hand, this, of course, quite a lot. On the other hand, the price is much lower than that of similar models from other manufacturers. Why is he so good?


  • high-quality Li-Ion battery, capable of providing autonomous operation for up to 3 hours;
  • has a short charging time, the vacuum cleaner completely “recuperates” in just 90 minutes, after which it can continue to work independently;
  • low noise - only 55 dB( for comparison, the "loud" whisper - about 45 dB);
  • light weight - about 3 kg;
  • extensive set of nozzles, including for wet cleaning;
  • electrical brushes;
  • remote control;
  • validity of setting the timer;
  • capacious dust collector;
  • calculation of time for processing a specific area;
  • different ways to move: along the wall, zigzag and spiral.


  • no ultraviolet lamp;
  • cleaning schedule can be set only for the next day.

As you can see, our ranking of the best robotic vacuum cleaners for the house in 2017-2018 includes a wide variety of models for every taste and budget. We hope that this article will help you make the right choice. And you can choose the best robot vacuum cleaner that is right for you.

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