F29 error in Bosch washing machine

What if Bosch does not have water in the washing machine and the system does not fill it? At the same time, the fault code F29 is illuminated, which means: water does not pass through the flow sensor.

We need to look for and diagnose the problem. Sometimes the fault code F 29 can be eliminated by hand, without recourse to repair.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and ways of elimination of breakage
    • 1.1Invalid installation
    • 1.2Absence of pressure
    • 1.3The door is not closed properly
    • 1.4Filter clogging
  • 2Repair by own hands
    • 2.1Inlet valve
    • 2.2Flow sensor and water pressure sensor
    • 2.3Control block

Causes and ways of elimination of breakage

After starting the Bosch washing machine, you do not hear the characteristic sound of the water set, or it comes too slowly.

Before you open the stylalk and disassemble the parts, try to remove the error 29 like this:

Invalid installation

Check that the water hose is correctly connected to the Bosch SM. Are there any kinks and kinks, is the hose correctly positioned relative to the tank (at least 50 cm from the floor).

If the connection is incorrect, the sewer can be drained.

Absence of pressure

Find the reason simply: detach the filler hose and lower it into the sink. If you see that the pressure is too weak, the problem becomes obvious. How to fix the situation:

  1. Rotate the inlet valve, it may be blocked or not fully open.
  2. Wait until there is pressure.
  3. Call the plumber to solve the problem.

The door is not closed properly

Press the door of the hatch more tightly until it clicks. While the door does not fully lock, Boska Stiralka will not start the washing program.

Inspect the door handle, the latch state. Over time, the tongue-latch breaks or moves, which prevents it from getting into the hole in the lock. You need to install it in place.

In addition, inspect the side hinges in case of a skewed hatch.

The door may not be closed due to a breakdown of the UBL. The locking device closes the hatch at the electronic level, and then signals the module about the possibility of starting the washing. Check UBL can be using a tester.


Filter clogging

A dense mesh filter is located between the inlet valve and the filler hose. When garbage and impurities get into it, it can be clogged.

Disconnect the hose, remove the mesh and remove the pliers with a pair of pliers.

After installation, run the Bosch stirrer. If it still shows Fault code F29 on the display, it means that the error could not be reset.

Repair by own hands

You tried to solve the problem, but nothing happened. How to troubleshoot and remove error F29?

You will need repair or replacement parts.

Inlet valve

If it fails, the water will not be poured into the tank. You need to check the valve for service, which means disassembly of the upper part of the SM Bosch.

By removing the top panel, you will see the valve. It is necessary to measure the resistance of its coil by a tester. If the coil is faulty, it can be replaced.

However, a full valve replacement is recommended - for normal operation of the AGR and elimination of the error.

Flow sensor and water pressure sensor

If the pressure switch breaks (pressure switch), error F29 can also be displayed.

First of all, you need to check the pressostat tube for blockage. The device is also located at the top of the Bosch machine, so you do not need to further disassemble it. Disconnect the tube from the sensor and rinse under the tap. Now check the pressure switch.

In case of malfunction repair is not possible, install a new part.

Additionally, check the water supply sensor, which could be damaged. As a result of a malfunction of the device, the module does not receive a signal about the amount of water collected, so the system gives an error F29.

Control block

Repair of the electronic unit is a complicated matter. In most cases, it's easier to replace the entire device. However, before replacing, be sure to check the module for serviceability. To do this, ring all the elements of the board with a multimeter.

Remember, always disconnect your Bosch washing machine from the mains and communications before starting work.

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