How to choose a 220V voltage stabilizer

voltage regulators have not lost relevance. Especially it concerns the use of devices for three-phase AC. If a typical water heater is designed to operate in any environment, just being ready boiled water will leave aside, industrial equipment often breaks down phase loss. Engine failure, and the rare person wants to buy a new refrigerator or air conditioner. As for single-phase equipment, the passport of the majority of products stipulates the conditions under which equipment is still running. Possible to estimate in advance how to choose the voltage stabilizer 220. Household equipment while reducing the network settings below the slats simply stops.

Electromechanical stabilizers AC

Stabilizers electromechanical

Stabilizers electromechanical

Refrigerators Minsk simply arise, if the voltage drops below the nominal value. This is true in the garage at the cottage, where in the network parameters should not be too strict, which are often used welding machines and other powerful consumers. Only in the school course of physics the voltage in a parallel circuit remains constant. In fact, the source of power is limited, and if the neighbor decided to use welding, not enough at all. Hence, flicker bulbs lighting. Jumping voltage, and a single spiral. For this reason, a different power is allocated, which is much visually. The spiral has a large inductive resistance (not burned at startup) but in practice the light power flux density directly follows the value of the network voltage.

If the three-phase voltage regulator is considered operational needs, preventing them from equipment failure, at home we have to use these devices in areas where the network is not responding standards. Typical stabilizer ac illustrate an example electromechanical species of said devices:

  1. At the entrance stands an indispensable filter. The most common butterfly, grounded not every owner is rich.
  2. Heart electromechanical voltage regulator 220 is considered to be a transformer. Unlike Resanta into three phases - hearts within three. Each is responsible for its own phase. A key feature of the transformer referred to the fact: output winding around the ring tipped to shine, there is sliding current collector in the form of graphite brushes. Much more often the two brushes. Connected in parallel and the need to improve the reliability and reduce the heat load on each one separately.
  3. From brushes location dependent output coil length, number of turns and relieves stress. Above the sliding part is provided with a solid heat sink sizes of silumin or similar nature of the material to dissipate heat. Brushes running around in circles, or rather, by sector, depending on the angle of rotation of the shaft. It is driven by an electric motor.
  4. The outlet portion is provided with a filter output voltage.
Scheme AC stabilization

Scheme AC stabilization

To find the angle of rotation brush unit, known measuring circuit, the input voltage is evaluating parameters. Depending on the network behavior of the motor moves the brush in the selected direction. As a result, the output voltage remains approximately constant.

Gladden specifications electromechanical type stabilizers. In terms of stability, it is the market leader. Due to the large number of turns of the movement sector of brushes is possible to achieve excellent performance. The disadvantage of this stabilizer in a relatively high weight, size, too limp. As regards operation, coal is deposited on the conductive portion, deteriorating the conductivity (in a useful way). In addition, spark brush. This is an inevitable defect, eliminate a variety of methods.

The design of electro-mechanical voltage stabilizer 220 is simple. The need for frequent cleaning is determined by the protection circuit. Typically, a transformer is prevented from overheating bimetal sensors. Therefore, when excessive heat dissipation device operating cycle starts rising characterized pauses for cooling. This indicates that it is time to perform maintenance. Remember, adjacent turns of the transformer are insulated from each other. If pulverized coal becomes surplus, the closure is formed, which negatively affect the heat generation, reduce the accuracy of the instrument, accounts for 2% of the nominal.

Discrete voltage stabilizers 220

discrete regulator

discrete regulator

Before present classification, where the stabilizers were divided into groups:

  • Parametric, where no assessment was made of the output voltage. Accuracy is poor.
  • Compensatory had performance evaluation circuit, the output voltage showed greater stability.
  • Combined combines the advantages of adjustability with relative ease.

Today the majority of discrete stabilizers has precision voltage maintenance 8%. It electromechanical below, but the response time is slightly smaller and is 7 ms. In such devices it marked a significant advantage - quietness. The brush is not able to move without sound, this is a big minus if you want to pick up the voltage regulator for the computer.

