How to choose elektrorubanok

With electroplane not simple. Arranged instruments are ridiculously alike. Inside there is a commutator motor, a typical number of revolutions per minute amounts to 15,000. Most electroplane provided with a blade width of 82 mm. We talk, how to choose elektrorubanok.

The device elektrorubanka

High collector motor speed allows the cooling coil, therefore the operating mode, without exception, long. Speed ​​is usually not regulated, it is not necessary. The shaft of the engine through the transmission drives the decent cylinder diameter, which is usually bolted four massive knife. When dialing device turns scrapes the underlying surface.

Such is not always required, most electroplane under the heel there is a retractable leg, not giving the blades touch the wood. Knife penetration depth is not too large. On average, a limit is placed in the vicinity of 1 - 3 mm. This is the maximum and the minimum is around zero (usually equal to it). They say, if handled adroitly possible to bring the surface so that it is not necessary to polish.

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Electric planer

Electric planer

The immersion depth is regulated by massive screw on the front of elektrorubanka. A step change in the parameter is 0.1 mm, sufficient for most cases. Changing the depth of immersion elektrorubanka knives carried front half-plane of the steel base. It goes like the elevator up and down, so the angle of inclination varies. This causes a corresponding shift in the mode of operation. Exclusively based on the tip of the planer board and the front part of the heel, is located directly behind the knife. The blade remains alone with wood.

When the exercise caution may recoil when confronted knife elektrorubanka and tight formations like knots. The device is able to skyrocket, which is fraught with the danger of injury. Anticipating events:

  1. Hold elektrorubanok when working with two hands.
  2. Keep smoothly, without jerks, not too fast.
  3. When the blade is significantly begins to jam, sharpen or replace.

Waste fly sideways through a special tube, which is discharged from the blade. Under the reactive jet superfluous quickly flies away. In most electroplane provides the ability to set the direction of discharge. Make sure when buying. Some models allow you to collect waste electroplane building cleaner. Neutral should not be used, is a good chance the motor overheating (jet with warm sawdust from under the motor). The vacuum cleaner is attached to the place of chip output. The inner tube is removed.

The result of processing the wood

The result of processing the wood

Parameters and functions elektrorubanka

Let's start with the knives. There are two types:

  • Sharpening the blades are used repeatedly, gradually building up. When blunting change and set it aside. sharpening device is extremely simple. This frame, which is mounted just two blades at a certain angle. So it manages to maintain the desired degree of sharpness without performing quality control of sharpening. The blades are at a right angle to the edges of the various devices, specifying the correct position. Sharpening may use any abrasive timber, before the procedure is recommended device for a few minutes to soak in cool water. From side to side slowly move the knives until the return erstwhile sharpness.
  • Disposable blades are divided into two types. First, as a grinding, it is made of tool steel and labeled HSS (high speed steel). Iron with carbon impurities are not able to withstand high loads. Applied doping with vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt and tungsten. This provides red hardness steel (withstand high heat from friction). However, the material is inferior in hardness absolute record - tungsten carbide. TCT steel blade with the tip of said gain material incredible abrasion resistance and hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Second only to diamond, and it is on par with corundum. Due to this, steel knives TCT ideal for cutting solid wood. Sharpening for obvious reasons can not be. When tungsten carbide coating crumble, the blade remains throw.
Plane operated network

Plane operated network

Elektrubanki different mounting slots for blades. As a result, the individual is allowed to use any more often - either grinding or disposable. The fact to consider when buying. It is believed that sharpening blades used by professionals, lack nadolshe. Simultaneously, high-speed steel HSS advantageously suitable for soft wood. Decide for yourself. It is better to take elektrorubanok where permissible to put both types of blade. Disposable is easy to learn, they are extremely narrow and grinding respectable size, the difference in the width of up to 5 times.

Try to sharpen the blade disposable possible. The complexity of the technology: for grinding sold special device, as described above, have a disposable fuss yourself. Regarding tungsten carbide at this stage of technology in the home coverage is not restored. Disposable blades for power planners are divided into three types:

  1. Straight blade with no remarkable features.
  2. Wavy used to create the effect of deliberately rough wood processing. Required for decorative purposes.
  3. Direct disposable blade with rounded ends are used on broad surfaces, is significantly greater than the width electroplane processing component 82 mm. Specially treated ends do not leave sharp trace. Surface appearance is incomparably better.

Disposable blades are usually bilateral. When blunt, turn through 180 degrees. After use, the disposable blade is discarded.

Advanced features electroplane

It is time to tell you why power planners so like builders. Anyone who has tried to make a wooden frame, you know - it is extremely difficult to remove a quarter. Let us explain. Quarter window called projection aperture window, which bears against the inside frame. Then all around the perimeter planted on the anchors, insulation works are carried out at the seams. Quarter, as a rule, made of concrete.

Similar structures in the frame set. For example, the glass rests on a quarter and nailed shtapikami, the flap rests on the fourth, closing, and pressed the latch. Etc. Separate power planners allow you to make a quarter. Because of this design feature is a bit limited. Let us explain: like the ears on either side of the blade sticking transmission shaft. As a result, the housing is not capable vgryztsya deeply into the wood, is limited by these nodules. Manufacturers electroplane as can raise the protrusions by increasing the diameter of the shaft, thanks to this, it becomes possible to create opportunities for removal window quarters.

The specifications include pictures, such as given in the review. The maximum depth of a quarter of 25 mm. Most electroplane opportunities are much more modest (10 - 15 mm). This is often lacking. It is governed by the height of the fourth special side fence with adjustment screw. In addition elektrorubanok allows chamfer. For this purpose on the front edge of the front half-plane of the sole is present, the keeper notch in the form of V. Chamfering need elektrorubanok slightly tilted forward and drive the edge of the board to lock the corner. Removing Depth layer varies from model to model. On this side is 11 mm.

schematic function

schematic function

Add now that other types electroplane form for a number of notches along the edge. For example, three. Firstly, the depth varies for a particular shape, and secondly, the devices are adapted for the parallel removal of two and three edges, which reduces the number of passes. As a result, time is saved.

Specifications electroplane so attractive that Kulibin actively trying to improve the factory equipment. For example, create a product based on surface gauge or jointer. Sometimes it works, but we are discussing today elektrorubanka choice. Not holding back, say that the producers also not stupid. Included often remark:

  1. A frame for turning elektrorubanka in the planer. The sole facing upwards, as the knife is protected, according to safety, special sliding lid. Dragging the board will be able to align its surface according to the width of the blade.
  2. Jointer is more complex. The frame is made so as to strengthen on the table, and the planer base is located in the vertical plane. Manage safely handle the ends of boards 82 mm in thickness. In most cases, this is enough.

Certain types of electroplane exhibit extremely enhanced. Better to take the one that turns a wave of the hand in a jointer or planer. Add that for the gauge device is placed on the rails of desired thickness on a flat table surface, is pressed against the pair of clamps. The result is a gap of uniform thickness. Dragging rail, attach it evenly throughout the length. With the help of a circular saw is sometimes advantageous to make their own everything you need.

Power is not discussed. instrument parameters are intended only to remain competitive in the market. Much more depends on the weight of the device, sharpness of knives and skilled craftsmen. The heavier elektrorubanok, the easier it is to retain, the body already has a large inertia. If we talk about protection, take elektrorubanok, who is disabled, if the master releases the device. The chance of injury is reduced to almost zero. Think about it: the only movement electroplane, and possibly remain disabled.

As for ergonomics, here readers own preferences. People and the frame for turning elektrorubanka in jointer, planer surface gauge or made his own. We hope the information helped.

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