Juicer professional for apples

Professional purpose is understood as a number of established qualities: unpretentiousness, performance, durability, good design. When we say that the device is unpretentious, it means that it will survive where ordinary models fail. For example, professional video cameras can be used in the rain, in the desert, in conditions of shaking and vibrations. When we say that the camera has good performance, it means that the pictures are of high quality, despite the surrounding noise. For example, for the best Nikon products, the focus is rebuilt with a slight delay, if a pole located nearby the lens is caught in the path of the viewfinder, without paying attention, continues to shoot a distant object( an amateur soap box would give a colorful image of the post).When we say that the device is durable, it means that its body is able to withstand a lot of shocks. For example, guru photographers drop appliances and use after what happened for years. When we say that a juicer professional for apples shows great design, it means that it will fit into any interior without any excesses and without exaggeration.

Professional Santos Juicers

Long experience and know-how of

Despite the name that claims the Spanish origin of the brand, Santos is a French company with 60 years of history. Since 1954, the company, organized by Andre Fuke, has been manufacturing household appliances: coffee grinders and cheese graters( meaning equipment, not a manual flat grater).Immediately noticeable how any professional Santos juicer works quietly, the company claims that this is due to its own know-how in the production of motors. The engine provides reliability and durability of household appliances.

For many years, Santos has been engaged in innovation. The designers are located at the headquarters in Lyon( two hours from Paris or Geneva by train).The company is engaged in equipment for food processing:

  1. Preparation of beverages.
  2. Grinding coffee.
  3. Other operations related to cooking.

Professional Santos juicers meet the standards of the buyer countries, are produced in accordance with the requirements of the power networks of different countries.100 countries use the company's products, it is permissible to speak about an international scale. Santos often takes part in exhibitions and works directly with the end user: bars, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias, catering establishments.

Excellent service

An additional reason to choose Santos is considered to be a curious fact: there is a spare part in stock for any equipment produced over the years. This means that:

  • The operation of professional juicers lasts for decades.
  • In stock there is always the necessary spare part.

This is extremely important, do not be afraid to buy professional juicers from the point of view that in a couple of years it will be impossible to find a failed component. The products are manufactured in Europe( in France), the plants are loaded to capacity, the fact allows the company to flexibly ship equipment to the consumer. In the warehouses there are always juicers, get the desired customer relatively quickly.

The appropriate choice for public institutions.

Design is worked out in special 3D software applications, published in advance for users. Notice, Santos electric professional juicer stands on a smooth table without any visible effort, which is not typical for high-power appliances, some are completely screwed to the floor! When you turn on you can not hear the howls, even when it begins to process products. This indicates a good fit and alignment of parts, hints at a low level of vibrations, which is unusual for products with power obviously over 1000 watts.

Most professional bar juicers are made so as not to disturb the ears or eyes of visitors. It turns out that light music can muffle the sound of the equipment, as demonstrated in the Santos commercial No. 50.The viewer will make sure that a light noise is heard only when the product is pressed inside. Until that moment, the impression is turned off equipment. And it is impossible to say that the music in the video sounded loud or belonged to alternative currents like rock or metal. The usual low-key melody characteristic of any restaurant.

Santos professional juicers demonstrated are rotary with a conical mesh. The centrifuge is not just planted on the shaft, in addition special triangular teeth arranged in a circle, clings to a special gear. Whether the engine with an external rotor is applied inside, we don’t argue, it seems that this gearing gives the juicers an incredible power in operation.

Look, an eccentric girl promoting Santos No. 58, after testing a carrot on the device, decided to squeeze the grapes. Through a wide neck thrown inside the brush straight with sprigs. The device joyfully buzzed and gave juice at the outlet.

We are pleased to see how a professional juicer coped with the pulp and skin. Carrots and beets were completely without complaints from the centrifuge.

The foregoing concludes that Santos professional juicers are suitable for squeezing most juices in catering establishments. Summer residents are more suitable model from Vladimir from Togliatti. Contact phone is listed in the video on YouTube, it is reported that each professional apple juicer undergoes pre-sale training, eliminating known design defects. At the authors of the review words have caused confidence. If you want to squeeze the juice from grass, leaves, roots and other food, processed in phytobars, a screw auger professional will be better suited.

Angel Twin-Professional Professional Juicers

It is not clear where the strange name came from, the exterior design using an abundance of steel does not resemble a heavenly creature. The body of the product does not bear sharp corners, the risk of hitting and getting injured while working is minimal. This is not so important at home, but in the conditions of the bar shows a crucial role.

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of the device, the manufacturers of the roller decided to pass the cake of the exhaust rotary juicer through the inside of the Angel.60% of the waste turned into normal juice( devoid of some vitamins and enzymes, as the cake passed through a centrifuge).Such a juicer for apples is able to work even on the bones and skin and still produce a sensible result.

Phytobar owners say that the number described above will not work. Visitors come to places for vitamins, a scandal is likely. We add that in the commercials of the rotary juicers juice turned out muddy. Whether it was going to exfoliate, it was not clear on the video, the camera was moved, only the first signs of an undesirable process began. Owners of simple cafes should pay close attention to the tandem of rotary and twin screw juicers. The main thing is not to show the process of making juice, the quality of the augers will come out no worse than a centrifuge, a formal violation of technology is not expected. For more information, consult Rospotrebnadzor.

Results of

At the beginning, they cited the key features of professional juicers. Now the reader will decide for himself what kind of device is in front of him, having watched the commercial or having familiarized himself with the device on the store counter. Equipment from Togliatti is classified as a semi-professional juicer, appearance and ergonomics leave much to be desired. Harder to maintain and sanitary conditions. However, for small juice factories, the presented equipment is suitable, only the final product reaches the users. In bars and restaurants, where the work of a professional juicer can become a fascinating show, like juggling bottles with a seasoned bartender.

Russian videos give a classification by power, but we consider the sign to be secondary. The main thing is that the equipment performs the assigned functions. Just in this context, there is a factor of efficiency.

If a professional citrus juicer is required, take a look at APPOLLO Con Eco Leva. The device is also suitable for any bar. The main thing - wash hands more often.

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