All about balls for washing down jackets

  • What do you need balls for washing
  • What balls to use for washing
  • How many balls do you need for washing
  • down jacket Basic rules for washing down jackets

Down jackets provide warmth for a person even in the most severe winter, but this kind of things requires special care. Self-wash down jacket and do not spoil it is very difficult. With balls for washing down jackets you can solve this problem. What are they needed for? What types are and how to use? Let's see.

Why do we need balls for washing

Perfectly beat off the down jacket, as a result, the washing process becomes more efficient. They need to be loaded into the drum along with the clothes. As a result of rotation with a down jacket, the balls like massage it. When rinsing, the balls help to completely remove the laundry detergent from it. If you do not use the balls in the wash, the down will be lost and the thing will spoil. Hand washing, too, do not achieve this effect.


  • Efficient washing process.
  • Do not damage the insulation.
  • Do not appear pellets.
  • No need to manually spread the fluff

Below we will look at what kind of balls are and which ones are better to use.

What balls to use for washing

Tennis balls

If for some reason there are no special balls for washing outerwear anywhere, then you shouldn’t despair, because ordinary tennis balls are suitable for these purposes.

After purchase, they must be placed in bleach, and then rinsed under a stream of hot water, which will help avoid their molting. Such manipulations will allow you to get great balls for washing down jackets. If we talk about efficiency, they are not very different from professional balls for washing.

Magnetic balls for washing

When buying magnetic balls for washing it is worth considering that they can be used to wash any clothes. The principle of their work is the same - things in the washing machine undergo a “massage” course.

As well as using the magnetic field, the water is softened and becomes more qualitative - such information is provided by many experts. Magnetic balls for washing do not allow the formation of pellets, well wash off dirt, and improve the effectiveness of detergents.

Tourmaline balls for washing

Even the creators of this product themselves can not explain the principle of their work. But the meaning is reduced to the fact that they create the same medium in water as washing powders - alkalies are formed, the level of acidity increases and free ions are released.

According to the manufacturers, if you use this kind of balls, you will not need powder in the washing process, which adversely affects the environment and human health. The shelf life of these balls is 2-3 years.

If we talk about the disadvantages of tourmaline balls, we can distinguish their high cost, but there is also a saving on detergents. They can be used for washing any type of clothing.

How many balls do you need for washing the down jacket

For an effective wash, you need to use a minimum of 4 balls for washing. If we talk about magnetic and tourmaline balls, then there should be more - 6-12.For tennis balls, this figure is 4-8 pieces.

When washing a down jacket with the help of balls, one should not be surprised that this process will be accompanied by noise, which is caused by the beating of balls on the drum. This also applies to washing other clothes.

Basic rules for washing down jackets

While washing a down jacket, you should follow some rules that will not only increase the effectiveness of this process, but also help things last longer.

  1. Washing of a down jacket should be done with a liquid detergent, which is designed for this type of clothing, therefore the products should be special.
  2. The wash temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.
  3. Washing mode - delicate.
  4. You can not wash the down jacket often, because it can make it unusable ahead of time.
  5. All compartments and pockets that close with zippers, buttons and rivets must be closed.
  6. Washing a down jacket in a washer is possible provided that there is an icon on its label that allows it. Otherwise, it is better to contact dry cleaning.
  7. The spin speed should be small.
  8. It is recommended to use special balls for washing.

In this review, we looked at how to wash a down jacket with special balls of various kinds. We also talked about the differences between these items and the principles of their work.

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