How to choose the best toaster. for home

How to choose the best home toaster


A famous proverb advises breakfast to eat, share lunch with a friend, and send dinner to the enemy, so that at night he does not sleep well from overeating. You can be sure of the validity of this advice if you get a good toaster at home. Crispy, ruddy and fragrant slices of bread you just do not want to share with anyone. Especially if you smear honey on a fragrant slice. Or to put on it a thin slice of cheese... To right now not to choke on saliva, let's do better to clarify the most important question - how to choose a toaster correctly from the set of proposed models.

Criteria of choice are not that many:

  • cost;
  • power;
  • number of toasts that can be cooked simultaneously;
  • additional functions;
  • dimensions and design.

The last point is functionally not very important. But what mistress does not want her harmony and beauty to reign on her kitchen? Correctly matched device will complement the interior with attractive design.

Your choice will depend on which of the criteria is most important to you.


  • 1The device of toasters
  • 2Which toaster is the best?
  • 3Safety regulations
  • 4Additional functions
  • 5Rating of producers
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The device of toasters

The design is simple: in the case there are heating elements, between which fried or dried toast. Regulators can change the heating time. You can also choose a model that allows you to adjust the temperature.


Toasters are produced with automatic control, or with a mechanical one, in the form of a simple time controller with several divisions.

The most forgetful and absent-minded is to choose the automatic toaster for the house.


When the bread is cooked, the device will automatically turn off, not allowing the toasty loaves to turn into unappetizing coals.

If you have enough time to watch the process of turning bread into golden toasts, you can choose less complex and cheaper models with mechanical control. On them, you only set the time of browning, or simply turn on and make sure that the bread is browned properly.

In advanced models there is also a function of preliminary defrosting. This is convenient if you use frozen bread.

An important point can be such a criterion as a way to get rid of the inevitable crumbs. No matter how carefully you handle toasts, the crumbs are necessarily formed. If they accumulate inside the device, they will soon begin to char, or even flare up with live fire. To prevent this from happening, the crumbs need to be removed.

In the most primitive models, you just have to turn the toaster from time to time and shake out the accumulated crumbs. Some models have a mesh bottom, and the crumbs that are formed simply fall asleep on the surface of the table. This is not very convenient and not hygienic at all. It is best to choose a model, the bottom of which is a removable tray. After each preparation of toasts, the pallet is removed and the crumbs are sent to the garbage or to the window sill to the birds.

Which toaster is the best?

The one that most fully meets your goals.


If your family consists of yourself and your beloved cat, you can do with a compact model designed to cook two toasts at the same time. You can choose a model that allows you to reheat buns and tender croissants on a special grid over the slits.

If 3-4 people live in the house, and everyone is accustomed to breakfast for breakfast with crispy hot slices, it is better to choose a more powerful model that allows you to simultaneously heat 4 slices of bread.

If you adore sandwiches and hot sandwiches, you can choose a good grilled toaster. Some models allow not only to heat, but also to bake rolls and cupcakes. And what wonderful hot sandwiches are obtained in such toasters!

Safety regulations

Usually all the requirements are written in the user manual. As a rule, you can not put bread, smeared with butter, honey or melted cheese in an ordinary toaster. All these products should be applied to the already toasted bread. To warm up buns it is necessary, having released them from packing.

Take a look at the material of the case. It is best to choose a toaster for the house, the case of which is least heated during work. Usually these are models with metal casings, plastic ones are heated more.

As experience shows, models with a body made of brushed metal are more practical, since maintaining the cleanliness of the polished surface is more difficult.

It is important that the length of the wire allows you to install the toaster so that no one clings to the cord and drops an unintentionally operating device. But it is better to avoid the use of extension cords, especially for networking models with a power of more than 1500 watts.

Additional functions


The presence of additional functions often facilitates the solution of the task under the motto "how to choose a toaster". The younger generation will be delighted with amusing faces or inscriptions that can form on the surface of the toast some models. Yes, and an adult cute smiley, peeking out of the toaster on a table lit in the morning sun, can charge with optimism and a good mood for the whole day.

A useful feature is that it makes it easy to get small slices of bread from the toaster for pancakes.


Many models automatically set slices of bread in the center of the slot, so that it is fried evenly.

Rating of producers

Toasters produce almost all firms that produce household appliances. And the same brands are in the lead, which are known for other products. These are BOSCH, Tefal, Philips, Rowenta, Vitek. The spread of prices is so great that any buyer can choose the best suitable model, and buying will not make a big hole in his finances.

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Video: choose a toaster, review models

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