Best Juicer

Consider what kind of equipment suitable for the specific case more than others. Today Family plan with children, students, athletes, fans of fresh drinks. We choose the best juicer for the particular case of the above.

Family with small children

Juicer increased productivity always rotor why such a model in the home, where not going to make twist?

Let's see what can rotary cheap juicer:

  1. Squeeze the juice from the loss of a good half of vitamins and enzymes.
  2. Noise, alerting the neighbors of the impending juice.
  3. Splashing a drink ready, trying to spit out the back fruit, carefully put inside.
  4. Clean much longer than other models.
  5. As a rule, it works in short-time, or just burn the motor.
  6. Spin ratio below shows other models.
  7. It gives juice, with a drink in front of stratified unpleasant to drink. The glass gets a lot of pulp.
  8. Rotary juicer is dangerous, especially in the absence of protection against inclusion in disassembled form.

Juicer increased productivity

Economical family with children, please note that the spin rate of the rotor model is low, spend more for raw materials than to benefit. In this case, the acoustic noise compared with the spin loud washing machine. Hear the neighbors, the children who wake up in a flash. Juicer for children provides quiet. Peace in the home is more important. It is much better to buy a special attachment to a food processor or juicer screw type such as Vitek 1602 G.

Purchase will cost 4000 rubles, as opposed to a juicer SynBio for 1000 rubles, but it will save from the explanations with the neighbors, children crying, poor exfoliating juice, quietly. Delivery in regions little affected by the cost, resulting in a unit cost increase, for example, 500 rubles, the difference is not to be 4 times, and only 3 between expensive and cheap juicer.

To prepare the sauce, as an option, consider the purchase of hand-mills from Moulinex, costs 500 rubles, and knows how to deal. Virtually no noise. The device is called M3000302, to purchase may call the counselor on the phone company. No toll-free number, but in the online shop of the company is present Order callback option.

According to the author's data indicated a chopper for cheese and chocolate can chop and cut into cubes, will be faithful assistant in the preparation of salad. Put on a special nozzle, the consumer appears lemon-squeezer. More details about the design your dealer.

The device is relatively safe, allowed to ask older children to prepare a meal for the younger, that will create the right atmosphere of mutual assistance in the home. The device is fully manual, produces little noise.

If the home grinder Zelmer, buy a nozzle in the form of an auger juicer succeed for 1000 rubles. Much better (rather than gives Rotary juicer) juice and puree less expensive than buying a centrifuge, with the details will take up less space in the house, than the whole rotary squeezer.

Even with limited finances is easy to find savings without losing the quality and winning.


Students and athletes

This contingent constantly hurrying people. First because of his youth and training schedules, the latter due to the hard mode, leaves no room long procedure of cooking. Juicer with self-cleaning rotary SynBio become a true gift. Cheaper not find cooks quickly. If the hostel pocket - not sorry. destruction of vitamins is not much scare athletes taking special drugs of trace elements and vitamins separately.

Students and athletes often live in places where there are no small children, the noise of the rotor juicer nobody wake. If banana, turned into a puree, try to exfoliate, this little thrill specified contingent of people to consume the juice immediately after cooking food.

Rotary juicer would be useful to the ordinary family, which does not pursue a couple of enzymes, certainly destroyed centrifuge. If you do not take care fanatically about the ideal diet, we do not see the big deal if a couple of apples to turn into a vitamin drink that raises appetite and pleasing taste. The juice will be useful purchased, escaped heat treatment. Consider rotary juicer as a budget option.

Juicer for athletes

If you are found the money, take it without hesitation Vitek VT - 1602. This is a good unit with intermittent operation. 15 minutes get juice for the family while we eat, the device is resting. Then allowed to fill in the screw liter of water, if there is a plug for cocktails need to close. Turn on the device, the unit is cleaned by yourself. The convenience is obvious, unlike rotary juicers that have to parse for bathing. The cost of 4000 rubles.

Raw foodists

Vegans eat only raw foods in the diet followers no meat and other delicacies. For adherents is important to use the dish to air oxidation and the loss of important qualities. Juicer Fréchet should work according to the method of cold pressing. These two families today:

  • Single screw juicer (a screw).
  • Twin screw juicer.

Both varieties after crushing the fruit pulp is pressed, slowly squeezing the juice. processing speed of a smaller rotor, but the extraction rate will appreciate. Displacement juice per unit of time of a similar, what comes out of the centrifuge. Tangible savings on the products will save finances.

If the spin rate of the rotor juicers close to 55%, in the screw is 85% or more, depending on the product hardware features. Single screw juicer - horizontal and vertical type. The latter resembles a meat grinder. Nuances lie in nozzle design, where the pressure screw and pressed juice is discharged into a collection vessel.

Auger juicer for raw foodists

Vertical models are arranged in a curious way. Inside the cylindrical chamber there is a grid of smaller diameter stainless steel cylindrical shape. On the axis of the screw is installed, the plastic part with a helical thread, shaped like a pear. Gradually extending downward, rotating, screw squeezes the juice of steel mesh wall. The finished product is seeping through the holes and obegatelem going to drain the neck, under which substitute capacity.

Twin screw juicer much like fellow with a single screw, horizontal type. In these two articles of the thread of the screws are included in one another, because the two are pressed tightly. Held from all sides spiral casing, rotating, ground, and squeeze the fruit. Excess cake comes out of the front of the "meat grinder." Models indicate the highest extraction rate.

Auger juicer gently squeeze the fruit, it is a major advantage. For those who want to get the most out of food, it is strongly recommended to spend 15 - 35 thousand rubles for the auger juicer with one or two screws.

Cottagers and gardeners

Cottagers gardeners and useful rotary type high juicer, domestic, costing in the range of 4000 rubles. The differences lie in the operating conditions due to the design, processing speed and spin rate. For models with a conical centrifuge higher performance, but big wet cake go in the basket. Juice, then get smaller.

Waste rotary juicers better to recycle an additional method. For example, take the hand-press performance, or auger juicer with good performance. The result is a larger quantity of beverage.

Now the reader knows that there is the best juicer for all occasions. However, for the specific situation will be able to pick up the device.

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