Choose a good slow cooker with the function of the bread machine and knead the dough

  • Pros and cons of the multi-cooker-bread machine
  • How does the multi-cooker with bread machine function work and what can be cooked in itVirtually every multi-cooker has a baking program in its functionality, however, the main difference from a multi-cooker with a bread machine mode is that the device can mix ingredients and maintain the required temperature throughout the baking process, which is necessary for bread. Such a device can completely replace the usual bread maker and save space in the kitchen. The article will describe in more detail the properties and advantages of the multi-cooker with bread maker( 2 in 1), as well as the rating of the best that have attracted buyers.

    Pros and cons of the multicooker-bread maker

    The main and obvious advantage of the multicooker with the bread maker mode is the saving of kitchen space, since one device replaces two. Other benefits include:

    • energy savings;
    • complete with a device there is always a recipe book specifically for this model of multicooker;
    • almost every appliance is additionally equipped with a double boiler and yogurt maker;
    • device itself mixes all the ingredients for the test.

    This multicooker has some minor flaws, for example, users of some models complain of frequent breakdowns of a mechanical dough mixer. And also due to the fact that in most multivarcs, heating takes place only at the bottom and on the sides of the bread is baked without a crust from above. However, if for the future user this is a crucial point, then the problem is solved by purchasing a device with the function of three-dimensional heating.

    How does a multivark with a bread machine function work and what can be cooked in it

    The process of baking bread takes about 4 hours. After cooking, eating bread is not recommended immediately. If you pull it out and let it cool on the grill( so that the bread is not raw at the bottom) the taste will be more saturated and look more resilient.

    For baking, it is best to choose wheat flour, since the dark flour product is not completely baked. However, you can add sunflower seeds to dark flour and then the bread will bake well and the taste will be more pleasant. Even in a slow cooker with a bread maker mode, you can make gluten-free bread, milk and French.

    Recommendations for new users: it is necessary to remove the protective film from the device, otherwise the dough will rise badly and do not need to leave cooked bread in the heating mode for a long time, as it will remain raw from the bottom.

    Rating of the best multivarcs with the function of the

    bread machine. The rating represents the highest quality multicookers with the function of the bread machine for a very different budget. In each of them, the bread turns out delicious, which will replace the full bread machine. Described their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages according to users, so deciding to buy one of them, the buyer just will not be mistaken. It is important to note that the volume of the bowl, which can always be used one liter less than that stated in the specifications, that is, if it is indicated that the volume of the bowl is 4 liters of the multiwheel, it means that only 3 are recommended for cooking in order to prevent the possibility of breakagedevices.

    Polaris PMC 0517AD

    The Multicooker Polaris PMC 0517AD has been selling successfully for 6 years on the kitchen appliances market. She earned such popularity and demand, first of all, because of the reasonable price and rare complaints about the quality of functioning. The multicooker bowl is made of ceramic and has a volume of 5 liters. A set of programs for work is small, but the most necessary. Among the shortcomings, users noted that when cooking for the first time, the multicooker produced an unpleasant odor, so it is recommended to boil water with lemon juice in it before first use and there will be no odor in the future.

    Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW


    Multivark Panasonic SR-TMH18LTW finds a response from customers due to its intuitive interface. The device has a capacity of 650 W and a bowl capacity of 4 liters. Another teflon coating is applied to the bowl. Multicookers have 6 cooking programs( including bread maker), as well as delayed start and timer functions. The device has several minor flaws: the

    • bowl is easy to scratch, so for cooking it is recommended to use only the blades that come with it;
    • bowl absorbs odors that are not washed out, but it does not affect the taste of food;
    • timer can not be used on all programs;
    • preheating always automatically turns on after cooking, which can be harmful for some dishes.


    The multi-cooker with the REDMOND RMC-M4502 bread machine has the 3D heating function, which is an important advantage when baking bread. The power of the device is 800 W, and the volume of the bowl with Teflon coating is 4 liters. The multicooker has 16 modes of operation, as well as possibly manual control of the programs. The main disadvantage of this device is that there is no mechanism for kneading dough.


    Another multicooker from the company REDMOND is similar in characteristics to the previous model of this manufacturer, its power is 800 W, the volume of the thicket is also 4 liters with a teflon coating and is a 3D heating function. The difference is that in this multicooker 17 modes of operation and in the bowl there are handles for removing it from the device. Among the shortcomings, users noted the lack of complete plastic blades and a complex interface.

    Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW

    The Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW multicooker is compact in size so it can fit in any kitchen. The volume of the bowl is 2 liters, the power is 500 W and 5 cooking modes. The main advantages of the model are energy savings and a higher cooking rate than in other multicookers. Among the shortcomings, there is no possibility to turn off the autoheating after cooking and the delayed start function is not available for every program.

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