How to choose a juicer for apples

Today is a popular topic. The cost of the cheapest apple juice Gardens Pridonya, found in the province, is 38 rubles per liter. For Good take already 45 rubles. Fresh harvest( variety of apples) cost 35 rubles per 1 kg, prices fluctuate and exceed those mentioned for other varieties. A simple calculation shows that squeezing apples is unprofitable. The efficiency of the rotary juicer can be reduced to 50%, which means that for the same money half the juice will turn out( the worst deal).Amateur gardeners want to attach the crop deeper into the cellar, and it is better if the fruit is twisted in banks. How to choose an apple juicer that allows you to quickly and accurately deal with the crop

Choosing an apple juicer

You should begin the process of selecting an apple juicer with an understanding of the answers to two questions:

  1. Using juice after squeezing.
  2. Volume of apples processed, time for processing.

Of course, price also plays a role, but most rotary models are inexpensive, because they are designed for a wide range of consumers. Why rotary. This is determined by the answer to the first question.

What will happen to the juice after squeezing

Drink immediately

If the juice does not undergo preservation, the Witek auger juice extractor is suitable, for example, VT 1602 G. Get ready to pay about 5000 - 6500 thousand rubles( depending on the place of purchase and modification).Performance will not fail, life will delight. Most Witek products are assembled abroad from imported parts. Products look decent and show themselves well during the operation.

What are the advantages of Witek VT 1602 G?First, the power of 150 W - not enough for a juicer. At a power of 150 W, a primitive blender worked in the Ukrainian program on household appliances, inferior to the auger in terms of features and quality. Of course, in the juicer can not make a cocktail. You can not make, and you can try to make. It is required to find the valve for a drain branch pipe.

According to available information, the capacity of the plastic case is 1.2 liters. Starting with the fruit, lay the ingredients for a cocktail, after closing the drain pipe of the juicer. When everything is mixed, pour the resulting drink. A blender hardly mixes milk with a couple of bananas better than the VT 1602 G juicer does.

Use the reverse for easy handling. This is the reverse mode of the engine juicer. If the carrot is stuck and does not want to go on, time to use it. By the way, take precautions and be vigilant.150 W, this modest power consumption, you should not expect that for these resources the juicer will split the nuts, like the Korean Equip blender in the commercial. The considered class of devices is relatively inexpensive among other screw juicers and is designed to solve everyday problems. Juice to drink, twist a couple of cans.

If the volume of twists is small, then the VT 1602 G is quite suitable, most importantly, do not forget to take a break for 15 minutes every half hour of engine operation. And apple juice for the winter is provided.

Spin production in large quantities

In the case described, let Vitek VT 1602 G squeezer rest. It is unlikely that many will decide to spend a large amount on the centrifugal Santos No58, so let's move on to considering analogues suitable for spinning. Two alternatives:

  • Sadovaya, manufactured in Belarus;
  • Neptune, a Russian manufacturer.

Initially, let's evaluate the parameters. Neptune is a juicer for apples of great productivity. For an hour, the device is able to process 180 kilograms of fruit( maximum), which is three times higher than the capacity of Sadovaya. But, if it comes to quality, gardeners vote for the device produced in Belarus. Their cylindrical( close in shape to cylindrical) centrifuges work wonders with soft apple varieties. Where from Neptune goes mashed, Garden pleases juice. Think carefully that I would like to see more in my cellar.

The Neptune rotor model costs 4000 rubles without shipping. The device is capable of processing 120 kg / hour of fruit. At the forum there is a record that the Neptune juicer is poorly equipped and came dirty, probably it is factory grease. Semi-liquid composition covered products during storage and transportation. If only apple trees grow in a hectare garden, let the fruit pass through the juicer of the manufacturer in question.

If you throw soft berries and fruits in the device, drops will fly. More negative qualities are not fixed, and so that the device does not move during the work, there are legs on suckers.

Like all rotary juicers, with the exception of Santos, Sadovaya strongly vibrates and makes a lot of noise. Stop the choice of juicer on the model in question, if the garden has soft varieties of apples, and the person does not like mashed potatoes and jams.

Apples fall asleep in both juicers. This saves gardener's time. It remains to wash the crop. Operations are performed in parallel, which saves time and creates the basis for the formation of a real manufactory.

Volume of processed apples

Considered the current types of juicers, and an attentive reader will be able to choose the model, depending on the amount of twists. But you can not keep silent about the unique device. Advertising inscription says that the device was created, issuing a bucket of juice for 20 minutes.

This mysterious juicer is called Salute. The website selling them, clearly designed in something like Joomla, opens slowly. In the same place, by the way, it is possible to purchase the famous Rossoshanka juicer.

Power Salyut is 400 W, the price - 4400 rubles. Slightly more expensive, but consider the functions of the device. It is written that the production of Penzmash juicers. Productivity is 60 liters per hour.

Attention, the lines are taken from the official video, but caused doubts for several reasons. If further information is different from reality, the authors of the article are not responsible.

According to the specification, the efficiency of spinning the device is 50%.Making a simple mathematical operation, we find that the Salute juicer is capable of processing from 120 kg of apples per hour and more. In principle, this information is written on the site of the manufacturer of Neptune.

Manufacturer performs pre-sales training, it is described on the site. The manufacturer sells devices that work for a long time without interruption, at an affordable price. This seems trivial, until the first difficulties with the juicer caused by design flaws. We stop the selection on the device in question, if you want to make a lot of twists.

For the rest, even the appearance of the Salute resembles Neptune. The device throws the whole fruit without removing the core. Apples through the juicer will pass quickly. The phrase “bucket of juice in 20 minutes” is not an exaggeration. According to the regulations, during this time at least 20 liters of drink should be prepared.

Described types of juicers, the choice is up to the consumer. Worthy of mention and twin-screw models. They are ideal in terms of efficiency and nutrient conservation. But there are juicers from 35,000 rubles and above. The standard price ranges from 60,000 rubles. The usefulness of the juice is guaranteed, and the volume will please. If the rotary juicer turns apples into an output by 50%, for twin-screw models the value is 85% and higher. Probably with their help getting the juice from the purchased apples will be cheaper than taking in the store. Grind and bones, which is not always useful.

Twin-screw juicers are more likely to be professional equipment, which is why it is expensive, but raw foodists do not stop praising.

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