8 tips for the design of a large kitchen area of ​​19, 20 and 21 sq m

  • 8 Tips for Equipping a Great Kitchen

A large kitchen is a great success. And at the same time, the more space in the kitchen, the more questions are caused by its arrangement and repair. After all, on an area of ​​19-21 square meters. you can embody so many decorator ideas, come up with any layout, fill the space with color and equip it with a lot of pieces of furniture and appliances. From this material you will learn the principles of creating a beautiful and practical large kitchen, as well as gain ideas from 45 real photo interiors of kitchens with an area of ​​19, 20 and 21 square meters. m.

8 Tips for Equipping a Great Kitchen

Tip 1. When planning the arrangement of furniture, observe the rule of the working triangle

Having at the disposal of 19, 20 or 21 square meters, and you want to swing and build a large work area. However, if you want the kitchen to be as comfortable as possible, do not forget to observe the rule of the working triangle.

  • The vertices of this triangle are: a sink, a food storage area (refrigerator) and a cooking area (stove). They should be located next to each other, and between them there should be no barriers, for example, in the form of a dining table.

The maximum allowable distance from the sink to the stove is 60-180 cm. From the sink to the refrigerator - 45-210 cm (the less, the better). A place for preparation of products is better placed between the sink and the stove.

If you do not follow these recommendations, the kitchen will turn out to be uncomfortable and you will have to spend extra energy and time on traveling with food or dishes on your hands.

  • From the point of view of ergonomics, the most unsuccessful layout for the kitchen is 19, 20 and 21 square meters. m is a linear (single-row) layout. When the stove, refrigerator and washbasin are aligned in one line, you have to spend a lot of time and energy on extra leaps back and forth.

Tip 2. The most rational types of layout for the kitchen 19, 20 and 21 square. m: U-shaped, peninsular and L-shaped

There are 6 basic types of kitchen layouts: single row and double row, G- and P-shaped, island and peninsular. As we already noted earlier, for a large kitchen the linear layout is the least suitable. The most successful planning for the kitchen area of ​​19, 20 and 21 square meters. m can be called U-shaped, peninsular and L-shaped scheme.

  • U-shaped.Cooking and cleaning in the kitchen of this form is most convenient, because everything is within one or two steps and turning the hull. However, keep in mind that the length of the back of the letter P should be from, to 4 m, respectively, the distance between its sidewalls is from 1.2 to 2. 8 m. With smaller or larger sizes, the U-shaped becomes uncomfortable.

In the next photo slider you can see an example of design kitchen-living room 2, apt. m of the holiday home.


See also: How to equip the U-shaped kitchen.

  • L-shaped.L-shaped layout is slightly less convenient for a large kitchen, as the distance between the two vertices of the working triangle is somewhat increased. But it is more versatile and compact, and therefore is great for multi-functional kitchens, for example, for kitchen-living room. Keep in mind that it is more convenient to place the washing zone between the fridge and the stove.

Below are the photos of the kitchen design of 19 sq. M. m with a corner layout, as well as with a sofa and mini-cabinet.

  • The peninsular.Peninsular planning involves the presence in the kitchen of the peninsula - a multifunctional table, one end of which rests against a wall or connects to a suite. The peninsula nicely simplifies the kitchen work, but it is quite compact. In the kitchen with a meter of 19, 20 or 21 square meters. m it will allow to place a full dining room or a sofa zone (unlike the island). Especially good is the layout for a combined kitchen-living room, kitchen in the studio apartment or kitchen-dining room, as the peninsula can zonate space. Below is a design project kitchen 21 sq. M. m with a U-shaped set and a built-in peninsula-bar counter. Often such a scheme is called C-shaped.

The remaining types of planning, island and two-row, are used less often, since they are less universal.

  • Double-row layout can be convenient only for a narrow and elongated room with a width of up to 4 m.
  • The island layout is suitable for a kitchen 19-21 square meters. m with a mini-sized island (approximately 100 × 120 cm) and a compact zone of the dining area. Remember that the width of the passes around the islet should be at least 1 m, otherwise it will be inconvenient to move around and open the boxes of kitchen furniture. Below are photos of the kitchen 20 sq. M. m with an island and a small table.

And here is a photo of the interior of a 20-meter cottage kitchen with an island of 100 × 2230 m.



Tip 3. Leave at least one wall without hinged cabinets, so as not to encumber the space

If you have a sufficient number of base cabinets, give up hinged lockers at least partially. With this configuration, the kitchen will look much more spacious and tidy.


In these photos, you can carefully consider the dining area and recreation area.


Tip 4. Create uniform lighting

To maintain a sense of spaciousness in a large kitchen, create sufficient and uniform lighting. One central chandelier, albeit large, will not be enough to light 19, 20 or 21 squares.

  • Simple and versatile lighting scheme for a large kitchen: a chandelier above the table or in the center of the room + spotlights around the perimeter + furniture lamps in the work area.

In the kitchen-living room or kitchen-dining room lighting should zonate space. So, for example, in the living room or dining room you can hang the lamps more neatly, and in the kitchen area - more practical and easier. In addition, you can select a kitchen or living / dining area with spotlights along the perimeter.


Tip 5. If a large kitchen is furnished, then the interior is better to decorate in a light palette

Conversely, if the spacious kitchen is furnished minimalist, then to create a cozy and feel of chamberiness, the interior can and should be filled with color.

  • Kitchen-dining room with an area of ​​2, sq. M. m in brown
  • Kitchen-dining room with an area of ​​2, sq. M. m in brown

Council 6. ZONE SPACE

To the interior looked orderly, the dining room or living room should be visually and / or physically separated. For this you can use:

  • Furniture (bar counter, peninsula, island, sofa, console);
  • Screens, curtains, partitions;
  • Podium;
  • Different wall, floor and / or ceiling finishes. So, for example, the floor in the working area is often trimmed with practical tiles, and in the living / dining area - with a parquet board, laminate, etc .;
  • Miscellaneous lighting;
  • Carpet. Example of a dining area in the kitchen 20 sq. M. m is presented in the photo below.

Council 7. Powerful hood - a must for kitchen-living room

The penetration of smells from the working area into the recreation area is an inevitable problem of the kitchen-living room.

  • To the sofa, cushions, carpets and curtains less absorbed odors, install a large dome (!) Hood with a capacity of up to 1300 m3 / h.

Also, for the efficient operation of the hood, it is desirable that the duct has no angles and is straight, and not corrugated.


Council 8. Equip the kitchen with a large fridge and double sink

One of the advantages of a large kitchen is the possibility of its equipping with increased technique and sink.

  • A sink with two or even three bowls is very convenient. With it you can, for example, soak the dishes in one half of the sink and at the same time wash the vegetables in the other.
  • Refrigerator Side by Side - indispensable for a large family.
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