F22 error in the Bosch washing machine

When the display shows the error F 22, the washing machine stops working and responds to commands. During washing the machine does not heat the water.

What does the F22 error code on the Bosch washing machine display mean and how do I fix it? In this article we will deal with the causes of failure, we list effective solutions.

The Bosch SM models without a screen indicate a problem by glowing( flashing) 1000, 800 and 600 rpm light bulbs.

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  • 1 How to fix the error yourself: simple ways
  • 2 What should I do to repair the machine with my own hands
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    • 2.2 Thermostat( temperature sensor)
    • 2.3 Level sensor

How to fix the error yourself: simple ways

To fix the situation, you need to find the cause of the breakdown. When the Bosch washing machine stops heating and gives error code 22, you need to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

What external signs may indicate the absence of heating:

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  • 20-30 minutes after the launch of the program, the hatch is still cold.
  • The linen has been washed badly, a musty smell is felt.

Some users determine the absence of heat by the fact that they take cold underwear from the tank. However, this is normal, because rinsing occurs in cold water.

Before you start looking for a problem with the Bosch machine, try the available methods for resetting the F22 error.

  1. Incorrect operation. If you didn’t look at the Bosch CMS manual before using it, you might have chosen the wrong program. For certain types of fabrics provided wash at low temperatures, pay attention to it.
  2. Incorrect connection. With improper installation and location of the hoses there is a constant circulation of water. Washer has no time to heat it. Check the connections and correct the situation.
  3. Lack of electricity. If the Bosch machine does not start at all, check the mains voltage, it may have knocked out the lever on the distribution board.
  4. Electronic controller failure. Sometimes, the system fails, so you can reset the error F22 by rebooting. Unplug the washer plug for 15-20 minutes. If the malfunction code is not displayed after re-starting, then everything is in order.

You tried all the methods, but they did not help. What to do? Continue troubleshooting.

Next, you will find out the most common failures in case of error F 22.

What to do to repair the machine with your own hands

The poor quality of detergents, voltage drops - all this can lead to equipment breakdown.

If the Bosch washing machine heats up the water too slowly or does not heat it at all, the cause of the malfunction may be in the heating element.

Heating Element( Heating Element)

First of all, the circuit of the heating element with the control module is checked. If the contacts are damaged, the heater simply does not receive a signal. Take a multimeter and proceed:

  • Disconnect the machine from the network and communications, remove the back panel.
  • Below you will see the heating element.
  • Inspect its connections at the time of wear.
  • Measure the resistance of the element by connecting the test leads to its contacts.
  • A serviceable heating element will show resistance from 25 to 30 ohms.
  • Disconnect the electrical connectors for replacing the heater.
  • Loosen the central nut.
  • Pull the edges of the element and install a new one. Video will help:

It happens that the performance of the TENA circuit is normal, but when you take it out of the Bosch machine, you see scum. It can also cause heater breakage and lack of heat. If the scale does not scrape, you have to replace the element.

It is recommended to carry out the prevention of scale by special means every three months.

Thermostat( temperature sensor)

A temperature measurement sensor signals the control board to turn the heater on and off. When the thermostat breaks down( which also happens because of scale), the washer can overheat the water or not warm it at all.

Since the sensor is located at the base of the heating element, its replacement is similar: remove the heater and install a new thermostat.

Failed to clear error F22 - move on.

Level Sensor

The pressure switch( level sensor) measures the amount of water in the Bosch washing machine tank. When it is enough, the heating begins. Therefore, be sure to check the pressure switch and its tube.

What this means: remove the top cover, disconnect the level sensor hose, flush it from clogging. If the hose is OK, replace the pressure switch.

The last thing they check is the control board, because the element rarely fails. But if you have already checked all the details, and the F 22 error is on the board, then inspect the module.

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