Review of the best stationary irrigator Revyline RL700

Today the review came to us Irrigator Revyline RL700. I have already reviewed the popular models of irrigators from this manufacturer RL400 and RL 300. In this review I will tell you what is different about the novelty and why this is the best stationary irrigator in the segment up to 5000 rubles.

Advantages of a stationary irrigator

During the last 6 months I used the compact model Revyline RL400. In travel it is an indispensable device for full-fledged oral care. As for home use, there were a few shortcomings:

  • a small reservoir of 240 ml - the water had to be topped up constantly;
  • 4 nozzles, 2 of them are standard.

In comparison with the portable model, the stationary irrigator is a real combine for oral care. I no longer need to monitor the charging of the irrigator, add water. He stands on the shelf and is always ready to work. Ran immediately on the front, the Revyline RL700 is very compact, and now often travels with me instead of portable if the journey is supposed to be long.

If you have problem teeth (crowns, braces, implants) - a stationary irrigator will be a real discovery. Suitable for personal use, and for the whole family. A large selection of nozzles and power adjustment allows you to use the device for your children.

Criteria for the selection of stationary irrigators

When choosing a stationary irrigator, you need to pay attention to several important characteristics:

  1. The volume of the tank - the more, the better.
  2. The jet power - kPa, depends on the compressor power.
  3. Dimensions - cumbersome devices are not convenient to use every day. Hard to transport, take up a lot of space.
  4. The number of nozzles - an average of 4 to 7 nozzles. To buy additional attachments is possible, but not always profitable. It is easier to immediately purchase an irrigator with all the necessary kit. On average, 2 additional attachments cost 500 rubles.
  5. Design - individually.
  6. The flow of the jet is pulsed, mono-jet, microbubble.

Review Revyline RL700

Novelty from the manufacturer Revyline RL700 is an improved version of the RL 300 model. In which the manufacturer improved most of the characteristics, developed a new design, but at the same time kept a democratic price. The difference in price between the RL700 and RL300 is only 500 rubles.


  • The volume of the tank - 1000 ml, is no longer needed.
  • Powerful engine - pressure 140 - 890 kPa, pulse rate 1200 pulses / min.
  • Smooth adjustment of the jet on the handle.
  • Dimensions. With a reservoir volume of 1000 ml., The dimensions are very compact 13 × 15.5 × 21.2 cm. When comparing, pay attention to the dependence of the volume of the tank and dimensions. Competitors offer at the same dimensions the volume of the tank from 500 to 800 ml.
  • 7 attachments in the set: two standard, orthodontic, periodontal, nozzle with bristles for cleaning implants, for cleaning the surface of the tongue. You do not have to buy additional attachments. The manufacturer has included in the complete set all nozzles which can is necessary to the buyer.

  • There is a hydromassage regime for gums.

Design and usability

A separate point worth mentioningdesign- stylish looks, this is the first thing that catches your eye. Since other models that are on the market are more like devices from the "dental office". The same model looks modern, fits perfectly into the design of any bathroom. Design is a matter of taste, I liked the new design.

Comfortable in care. There are no mechanical adjustments and keys, which are primarily dirty. Sensory induction power switches are more convenient and practical in everyday use. The manufacturer has transferred pressure control to the handle, the pressure can now be changed during use.

There is another "chip" in design and ergonomics -reservoir case. Adds compactness to the device when carrying and storing.

In the kit there is a case for attachments - it is convenient to store, the nozzles are not lost.

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