Error codes washing machine Candy

Error code Display ( the number of flashes of the light bulb after a pause) What do you mean Causes of occurrence of How to fix the crash
E01 When an error occurs, E01 flashes once. The hatch door is not tightly closed.
  • The wiring between the electronic module and the sunroof blocker( UBL) has been broken.
  • Breakdown UBL.
  1. Check wiring, repair damaged areas.
  2. Check door lock. Install a new one with a malfunction.
E02 If the CM shows an error E02, the indicator flashes 2 times. There is no water in the tank. During the allotted time, the water has not reached the minimum level. . Why the code is on the board:
  • . Drain system clogged.
  • Breakdown of the pressure sensor.
How to remove the error:
  1. Clean the water intake hose and the mesh filter from debris.
  2. Check inlet valve for proper operation.
  3. Check pressostat tube. Change the level sensor and its tube in case of failure.
E03 The indicator blinks 3 times. Candy washing machine highlighted code E03, which means that the water does not drain. What happened:
  • The contact of the drain pump and control board is broken.
  • Pressure sensor defective.
  • A blockage has formed in the drain system.
To solve the problem:
  1. Examine wires, tighten connections.
  2. The drain filter, pipe and pump are checked and cleaned from clogging. In case of breakage, serviceable elements are installed.
E04 The light bulb blinks 4 times. Water level in CM tank exceeded. The reason why the CMA issues an E04 error is a malfunction of the valve control triac or the intake valve itself. In order to reset the error, you need:
  1. Check the performance of the intake valve. Change item in case of failure.
  2. Check the control triac on the electronic board.
E05 With code E05, the light flashes 5( 16) times. Water heating problems. What happened:
  1. Heater heater failed( TEN).
  2. Thermostat thermostat broken.
  3. Wiring problem.
  4. The motor responsible for the program selector is faulty.
What to do:
  1. Replace the heating element.
  2. Test thermistor with a multimeter. Change when malfunction.
  3. Repair or replace the selector motor.
  4. Isolate damaged wiring.
E06 The light bulb blinks 6 times. Non-volatile EEPROM memory failure. Change the main unit.
E07 The indicator blinks 7( 17) times. The MCA motor does not work correctly. After three attempts to reboot, the system displays the code E07. Defective motor tachometer. Tachometer winding resistance tested.
E09 The light bulb blinks 9 times. Error of the washing machine electric motor. The control module or the motor triac failed. Checking, repairing or replacing the electronic unit.
The light bulb blinks 12-13 times. Problems in the wiring module. Check connections, contacts, change wiring.
The light is constantly on, or blinks 14-15 times. Faulty electronic unit.
Blinks 18 times. Voltage problems. Network problems. Voltage too high or low for proper operation of the CM. Wait for the voltage to return to normal, or call an electrician.

The Candy washer is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. CM with electronic control shows the error code on the display, notifying the user about the occurrence of a breakdown. On Kandy washers with electromechanical control without a display, the indicators light up to indicate a problem.

We will understand what the trouble codes mean, what to do when they appear, how to fix the situation.

Table of errors CM Candy: meaning, causes, troubleshooting

After examining the value of errors and their solutions, you can start repairing a Kandy washing machine.

If there is a problem with the network or the control module, it is recommended to call the wizard and not try to reset the errors yourself.

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