What universal juicer to buy

Under universal juicer refers to a device capable of handling most types of fruit. Most of the instruments belong to the specified category.

What is meant by universal juicers

Today, these species are distinguished universal juicers:

  1. Centrifuge.
  2. Screw (single and twin screw).
  3. Press.

Any juicer today regarded as universal, but it alone is - the press! Other automated juicer with seeds get along poorly. To be exact - broken equipment, if the fruit is not prepared.

universal juicer

universal juicer

D.di wonder how apricots and plums enter the industry. Juice extraction methods allocate a number of varieties:

  1. Chemical.
  2. Defending.
  3. Mechanical, including separation.

Presented juicers on the market, except the press, are a class of separators divide the pulp into two parts. First drink, the second becomes a cake. When chemical methods of juice drawn from the pulp of special reagents. Or pulp is heated to increase the yield of the product. perform complicated processes at home. We recommend attention to the press. The unit sometimes apricots and plums may be placed entirely. All tamp and will press in the best possible way. Bones will lie side by side.

Let's talk about the types of presses:

  1. In the first place comes to mind screw press. It demonstrates a working capacity, which is pushed on top of the piston. Due to the efforts going on spin. At the bottom of the tank is a drain, where the juice flows into the outstretched dishes. The disadvantage is obvious: the need to make greater efforts to get the final product.
  2. Hydraulic press remind motorists jack, meaning similar. The fundamental difference from the screw: usually the piston moves upward. Like it has done to put the drive in the stand. Press obtained a stable center of gravity is located at the bottom.
  3. Pneumatic press, rather, it is considered masher for lemons. Using compressed air cylinder piston crushes its own soft-boiled fruit. The technology is aimed at getting lemonade. Not very clear where to take the compressed air. Apparently, you need a tank or compressor.

From the above it is clear that a truly universal juicers are considered to be the first two groups. Crush all. Screw press buy at the price of 4500 rubles, hydraulic costs about five times more expensive. It is clear that the force of pressing the latter much more.

Think of a small jack, easy to lift a car! Try to replace the hydraulics on the screw fitting, and everything will fall into place.

Disadvantages of work on the presses:

  1. Firstly, the work is dirty. Need to chop the fruit into pulp, then decompress on bags. The situation does not shine sterility, it is difficult to withstand the sanitary norms.
  2. When the need to press a plurality of fruit, the fruits are grouped by the parties, each placed in a separate bag. Then going layered structure, arranged boards. A method of use of the equipment is far from simple.
  3. Most presses are no available tools for primary processing of fruits into pulp. Additional equipment will have to be provided separately. Unnecessary expenditure anticipated, and chop the apples with a shovel in the trough just to your liking.
    Juicer Press

    Juicer Press

There are no perfect solutions. Now consider the juicer, which called only conditionally universal, individual fruits need not just grinding, and in manual processing. Restrictions are great, especially for the screw versions. Let's face it, to universal specified Juicer far.

Screw and centrifugal juicers universal

In industry, plums and apricots are processed automatically, wishing to be able to see examples of machines http://www.sheldem.ru/. The rest will have to engage in the manual mode. Lack of screw and centrifugal juicers - you can not fully pass on the care automation.

Auger juicer resemble a meat grinder. Available in vertical and when the auger rotates perpendicular to the base. The pulp is crushed and pushed down. In vertical models spin is on the cylindrical grid that serves compartment walls, at "mincing" is used in front of the partition wall with a relief valve to release the cake. There are often cross-section adjustment means. Changes efficiency, the applied force. Auger juicer:

  • electrical;
  • manual.
Auger horizontal squeezer

Auger horizontal squeezer

Second understandably indicate low spin rate. To work with the power of 200 watts - not the power limit for the horizontal auger juicer - need to make extraordinary efforts, even a man about the conversation of women there. Manual models like Motor Sich is not recommended to be regarded as a full replacement for electricity. Centrifugal juicers hand has been invented (although already released separators for milk).

The main differences between the screw and the centrifuge devices:

  1. Auger juicer is relatively quiet. At low speed (80 rev / min) commutator motor behaves well. Centrifugal juicer capable roar as a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Auger Handle with fruits. As a result, juicer retains the lion's share of vitamins and enzymes, without which food loses half good. But centrifuge possess shock performance.
  3. Auger juicer is not suitable for continuous operation, the fruit is ground relatively slowly. This is not a device for shock blanks, although there are people who use the auger to spin tomatoes.
  4. Twin screw juicer incredibly strong. Them the strength to press the oil from the seeds, grind small bones. Apricots and plums are still supposed to clean. Because devices can not be called universal.
    Twin-screw juicer universal type

    Twin-screw juicer universal type

  5. The exit rate production of screw centrifugal juicers above. The difference reaches one and a half times, selected manufacturers claim about double the amount in excess of the pressed juice.
  6. Separate centrifugal juicers are able to independently reset the cake, in other manual mode. When the device of Belarus is often used lever. Auger juicer dump cake without human intervention.
  7. Auger juicers are more expensive centrifuge, it does not apply to professional models. Santos will extend for 70 thousand rubles, and will surpass twin screw juicer.
  8. Top auger juicer import and centrifuge for the needs of the Russians released in their native homeland.

Manufacturers of universal juicers are often unable to explain the principle of pricing. For example, take Santos: a lot of talk about the hardy and durable engines, almost do not emit noise. The housing is made of steel and aluminum, convenient for loading spout. Presentable appearance does not spoil the interior of the hall. However, there are fans salute, patiently knocks centrifuge. Incidentally, the power at the Salute relatively low, and incredible performance.

Benefits of an Expensive universal juicers are not as obvious. For the purposes of the bar well suited Zhuravinka. Disadvantages of this versatile juicer manufacturer - splashing, when the fruit hits the grater rotating centrifuge. But there is a manual reset cake. Price varies tenfold. We are not persuaded that it is required to take Santos. Exception visible only for prestigious locations where you want to show visitors how to prepare the juice.

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