Smart TV: how to choose the right smart TV

Smart TV: how to choose the right smart TV


Functional modern TVs have long been not limited to one possibility to watch movies. The development of high-tech today is proceeding at a rapid pace, and the wave of innovations covers more and more new industries. Did not pass it by and the sphere of television services, as a result of which several years ago the novelty - Smart TV is gaining popularity. Than such "clever" (after all so "smart" is translated from English) the TV differs from usual? And what to look for, wanting to choose Smart TV? This article is about this.


  • 1What is Smart TV
  • 2The possibilities of smart TVs
  • 3The main criteria for choosing a TV-smart
  • 4Convenience of the interface
  • 5How to connect to the Internet: do I pull the cable?
  • 6Software "stuffing" and expanding the capabilities of Smart TV
  • 7The presence of 3D
  • 8Leading manufacturers

What is Smart TV

The name of the technology with the root "smart" is already familiar to our ear. Many of us already have smartphones and have an excellent idea of ​​how they differ from conventional phones. Firstly, it is a multifunctional "stuffing" of programs, and secondly, the ability to access the Internet, and thirdly, many other useful functions (camera, navigator, video and audio player, etc.)

With television, the situation is similar. Manufacturers do their best to turn it into a computer, giving more interactive and multimedia capabilities to the user.

The idea is not new: in 1997 the first attempts were made to create Smart TV (in its modern form), but then everything was stalled in the absence advanced technology that provides high-speed Internet access for a large number of people (almost all then "logged" into the network through modems).

The possibilities of smart TVs

Deciding to choose such an advanced TV, the user gets the opportunity of direct access to the Internet to search for favorite movies, programs and serials. Thus, the elimination of dependence on the program of TV shows - the first "plus" in the savings box of the advantages of Smart TV. In addition, you can log into your social network account, read news from online newspapers and entertain guests with fun videos from YouTube.


In addition, you will have more free time: now you do not need to be tied to the schedule for the release of the series of your favorite TV series. You can set up the TV in such a way that it kindly records each episode, which you can start viewing with one click of the remote at any convenient time.

It will be possible to install and fully launch computer and console games, the process of which will be more vivid and impressive due to the fact that the smart TV has a much larger screen size than the monitor computer.


Thus, by purchasing only one device, you get the functionality of a number of gadgets.

The main criteria for choosing a TV-smart

Let's go to the main chapter of the article, which will detail each criterion for choosing a modern Smart TV.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the main parameters that each TV has, namely:

  1. The size of the screen (its diagonal). It is selected individually according to the personal preferences of the user and the features of the room where the TV will be installed. Here the basic rule is: the larger the diagonal, the greater the distance between the viewer and the screen.
  2. Display resolution. It is measured in pixels, and the higher it is - the more detailed the picture will be. It is recommended to select a TV with "Full HD" (1080p).
  3. Viewing angles. Should be as close as possible to 180 degrees (in both planes).
  4. Frequency of sweep. This parameter determines the speed of updating the frames. Try to choose a TV with a scan rate of at least 200-400 Hz (frames per second).
  5. Type of matrix: LCD (liquid crystal), LED (with LED illumination), or plasma.
  6. The presence of various connectors (inputs and outputs) for maximum compatibility of the TV with all types of modern devices and signals.

But, since we are trying to choose a TV with Smart TV technology, the basic parameters are not enough, so they need to be expanded.

Convenience of the interface


To gain access to all the benefits of Smart TV, you need to be able to "get" to them. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have an intuitively understandable interface, which everyone can understand. Ask also if the TV supports the Russian-language menu.

Another useful function is voice control. It allows you to get to the desired menu item without much effort, as well as to avoid the difficult input of long Internet search queries. In addition, the TV must have a remote control with an extended keyboard. It is much more convenient to use than its "screen" analog.

How to connect to the Internet: do I pull the cable?

We strongly recommend that you select a TV with Smart TV that can connect to the Internet using Wifi. To do this, you must have a pre-configured router that distributes the wireless network. This version of the connection will save you from the need to lay an Ethernet cable, gray coils of which can hardly be called a decorative decoration of the room. In addition, with wifi the TV will acquire mobility, and it can always be moved to another place. But keep in mind: with a "weak" network, you will have to spend more time downloading "heavy" movies (for example, as a Full HD).

Software "stuffing" and expanding the capabilities of Smart TV


Choosing a smart TV, ask what applications are included in the basic package, and whether it will be possible to install new ones. In addition, find out whether you will need to pay extra for expanding the functionality of the TV, or you can select and install applications for free.

It is the software that the TV has that determines its "smart" capabilities. The browser will allow you to access the Internet, the extension responsible for decrypting voice commands - to create a search query, and Skype will present an opportunity for unlimited communication with friends and relatives. You can also communicate in video mode, but for this purpose, a camera must be installed on the TV (built-in or external, connected to one of the USB ports) and a set of drivers that ensure its correct work.


The Smart TV model you choose should seamlessly cooperate with various electronic devices, whether it's a tablet, a smartphone, an external hard drive or a game console.


The presence of 3D

Unfortunately, modern 3D technologies are far from user expectations, and can not provide a full sense of volume on the TV screen. It does not matter whether the active or passive 3D system has a TV, they are more suitable for the marketing purposes of the manufacturers than for a comfortable viewing. Rollers, which you will show the seller-consultant, created to convince the user of the opposite, motivating him to choose the promoted model. In fact, high-quality 3D video is now extremely small, and the existing ones will rarely be translated into Russian.

But this does not mean that you need to brush off 3D, no. This technology can make a variety in watching movies, giving the audience a new experience. Children are completely delighted when the characters of their favorite cartoons "go" outside the screen. Therefore, the presence of this function in the TV, which you decide to choose, will not be superfluous.

Leading manufacturers

So that you can decide which TV company to choose, let's list the leaders of manufacturers of Smart TV devices with their advantages over the others.

  • Samsung. The "hobby" of the company is the patented "Smart HUB" program, which manages the "smart" functions of the TV. It has the most understandable and accessible interface. In addition, the manufacturer opens for its customers free access to the storage of applications and movies (Samsung Apps).
  • Phillips. They work on Android, which makes it easy (and free) to access services from Google.
  • LG. Use the advanced operating system WebOS (with "open" code), which supports a lot of useful applications, a list that grows every day.
  • Sony provides its client with a convenient search for entertainment content, quick selection of channels, as well as a system "Multitasking you can, without interrupting watching the movie, discuss it with your friends on Skype, or read the biography of the actors in The Internet.

As you can see, modern TV sets are far from their original purpose, and can provide the user with a wide range of additional features and useful functions. You just need to choose a model that supports Smart TV technology, and the rest is already taken care of by the manufacturers.

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