Overview of LG refrigerators: models, specifications, reviews

The LG refrigerator is a top quality assembly and durable work. The latest models are equipped with innovative technologies, convenient and economical. Given the active customer demand, we can assume that this is one of the best refrigerators in the world. Whether such a conclusion is just, we will analyze it in the review.

We suggest that you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of LG technology, compare the characteristics of models from different rulers and get acquainted with the feedback of users.

Logo and slogan LG

Content of the material:

  • 1Where to produce LG equipment
  • 2Features
  • 3Technologies involved
    • 3.1Total No Frost
    • 3.2Multi Air Flow
    • 3.3Moist Balance Crisper
    • 3.4Inverter Compressors
  • 4Types of LG refrigerators
  • 5Models rating
    • 5.1LG GR-H802HEHZ
    • 5.2GA-B409 SMQL
    • 5.3GR-N319 LLB
    • 5.4GC-B207 GVQV
  • 6What do the letters on the label mean?

Where to produce LG equipment

LG Electronics Inc. - a company from South Korea. Her first products were regular toothpaste and a face cream. Today, it is the first Korean company to become one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Also under the brand "Elji" they produce household appliances, including refrigerators.

production capacity LG

The company's priority strategy is the development of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of its products and production.


To learn the technique of LG is easy on the corporate style. Cases tend to have rounded corners. The surface can be matte and glossy. A wide range of colors allows customers to choose from dozens of shades. Some doors are painted in oriental style, which is especially appreciated in Asian countries.

Technique is easy to learn by corporate style

Shelves are cast from tempered glass and are made in the same style and color scheme with the body. Almost all the refrigerators "Alji" are made with a bottom freezer, but sometimes there are modifications and with the top freezer.

There is a spacious two-level freshness zone with separate control. It looks like one big box of plastic and two small ones with a lid and holes for ventilation.

Two-level freshness zone

The design does not find fault - everything is done qualitatively, scrupulously and responsibly. Therefore, the technology has so many advantages in comparison with analogues:

  • class of energy efficiency from A and above;
  • economy;
  • environmental Safety;
  • high-precision control of modes;
  • quiet work;
  • some models have the ability to access the Internet;
  • Operation in the temperature range from -10 to +10 degrees.

It can not be said that technology has no shortcomings, but there are fewer:

  • Marked surfaces requiring thorough care;
  • the actual noise level may differ from the one declared by the manufacturer in the technical passport;
  • not all doors can be outweighed to the other side;
  • cost is above average.

Technologies involved

Like any large corporation, LG has its own research centers, in which they invent, create and test innovative technologies. This makes it possible to produce functional, economical and productive equipment. Also, the constant introduction of new functions allows us to expand the range of products that will satisfy the wishes of any buyer.

Important! In all LG refrigerators the technology of fast freezing (superfreezing) is built in. The freezing products are uniformly blown with air at a temperature of about 0 degrees. All this contributes to the rapid cooling of food or beverages.

Total No Frost

With this system, you can forget about manual defrosting. It is even more convenient than a drip system. Also, the system "No frost" (this is how the translation sounds word for word) does not allow the unpleasant smells in the cameras to spread, blocking the appearance of dampness. This in turn has a beneficial effect on the safety of products.

Uniform distribution of cooled air flows along the compartments allows to keep the temperature at the same values. And the error in temperature deviations is minimal. This protects the walls of the chambers from condensate, which means that mold does not appear, the products are stored many times longer.

Multi Air Flow

This technology is designed to manage the microclimate in the areazones of freshnesstwo-level type. It involves the distribution of air in the offices, so that you can store various types of fruits and other products. The technology increases the shelf life of perishable products at times, while the food retains its taste and attractive appearance.

Multi Air Flow

Moist Balance Crisper

The lid of the box for storing vegetables has a special porous structure that removes condensate from the compartment so that it does not settle on perishable products and does not provoke decay. The condensate is collected inside this surface and gradually evaporates, keeping the humidity in the compartment at the optimum level.

Cover of a box for vegetables Moist Balance Crisper

Inverter Compressors

Inverter compressor (linear) - patented development of engineers of the firm "Elji". Refrigerators with a linear compressor from others are characterized by high efficiency and efficiency. The energy efficiency of such devices is at the A ++ class level.

The compressor of inventory type is installed

Important! The Korean company issues a 10-year warranty on all equipment with linear-type inverter motors. You can not doubt the quality and durability of LG products.

Types of LG refrigerators

The lineup is represented by four main lines of equipment:

  • Models with a freezer on top - a classic, as it is. The hull type recognized by millions of users.
  • Refrigerators with a bottom freezer - a tandem of a stylish solution with ease of use.
  • Side-by-Side - for fans to stock up on products.
  • Multi-chamber - the most modern and roomy refrigerators for home and life.

A wide variety of models

Which of the proposed options to choose, you decide yourself, having become acquainted with individual representatives of each of the rulers.

Models rating


Model with linear motor-compressor, with freshness zone and cooling function of the door. Also provided is an antibacterial filter Hygiene Fresh. A capacious wide unit with all the latest developments.

LG GR-H802HEHZ model with linear motor compressor


What is Hygiene Fresh?

This filter is capable of destroying up to 9% of pathogenic microbes and bacteria. For 5 stages it is able to eliminate almost all the causes of spoilage of products: spores of fungus, dust, smells and germs. Ensures the safety of all products.


