Homemade juicer for apples

Today will tell, using the materials of cine (special correspondent), how to make a dry wine, like coming true shops. We have in mind the facts of forgery, not a real quality product. However, the result will surprise readers. What does the homemade juicer for apples? Communication is obvious. Tangle-legs will do by getting fermented apple juice. We do not encourage repeat the steps listed below to use as a drink resulting in the result. Just journalistic investigation made an impression, we decided to share.

Juicers with their hands

A man should be rukasty. In the village we knew. There was no concept to make their own hands. Nothing else to do something is not accepted, by and large. Krivorukov reproached: do not grow from the right place.

The question of how to make a juicer for apples, do not ask, the decision for a long time found. Cobble together using a board, a long trough. As for feeding pigs. From inside a rectangular. Apples were cut, throwing wormy place, removed the core, cuttings (which served as a source of high content of bacteria fermenting juice). The resulting pulp is poured into the trough, milled.

homemade juicer

In order to prepare the apples to sleep in the juicer produce special blade. We believe that in the absence of iron sharp instrument made of wood, are now much easier to find a shovel like saperskoy. Rectangular bayonet fitted, precisely suitable size trough width (better to make the size of the purchase of the blade). Holding on to the shaft, the winemaker intended to chop the apple flesh as possible. Then mash carefully packaged gauze, was transferred to the juicer press type.

For example, a tub with steep walls. Cross-section corresponding, manufactures special piston. Completes device homemade juicer worm gear, with terrible force squeezing the pulp. In the bottom of the tub, near the base to cut a hole. Withdrawn from homemade juicer ready ale.

The gauze should lay inside tubs are substituted product collection container, the piston plant inside, the process begins. If the worm gear was missing, homemade juicer complemented by two-three hefty boulders on top of the master pressed his hands. Began to flow abundantly juice.

Why such a modern man? Still you want to make his own a juicer, rather than buy from Vladimir of Togliatti, which is 20 minutes gets a bucket of clear apple cider? Feed the dry cake winter bird... Vitamins, iron. We consider how to review the information, and entertainment. We do not encourage repeat.

Promised wine using homemade juicer

Below is a recipe for tangle-legs, made a special laboratory specialists special correspondent for the program. The process is so exciting, dwarfing description of the manufacture homemade juicer. Tangle-legs took the silver medal in Sochi.

If the juice ferment badly rolled up cans, housewives are advised to:

  1. Boil, seeking to improve the taste. The method is not too good, fermented flavor remains.
  2. To consider for the future, to improve sanitary conditions in makeshift juicer. Spoiled product to pour.
  3. Let the juice ferment completely. It turns out the apple cider vinegar, use in cooking in the manner usual. Homemade vinegar is milder.
  4. Start preparing the cider prescription.

Apple juice

We offer, finally, begin to build tangle-legs to avoid the question, what with diligence produced a homemade juicer. Not for the same kind of challenge to Vladimir from Togliatti? To better juice wandering, is to find a warm place, add sugar (to feed the bacteria). If you made cider, suitable pulp trough, because the task - to take a medal, will continue. Day in three or four the next step.

Homemade fermented juice juicer to fill a large capacity. The overlap amount is about two times. Stock up for the future:

  • citric acid;
  • soda;
  • import cheap dry wine;
  • glycerol;
  • alcohol.

4 liters of fermented product attempts homemade juicer refill 100 grams of pure alcohol per liter of import of cheap wine. Alcohol will give a degree, wine - bouquet. After all, wine is made in the end of it all!

Juice acidity imparts citric acid. Enough of one package, to make a full 5 liters with little available. Two bottles of glycerin is added to prevent the components react with each other. Content is poured, the container is shaken, stirring. A few tablespoons of baking soda added to prevent further fermentation process. Otherwise, the wine (tangle-legs homemade juicer) simply tear-filled bottles.

Journalists, placing a beautiful girl, tangle-legs stocked booth, managed to get the silver medal, and numerous positive reviews of visitors.

Prepared apples for processing

Before you make a juicer, consider. Mud wasp, insanitary conditions. Homemade juice extractors are placed in the garden, on the balcony, the ideal conditions are alien. Kindly strictly maintain cleanliness. The desire to preserve? Discuss how to make homemade juicer raskurochiv washing machine.

Juicer from washing machine

Get ready to explore the impressive structure where the washing machine rotates the centrifuge cake, squeezing the juice? Forced to disappoint. Spin mode provides 1800 revolutions per minute, is not enough - to milk juice ordinary apples. Rotary juicer models work in 3 - 15 times faster. rotation of the drum of the washing machine the danger of the exposed simply overshadows hypothetical benefit a person who has decided to create a makeshift structure.

In the washing operation of the machine drum rotates slowly, we have long noticed domestic Kulibin. Speed ​​powerless to provide conventional motors, devoid of special gearboxes. Here, consider, ready juicer. The device will replace trough sharp blade. Designed to grind fruit pulp.

There is a belt reducer. The pulley diameter is much smaller motor pulley drum. Turnover last significantly reduced. It remains to provide the drum crushing device pulley conventional meat grinder. Allowed other structures that help make apple oil cake for laying juicer press type.

Juicer from washing machine

Next, repeat the process described above. The construction of a makeshift press juicers may be different, most products include:

  • tank with a hole near the bottom;
  • piston;
  • worm gear.

Gauze, filled with apple pulp, it is possible to shift the plank gratings increasing effort when pressed.

№2 of juicer washing machine

There is a radical solution. Soviet activator washing machine compartment spinning. The design can turn into homemade juicer. Vertical drum use without any modifications, if the pulp pre-grind. Avoid putting a lot of - a broken instrument.

For experienced kulibinyh recommended to manufacture round grater, taking 1-mm diameter steel on the bottom. Strengthen shtukovinu several aluminum rivets (holes face upward notches) for supplying apples used inside steel tube diameter less (20 mm) of the neck of the vertical drum. Should not reach the bottom 5 mm, otherwise it will cling to float.

Scheme of work:

  • through the steel pipe homemade juicer apples fall on the grater;
  • jump laterally do not provide the tube wall;
  • at power up the apples quickly crushed;
  • juice flies out, dispenser delayed sieve drum walls;
  • at the end of the production cycle residues from homemade juicer.

Eyewitnesses claim that using the construction obtain up to 50 liters of juice per hour. Not considered to be an indicator of impact for homemade juicer enough. If you have a desire to learn new, write, publish review "Homemade juicer grapes." Previously fruits girl trampled underfoot, now considered unaesthetic.

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