Gas stove: how to choose the best and do not make mistakes

Gas stove: how to choose the best and do not make mistakes


Modern kitchens are equipped with different types of plates. Quite common electrical, more and more induction devices, but until now the most common cooking devices are gas stoves.

They do not change often. As a rule, the gas cooker works for a long time and rarely breaks down. Very few people have a rich experience in acquiring large household appliances of durable use. Therefore, when it's time to start renewing your kitchen, most people have to re-understand how to choose a gas stove better and more practical.

It is not too difficult to choose the basic kitchen assistant, if you choose consistently, according to the main parameters. Firms of manufacturers offer such a rich assortment of products that almost every customer has the opportunity to choose a model that suits him in terms of price, functionality and design.


  • 1Choose by main parameters
  • 2Materials
  • 3Functions
    • 3.1Electric ignition
    • 3.2Control of leaks, or "gas control" system
    • 3.3Grill
    • 3.4Timer
    • 3.5Other pleasant little things
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  • 4Manufacturers in the popularity rating

Choose by main parameters

The first thing you need to decide is which of the proposed boards will suit you best, built-in or standing alone. Typically, firms that produce kitchen furniture, cooperate with the most popular manufacturers of home appliances and offer their customers a range of embedded appliances.

From what kind of kitchen you have in the area, in many ways depends on how to choose the gas stove correctly and rationally. In a spacious kitchen, where food for a large family will be prepared, a huge stove with 4-6 burners, a spacious oven will perfectly fit. For a typical family of 4 people it is better to choose a standard gas cooker with 4 burners, with a width and depth of about 60 cm. In a small kitchen where a young family or a single bachelor prepares food, a small model with two burners, modest and compact in size, is enough.


Standard dimensions of gas stoves: height usually 80-85 cm, width from 30 cm to 1 m, and depth is usually 50 or 60 cm.

In addition, you can choose a separate hob, and separately from her oven. This separation will allow better placement of these devices in the kitchen space.


Built-in appliances are designed for optimal combination of it with kitchen furniture. Since it is mostly hidden from view, the finish of the side surfaces does not matter much, which positively and pleasantly affects the cost.

But a stand-alone model can survive any furniture. It is an independent element of the interior, and therefore it is better to pay special attention to design. Despite the not too wide choice of colors for gas stoves, almost any kitchen can choose a technique that fits perfectly into the design of the room. Of course, if you find out in advance how to choose a good gas stove.

Burners, as a rule, come in different diameters. On an ordinary 4-burner plate 2, the burners are medium sized, one small, and one large diameter and high power.

In addition, the cooker can have several burners gas, and 1-2 electric. Such a plate should be chosen correctly if the gas supply is irregular or you use gas from the cylinder.

If you want to choose the latest models, you will be able to offer devices with multi-circuit burners. On them, the dishes are cooked the fastest, as conditions are created for the most intensive heating of dishes. In addition, manufacturers offer also plates with burners in the form of an oval or a polygon.


The body is usually made of strong, corrosion-resistant steel. Most often, the wall protects the layer of enamel, which is easy enough to take care of. In more expensive and stylish models, matte or shiny stainless steel is used. It looks beautiful, but caring for such surfaces is quite tiring. On the surface of the steel is visible every fingerprint, every drop of fat or water. And for cleaning it is better to buy special household chemical products intended for specific care for metal surfaces.


For the hob, materials that are resistant to temperature, aggressive detergents and mechanical action are used. Most often it is metal, covered with enamel. An inexpensive traditional coating works well under certain rules of care. However, wash enameled surfaces should be carefully, otherwise they will be covered with scratches and lose their beauty.

More sturdy surfaces are made of stainless steel, but the complexities of caring for them have already been mentioned above.

More and more popular is the beautiful and resistant coating of the hob, made of hardened, high-temperature glass or glass-ceramics. Usually such surfaces are dark or black, but you can find white glass-ceramic surfaces on some models of the elite series. Glass ceramics and heat-resistant glass are perfectly cleaned, resistant to temperature and look very attractive.

From your willingness to invest your energy, resources and time in caring for your kitchen appliances, depends on how to choose a gas stove that is right for you, with your habits and inclinations.


Firms-manufacturers equip their products with a mass of additional functions. Some of them are important and necessary, as, for example, the function of monitoring leaks or electric ignition. Others are in demand only for a certain category of consumers. To know how to choose the gas stove correctly, you need to understand this diversity.

Electric ignition


It allows you to get rid of unsafe matches and eternally breaking lighters. The gas can be ignited when turning the burner valve, or the ignition is controlled by a separate button. Plates, equipped with the function of electric ignition, will have to be connected to the mains.

Control of leaks, or "gas control" system

Excellent, very useful function, greatly increasing the safety of the use of gas stoves. If the flame goes out for some reason, the gas supply automatically stops. The system for monitoring leaks can only be equipped with an oven, just the burners, or the entire cooker. With full control, safety is the highest. As for single people, both families with children, and citizens of advanced age, it is worth choosing such models. Neither runaway milk, which is extinguished due to a decrease in the gas pressure, will not cause a gas leak and a fire.



You can choose any option of grilling in the stove. There are models with a gas grill, with a built-in spit. You can choose an electric grill, which allows you to more accurately regulate the process and temperature. Some models have gas rings, and the entire oven, including the grill, is electric.

An electric oven and a grill are easier to control, but much less economical. With a view of economy it is more practical to choose a gas variant, which is cheaper to operate and costs less.


In most models, the timer is a simple mechanical device that more or less accurately measures the length of time and sends a beep after its expiration. In more modern and complexly arranged models, the timer allows you to program the plate to switch on or off after a certain time, and also to program the change in operating modes.

Other pleasant little things

  • It is convenient when the oven is equipped with a thermometer and illumination.
  • For safety, it is important that the oven door is made in accordance with the requirements of thermal insulation. The outer panel should not get too hot when the oven is on.

Manufacturers in the popularity rating

Traditionally, Russians traditionally demand the plates of Hephaestus, the Carpathians. But European manufacturers with their more expensive equipment are also not offended: the Gorenje plates combine moderate prices and decent quality, like the German technique BOSCH. The Italian built-in appliances are also in great demand.

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