Complete with Hygiene Fresh filter

General characteristics:

  • Two-chamber model with an upper freezer;
  • "Total No Frost" is provided;
  • the body is made of metal, beige;
  • touch-sensitive LED-display;
  • noise - up to 38 dB;
  • class of energy efficiency - A ++;
  • Ozone-safe freon of R600a brand is used as a refrigerant;
  • the Multi Air Flow system is provided;
  • super frost;
  • smart diagnostics - intelligent detection of problems in the operation of equipment;
  • Wi-Fi to manage from your smartphone;

Smartphone management application

  • autonomous preservation of products in the absence of electricity supply - up to 10 hours;
  • maximum freezing power - up to 7 kg per day;
  • dimensions - 86x73x184 cm in width, depth and height, respectively;
  • weight - 90 kg.

The cost is 65 695 rubles.

User reviews:

Arina, Moscow

A state-of-the-art refrigerator. Few people will offer so many various bells and whistles, especially surprised the management of the phone - what technology has reached! Only a month has passed since I use it, but I do not like it all. I use absolutely all the chips - I figured out in the freshness zones, made all the shelves - no single tray or container is empty. It freezes and refreshes cool! And most importantly - it works very quietly. Very interesting sizes - guests are always surprised how unusual it is. This is true, but it is also roomy. Cheap appliances near did not stand with this treasure. If finances permit, take onlyLG!


Two-door device with a bottom freezer silvery. Equipped with electronic control, there is a display. Electricity consumption is class A +. Inverter compressor is installed. The dimensions of the case are 5, x6, x19, cm (WxDxH).

GA-B409 SMQL two-door model with bottom freezer

Refrigeration capacity:

  • No Frost in two compartments;
  • per day freezes up to 1, kg of products;
  • there is an option of emergency freezing.

The volume of both chambers is 312 liters. Additionally there are such options:

  • protection from children (from accidental depression);
  • glass shelves;
  • shelf for freezing;
  • possibility of hanging the door;
  • noise - up to 41 dB.

The price is from 33 665 rubles.

User reviews:

Elizabeth, Kerch

The technique is excellent - the price corresponds to the declared quality. We have been using it for almost 4 years, during this time not a single breakdown, even mistakes, did not knock out. A lot of products, shelves are thought out, it works quietly - the family is happy.

Maria, Moscow

Temporarily put him in the bedroom - it turned out that the computer is working and then much louder. I like beautiful lighting, it's nice to open the doors. I use actively superzamorozkoj. Two times already used "ECO" (holiday), when they flew to the sea. Later they took anotherwashing machine fromLG- Also completely satisfied.


Built-in refrigerator with bottom freezer. Control - electronics. Color - white (metal). Energy efficiency - class A. The dimensions of the body are 5, x5, x11, cm.

Embedded model GR-N319 LLB with bottom freezer


  • there is a zone of freshness - dry and wet;

Important! In the first zone there are three levels of temperature adjustment (-3, -1 and +2 degrees), and the second serves as a box for vegetables and fruit with a porous lid.

  • full No Frost;
  • autonomous work up to 12 hours;
  • per day freezes up to 1, kg of products;
  • beeps if the door is not closed;
  • emergency freezing;
  • volume - 248 liters;
  • complete with ice maker;
  • noise - up to 37 dB;
  • the weight is only 73 kg.

How much does this functional refrigerator cost? The price in online stores starts from 57 600 rubles.

User reviews:

Vadim, Sochi

For a long time I wanted a built-in refrigerator, the choice fell onLG. The operation is simple, the decoding of the symbols on the display is elementary. I like the principle of dry freezing - the products perfectly preserve the appearance. But in the refrigerator you need to cover everything or wrap it in a film, so that it does not become airborne. But it is not necessary to defrost. I'm satisfied.


A popular refrigerator of the "Side-by-Side" design. Equipped with electronic control with a display. Overall dimensions of the case: 8, х7, х17, cm.

The popular model of the refrigerator GC-B207 GVQV

The cooling unit assumes a full No Frost (Total) type. In a day it is possible to freeze up to 12 kg of food. There is an option of emergency freezing. The volume of both compartments in the amount of 528 liters.

Cooling system No Frost (Total)

Also there is protection from children. Noisiness - up to 41 dB. The cost is from 84 450 rubles.

User reviews:

Alexey, Tula

Initially I was looking for a mirror one, but in the store the consultant dissuaded me, visually showing what traces of fingers on it remain. Then I thought for a long time which is better - European or Asian. Still choseLG, and yet never regretted. The main difference from the previous one is noiselessness. This is a relatively inexpensive "Side-by-Side but executed and assembled flawlessly.

What do the letters on the label mean?

When choosing a technique, pay attention to the marking. Let's see what each of the letters in the code means. The diagram below contains letters and numbers. Let's consider each separately.

Energy saving model A ++

  • G-means the type of equipment, in this case the refrigerator.
  • A-country-producer (Russia). W-Poland, R-Korea, C-China, N-Indonesia.
  • AT-If this letter is present, then there is No Frost. In the absence of letters-Direct Cooling.
  • 48-height. Each series has its own height marking. Thus, at 173 cm is 37, at 190 cm-40, at 200 cm-48, at 90 cm-43, at 180 cm-42, at 200-47, at 201 cm- 49.
  • 9-the figure "9" means that the casing is made with the bottom location of the freezer. If it's Side-by-Side, "7" will be written, with the top freezer-«2», single-chamber-«1», full freezer-"4".
  • AT**-means the shape of doors and pens (Jupiter, Spark, Spark 2, etc.).
  • Vmeans a color solution. In this case, this white gloss. There may also be the following options: A-steel, E-beige, L-painted with silver paint, M-stainless steel, no letter-white matt, T-titanium, N-two colors: black and steel, G-glass.
  • QAmeans a specification (whether there is a display and a freshness zone, a compressor type).

Decoding of data by model

Now you know everything about choosing LG refrigeration equipment-pluses and minuses, popular models and the opinion of experienced users. We wish you a balanced and successful choice!

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