Apple Juicer

When electricity is unavailable to the gardener, the only way to squeeze the apples is a homemade juice squeezer. There are not so many constructions, today we will try to consider partially. Despite the primitiveness, it is impossible to call the devices low-performance. Rather, the volume of the finished juice to a unit of time depends on the size of the device; any juicer press includes a working container within which the spinning takes place. The press is very popular among summer residents.

Preparation of raw materials for the press.

. The mechanical juicer — often referred to as a press — functions due to the physical strength of a person. Sometimes the effort is helpful.

In the old days without electricity, juicers of the press type were used everywhere in the world for lack of an alternative.

At the beginning, the gardener made a long trough, geometrically correct from the inside, with right angles and steep walls. Pine or spruce boards, barked out with bark, are well suited for creativity. Under the mentioned trough, a rectangular blade with a sharp blade is made. Made from garden tools, it is much easier to find in the store ready. The width of the shovel is approximately equal to the internal transverse size of the trough.

Apples are cut in half, the core is removed. Rotten places are separated and thrown away. Preparation is more difficult than using a rotary type juicer, where fruits are thrown whole along with seeds. To maintain the sanitary conditions in the trough is much more difficult. In fact, the only advantage is the ability to work in the absence of electrical energy.

These advantages to a small extent justify those who like to squeeze out juice using a juice extractor. In addition, professional equipment often weighs a lot. To transport back and forth( in case of winter theft) is inconvenient.

By example, the Belarusian juice squeezer Sadovaya weighs a little, 5 kg, but takes a significant amount. Carry not too want. Boards are easy to get on the nearest sawmill, bargaining for a reasonable price.

So, halves of apples are piled up in a trough. Sharp shovel relies crush the flesh into small pieces. The harder it is to work on the first stage, the easier it is to go further. It is assumed that the trough is not far from the press juicer. Then we begin to place the pulp in the working compartment.

The design of a garden press for apples

Let's see how the press juicer is made by hand. It will take imagination and available materials.

It is easiest to assemble a juicer press from an old rectangular tank. Often cook yourself to keep water in reserve. Suitable barrel of material that does not contradict sanitary standards. To make a working compartment of the press, it is required to equip an opening for juice flow at the bottom or bottom. As a rule, they do not do additional tricks, the branch pipe is simply carried out, and the national tank is substituted for it. To pulp is not sold in the hole, shift gauze.

Old barrel as a working compartment of a homemade press

Let's start with the simplest design on the basis of the barrel. Capacity already has the properties of the working compartment homemade press:

  • sealed;
  • sturdy;
  • with smooth walls.

It remains to refine the press under the juicer, cutting a hole in the bottom, and ready. An amateur who assembled a working compartment in the form of a barrel of perforated( even rows of circles) steel presented a rather original design. The piston is made from a piece of similar material. The construction is surrounded by a transparent plastic barrel with a couple of centimeters of metal indented. As a result, the juice in a similar press, according to the owner, is squeezed out in three directions:

  1. Up.
  2. Down.
  3. On the sides.

Throughout there are holes, through the holes the liquid flows to the bottom. We remind you about cheesecloth. So that the pulp does not crawl through the holes, the perforated steel barrel is laid with material along the inner surface.

Working compartment of a self-made press from


Permissible to make a working compartment of rectangular or square section of the boards. Gaps are allowed to be filled. The inside of the press juicer is laid out for the period of work with dense polyethylene. At the bottom of the drain is cut. In fact, it turns out a rectangular box with hermetic walls. Notice, inside the perimeter it is supposed to foresee the laying of the drain gutter, otherwise the juice will simply remain inside.

Spin goes with bales of pulp, wrapped in gauze. Stacked without touching the walls. The first should be placed directly on the bottom, top shift board. Then the second is laid, and so on - until the box is filled. Boards will provide stability. The flesh will not crawl away to the sides. In addition, the hard surface provides powerful pressure when the homemade press piston starts to fall.

Let us turn to the mechanisms that create pressure, which is why the manual juicer press turns into a strong girlfriend of the summer resident.

Worm gear or jack

The working compartment is placed in a sturdy frame. The bed is rigidly connected to the upper part, from which you will need to push off, moving the piston. More often, two designs are used to create the necessary pressure force of the press juicers:

  1. Worm gear.
  2. Jack.

The first device resembles a pipe valve. This item is permissible to take as a basis for the future self-made press. It is easy to get an unprofitable crane in the nearest boiler-house. In the center above the working compartment is a nut. A long metal axis with a thread passes through the hole, twisting and pressing on the piston. This will ensure the self-made press work.

For a piston, a sheet of metal is taken in the form of a working compartment, or a thick piece of wood, cut out for similar reasons( in order to fit perfectly into the working section from above).

The threaded shaft simply and without tweaks rests on one end of the piston, this is enough for the homemade juicer press to start working. Individual craftsmen use in the construction of the jack. In this case, the nut with a thread is no longer needed; a solid platform is required where the mechanism lifting the cars will rest.

How to prepare fruits for a homemade press number 2

If there is electricity, but the enthusiasm of the inventor does not sleep at night and wakes up in the morning, try to assemble an apple chopper based on available tools and a motor for one phase. Requires a relatively small revolutions or gearbox, slow down the rotation.

It is easier to attach the device to a meat grinder, but it is inefficient, the apples still have to be cut, and security will remain extremely low.

It is appropriate to use a garden shredder. The device will help prepare the raw material for a homemade press.

Other manual juicers

We are accustomed to electricity, we often forget about quite suitable mechanisms that operate at the expense of muscle strength. For example, press citrus juicer. Everyone has seen in the movie how an electric one allows you to squeeze an orange for half a minute. During the work the cheerful buzz is heard.

A special nozzle in the form of a hemisphere is the basis of the above-mentioned press juicer. Plastic ribs run down from the top along the meridians. When the device rotates, the ribs tear the flesh out of the half of the fruit, squeezing out the juice. Only from above you will need to press harder with your hands.

Manual citrus juicer( press) is similar, but without a motor. A person uses his own power, scrolling through the orange and pressing on from above. This may seem surprising, but manual press juicers are considered the means to get the most decent vitamin drink. The flesh does not heat up and does not undergo rigid mechanical effects, the maximum of nutrients is stored in the juice.

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