The essence of such devices in the implementation control mode key element. For example, a power transistor or a thyristor. The term "discrete" is derived from the presence within the digital circuits. It is now a simple and reliable way to implement control schemes, measurement and control. It is known that digital technology is based on digital signals, wherein the true value is replaced edinichki toe and with a small error. Values ​​followed with a small step - sampling interval.

Today is not economically feasible to build such stabilizers other electronic elements. Possible to make and switching voltage regulator. Using the fact that the frequency decreases with increasing mass of the transformer. Said voltage regulators exhibited in commercially available.

What is the voltage stabilizer 220 to choose

Automatic current regulator

Automatic current regulator

We spoke of the theory, now the answer, how to choose the voltage regulator. Solve the issue with the number of phases. Industrial equipment is fundamentally different from home. And though it looks rough, the effectiveness of three-phase motors is much higher. Theoretically it is possible to replace the three-phase voltage stabilizer three-phase, in practice it is easier to just buy what is required.

Three-phase voltage stabilizer standard shows protection against the loss of any phase. This often saves the consumer equipment from damage. Of course, it is permissible to find a three-phase stabilizer with similar functions, but only a single switch off. This will lead to failure of the engine, for example, an air conditioner. Therefore, it is important to first determine the number of phases.

Another important indicator will be the dynamic range of input voltages. It is usually assumed that the installation of the stabilizer is made to deal with dips in voltage. In this regard, the working range is shifted down imbalance values. Most of the stabilizers are not up to Russian realities. For example, the lower limit of voltage is 160V, and the network 90 is present. Trying to turn the wrong equipment is meaningless. When the output value of the allowable limit for the voltage regulator output drops rapidly to zero. Consequently, the devices will not be able to power the voltage. Do not think that it is enough to connect the voltage regulator in the country, and complexity are eliminated automatically. Required to think about increasing the voltage.

The key will be the operating power. Here, everything is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Much of the technology in the home and the industry is equipped with induction motors, reactive power to exercise more. Such the start consume significantly more current than in the operating mode. Unless stated in the specifications 220V voltage stabilizer, it is necessary to take stock of 3-4 times.

It's a lot of money, unnecessary difficulties, not only pleasing to the consumer. If you take the current generator, they provided a short-term increase in load indefinitely, as regards 220V voltage stabilizers, is somehow important point is simply lowered even notorious firms, for example, Resanta.

Not the last role is played by the noise characteristics. Remember the motor within the electromechanical voltage stabilizer 220, a look at the brushes. Details are not silent. We believe that such a voltage regulator for a private home is quite good, if you bring in a separate room, but the effect can not be flat. It is worth paying attention to the readers that the stabilizers noise figure 220V voltage is not advertised. Take for reference: during the night the equipment does not exceed the noise in a residential area 30 dB. This is a small figure.

Output voltage stability traditionally higher in electromechanical voltage regulators 220 that reconciles with disadvantages. Relatively large transformer easily dissipates heat than small key element in the form of a thyristor with a radiator. If we talk more about the choice of voltage stabilizer, it is easy to calculate that the instability will be 17,6V for discrete models. The range of output values ​​within the ranges of 200 - 240V. Most of the home appliances readily admits such deviations often contains its own funds combat such negative moments (for example, see the datasheet refrigerators Atlanta).

Pay attention to the weight and dimensions. It is difficult to connect a voltage regulator if the unit does not fit in the specified space. This is especially true for the interior. However, the difference in mass between different types at other equal power small. Are on average 40% of that at a 4 kg mass was poured into 1.5 kg of weight difference.

In the case of industrial models to connect the present numbering. You just need to combine contacts with the same name. Wiring diagram shown on the instrument casing. Acceptable feed motor of the total number of voltage regulator 220, but it is desirable that motors are not started simultaneously. To not develop inrush currents.

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