How to choose the best capsule coffee machine

  • How to use the capsule coffee machine?
  • Criteria for selecting a capsule coffee machine
  • Which manufacturer of capsule coffee machines is better?
  • How to care for a capsule coffee machine?

Capsule type coffee machines appeared relatively recently. But the ease of use and quick preparation of the drink made them very popular. Quality of operation and duration of use depend on the correct choice of apparatus. The invention of coffee machines fundamentally facilitated the process of making coffee, solving the problem with its dosage. For quick drink used capsules for coffee machines. Thanks to these small containers, the taste and aroma of freshly ground beans is preserved to the maximum. One capsule is designed for one serving of drink. Granules are different varieties, you can cook at home as a classic espresso, so delicious, sweet chocolate.

In this article we will explain how to choose a capsule coffee machine, as well as present the rating of the best manufacturers according to customer reviews.

How to use a capsule coffee machine?

Due to its compact size and ease of use, capsule coffee makers are very convenient to use at home, and at the same time people will be minimal in managing the process. Getting an aromatic drink is easy:

  1. Capsules for coffee machines are placed in a special compartment.
  2. The device itself pierces the packaging.
  3. Under high pressure hot water flows to the granules.
  4. A cup of ready-to-drink coffee is poured into the cup.

If for other automatic coffee makers it is required to additionally set the temperature, strength, then for capsule technology this is not necessary. He does everything automatically.

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Criteria for selecting a capsule coffee machine

For a home, it is better to choose a compact capsule coffee machine that can work based on the amount of drink, its varieties and, of course, a small price.

To purchase a reliable unit at an affordable price, you should pay attention to the following characteristics.

  1. Power. The aroma of coffee depends on this indicator. The more power, the sooner the capsule coffee machine will make the drink, the brighter and richer its taste will be. Therefore, in order to get a good product as a result, it is worth buying a coffee machine with a capacity of at least 1200 watts.
  2. Noise level. Capsule coffee makers are virtually silent. You can even make a drink at night. She will not disturb any family member.
  3. Pump Pressure. During the preparation of the drink water passes through the pressed coffee. The higher the pressure of its receipt, the sooner the drink will brew, and, therefore, the bright aroma of the grains will remain. It is believed that good coffee is obtained when the pressure of the pump is at least 15 bar.
  4. Reservoir. The tank is a part of the device, which is often subject to removal and cleaning, so the important factor will be a factor that allows for quick and simple disassembly of the machine. It is better if the capacity is not less than one liter.
  5. Water heating system. As a rule, such a capsule type coffee machine uses a “fuser” water heating system. If the water at home is hard, it is better to buy a car with a filter. This device has a special program for cleaning calcium and salt from liquids. You also need to pay attention to the function that removes scale. Thanks to this possibility, the unit will last longer, as scale leads to the gradual destruction of the heating element.
  6. Process Automation. In some machines, capsules for coffee machines must be put manually, other devices perform such an action automatically. Used - you can also remove or manually, or they are removed by the unit in a special container, and only then it is necessary to pick them up.
  7. Versatility. Some models can brew as a capsule coffee, and the usual ground. Capsules of only one manufacturer used in the units is not always convenient.

You can also purchase a coffee machine for the house with a special nozzle that will foam the milk and add it to the cup.

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Which manufacturer of capsule coffee machines is better?

In our country, there are only four brands involved in the production of capsule coffee machines. If we review the characteristics of Nespresso, DolceGusto, Cremesso, Tassimo, we can conclude that the principle of operation and performance are similar, but each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Capsule coffee machines review NESPRESSO

This Swiss company began producing capsular coffee equipment before others. The products of this brand are of high build quality, concise design, high performance.

Capsules for coffee machines of this brand produce 17 types, but all of them are different types of espresso. In one - 7 grams of ground coffee. One, but rather significant minus, is the relatively high cost of these “sachets”.There are also analogues of this manufacturer, a review of the prices of these "non-branded" coffee capsules allows you to make sure that they are somewhat cheaper.

Capsule type coffee machines CREMESSO

Reviewing the technical characteristics of the brand, it is safe to say that a reliable Swiss company produces high-quality coffee machines for the home and 15 types of capsules for them.11 flavors of coffee( different options from espresso to lungo and macchiato) and 4 types of tea. The pressure of the pump in the devices of this brand is 19 bar, which allows you to prepare a drink on average for 25 seconds.

Capsule Type Coffee Machines Review DOLCE GUSTO

Today they are the most popular capsular coffee makers. An important factor in their demand is relatively affordable price. Capsules for coffee machines of this brand are presented in 20 versions.

Review of capsule coffee machines TASSIMO

These devices are produced by the famous German company Bosch. Differs small price and "smart" bundle. In the process of preparing a drink, the coffee machine reads information from the capsules and independently selects the necessary mode for brewing one or another type of drink.

The pressure is low( 3.3 bar), but the density of coffee in the capsules is also significantly lower than that of other manufacturers. Therefore, the drink turns out good.

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How to care for a capsule coffee machine?

Caring for a car at home is easy. You just need to monitor the cleanliness of the surface, tanks, nodes.

  • elimination of the remains of coffee;
  • wet cleaning of the pallet;
  • cleaning the grate from coffee grounds;
  • flushing water tank;
  • cleaning the capsular compartment.

The use of chemicals is not recommended for cleaning machinery.

Capsule coffee machine today is considered one of the most convenient devices for making coffee. The main thing why coffee lovers stop at them is a delicious and fragrant drink. Also important is the speed of cooking. No need to grind, manually brew, make sure not to run away. You just need to put the capsules for coffee machines in the machine, press the button and that's all - the coffee is ready. But, if you don’t have these capsules at hand or you simply forgot to buy them, then it’s impossible to make a drink.

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