How to choose electric egg cooker for home

  • How the egg-pot works
  • Advantages
  • What to look for when choosing
  • Review of the 5 best models

An electric egg cooker is an appliance in which it is possible to cook not only eggs as individual foods, but also dishes from them, for example, an omelet. When buying an egg cooker, the choice can be complicated by a large assortment of these devices, which differ in price and function. Therefore, in this review we will tell you how to choose an egg cooker, and present the rating of the best models.

How the egg-pot works

Such a device is useful to people who stick to the protein diet, because in this device you can cook a large number of egg dishes. Let's take a closer look at the principle of the egg cooker.

The egg works with electricity. The process of cooking eggs is simple. In the container, it is necessary to immerse the tray with raw eggs and pour it with water, using a measuring cup for these purposes. The amount of liquid that is poured depends on the degree of willingness to get the eggs and the number of eggs. Before you place eggs in the tray, you need to pierce them with a special needle that comes with the device. This must be done to avoid cracking in the shell, which may occur due to increased pressure inside the tank.

After that, the lid of the egg should be closed, set the desired mode and start cooking. This process lasts only a few minutes. When the eggs are ready, the device will notify the corresponding signal and turn off.

The device is quite simple. It includes the following components:

  1. Thermal insulation tank with lid.
  2. A tray that can be removed - the number of cells depends on the model of the egg cooker.
  3. Built-in heater.
  4. Control Panel.
  5. Additional functional depending on the model.


The electric egg cooker makes egg preparation easier, but the exact recipe of dishes is observed. Easy to use, complete with detailed instructions that help you understand the rules of operation. Familiarity with the rules of operation will be needed if you have an automatic model with additional functions, for example, the ability to make a glaze.

Advantages of using an electric egg cooker:

  • The shell does not crack.
  • Economical fluid consumption.
  • The finished products correspond to the recipe and the necessary consistency.
  • Automatic cooking process.
  • The protein of the finished egg turns out to be more tender, and the yolk will not be dry, which is achieved through steaming.
  • The end of the cooking process is signaled by a beep.

What to look for when choosing

When buying eggs, experts advise paying attention not only to the cost, design, dimensions, but also to the following characteristics:

Number of cells

Egg holders can be from 1 to 8. At normal use of eggs 3-4 will suffice. People who need protein in large quantities can choose an aggregate that can simultaneously cook 4-8 ​​eggs. If the capacity is 8 eggs, this does not mean that all cells must be filled - you can cook only 1 egg. These products can be of different sizes: chicken and quail. Therefore, it is worth making your choice in favor of large cells, because you can cook small eggs in them.


The standard machine consumes 250-400 watts. Consumed electricity depends on the number of cells, the volume of liquid. But it's worth emphasizing that a device with 8 cells will consume more electricity, regardless of how many eggs it brews.


The following material can be used in the manufacture of the housing:

  1. Plastic is a good material, but sometimes its quality leaves much to be desired. In particular, an unpleasant smell is felt for a long time, and the plastic case often breaks.
  2. Stainless steel - with this case are more expensive, because this material is stronger than plastic. The weight of the device will be rather big, and the appearance - elegant.
  3. Heat-resistant glass - holds the temperature well, but it can break if it falls, so it is necessary to handle it with care.

Control Panel

At simple models control is carried out by means of two buttons: "to include" and "to switch off". Sometimes they have light and sound indicators. More expensive models can "boast" an electronic timer. This functional allows you to cook eggs in various ways.

Auxiliary devices

  • Trays for cooking poached eggs.
  • A grill for steaming, which can be used not only for eggs.
  • Overheating protection - you can hear a special beep at the end of the operation or during the boiling-off of water.
  • Measuring glass with a needle at the bottom for piercing the shell.
  • Pallet for cooking scrambled eggs.

Review of the 5 best models

Manufacturers with a worldwide reputation do not produce such devices. In general, they can be found in little-known brands, but their quality does not deteriorate. Below is the rating of the best eggs.

Bosch TEK-3002

Eggs from the German manufacturer Bosch can be safely bought by a small family. This model allows you to cook at a time not more than 3 eggs. The cover of this unit can serve as a measuring cup.

  1. Power - 280 Watts.
  2. Housing material - plastic.
  3. There is a beep.
  4. If there is a lack of fluid, the device switches off automatically.
  5. Affordable cost.

Siemens TE 12007

This model from the manufacturer from Germany can simultaneously prepare 7 eggs.

  • Power - 350 Watts.
  • Housing material - plastic.
  • Presence of a timer.
  • Indicates the end of work.
  • The kit includes a measuring glass with a needle.
  • There is a compartment for the cord.
  • Acceptable cost.

Profi Cook PC-EK 1084

This model perfectly fits into a large family.

  1. Power - 400 Watts.
  2. Tray for eggs - 8.
  3. It is completed with a measuring glass, forms for an omelette and fried eggs.
  4. There is a power-off option.
  5. Presence of sound and light indicators.
  6. Housing material - stainless steel.
  7. There is a compartment for the cord.
  8. Economical - economical consumption of gas, electricity and water.
  9. Attractive design.

CASO E 7 (2770)

Ovary on the manufacturer CASO can "boast" 13 programs and electronic control panel.

  • Power - 350W.
  • Housing material - stainless steel.
  • The number of eggs is 7.
  • Sound signal.
  • Presence of non-stick coating.
  • Presence of measuring cup.

Clatronic EK 3321

This model allows you to get eggs of the necessary consistency in the shortest possible time.


  1. Power - 400 Watts.
  2. Capacity - 7 eggs.
  3. 3 modes.
  4. Sound notification about the end of work.
  5. Needle for piercing eggs.
  6. Interesting appearance.
  7. Ease of use.

In this article, we talked about such an instrument as the egg-cooker, the principles of its work, its merits and made the rating of the best models, I rely on customer feedback and expert opinion. If you or someone from your family adheres to a protein diet, doing sports, then this device you just need. It will not be necessary to cook eggs for different dishes every day. From now on these functions can be completely shifted to the egg cooker.

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