How to choose a juicer

Chinese masher on the price of 50 rubles is not necessary to look down. The device overcomes the strawberries, raspberries, apricots, oranges and tangerines in miniscule amounts. Bothering hands really draw some glass. Typically such contraption used for mashing. For example, baby food consists of potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beets. All you need to pre-boil to obtain a soft consistency. Selection juicer device dependent destination. We suggest to consider the variety of juicers.

Selection of summer resident and bartender

Comparison of two powerful rotary juicers, cheap and expensive

Juicer for fruit

Oddly enough, the choice of rotary juicer and gardeners, and professional bartender in general similar. individual qualities are different, and the price varies considerably. If Neptune Cottage Rotary juicer can cost 4500 rubles, the namesake of France Santos is from 60000 rubles and more. Both models take off the cake in an automatic mode, have a low spin rate. you should not pay more when there is no difference.

Santos boast engines, able to work in long-term operation. Rotary juicer does not need rest during shift bartender of all time (Read more in the manual). Neptune can boast the same. In contrast to the Santos device recycles to 120 kg of apples per hour. Another similarity - in the raw material for extraction. With pineapple and melon should be cut peel, apricots and plums to take out the bones. If Neptune advertising allows not cook the fruit for processing, the manual is written in small print.

Both centrifuge rotor juicers have conical type, which allows to reset automatically cake. Tanks fit all. It turns out, there is no difference. Neptune also has a record figure life - at least 7 years.

juicer home

Professional juicer Santos has differences that do not affect the device functionality. Steel hull and an aluminum cap with a wide neck look impressive and are not spoiled. Neptune housing of white plastic quickly painted carrots and beets.

The second point - hygiene. The food industry is constantly required to be cleaned with special chemicals, not harmful to human health, but deadly for germs. It is important to check if the plastic case will withstand processing. Typically utensils, for example, made from aluminum and steel in a bakery. Even the tables are found metal. This is spelled out in the food industry standards, you can not break them. Before installing Neptune and juicing, check that the appliance standards legislation.

The third point is the level of noise. Santos juicers work drown out most quiet music. This means that customers will not be disturbed hearing unpleasant sounds bursting into pieces of fruit and vegetables. From this image of the institution depends. The appearance and the volume of work is extremely important. Of course, Neptune, from the back room can not be heard, and its performance is better, but the spin factor is less. Let us examine an example.

useful juice

  1. Worth a bucket of apples, you need a liter of juice. Neptune cope faster. Apple is certainly greater than required. That performance, measured in liters per hour of product.
  2. The second option - processing speed - is presented as a time during which peremeletsya bucket of apples. Neptune is smaller. The value is expressed in an amount per hour of apples.
  3. The most important parameter for bars - spin rate, which is calculated as the quotient obtained from the juice of displacement to spent the amount of apples. Neptune is rarely given a value greater than 45%. This is below average even for rotary juicers.
  4. The quality of the juice is better in Santos, but the comparison parameter in absentia will not work.

Neptune is at least 7 years, but Rotary juicer Santos durable. hygiene requirements easier to sustain with the French brand, but the temptation to use semi-professional juicer Neptune high.

For Neptune like gardeners

Make the right choice will help the scientific approach. If Santos is working on a table, it is recommended Neptune (!) Screwed to the floor to avoid the shocking under the weight of the pulp. This is a small drawback for summer resident. The main thing - processing speed and price. The ratio of these parameters obtained record: for the price of 4500 rubles for seven years the apples are processed at a rate of 120 kg / h.

Note: Soft varieties at once transformed into a puree, and for too hard-pressed fruit and vegetable ratio is minimal. This is a disadvantage of rotary centrifuges with conical centrifuge. The Neptune and similar devices centrifuge is very carefully drawn with the product. The emphasis is on two drawbacks:

  1. Loss of vitamins.
  2. Layering juice.

This is due to the influence of too rigid float at high speed rotation, and heating the juice during the spin cycle. The first factor in the case of winter whirls not very important. The cause is easier to consider the example of the British colonies in India, obsessed disease beriberi. Illness caused by lack of B1 (thiamine).

Juicer extrusions

Any reference indicates that the component is present in the grains of rice, but it is destroyed by cooking. Pete only boiled rice lack of vitamin groups formed quickly and C. Today, buying a pharmacy common Revit actually make up the shortfall a couple drops, but in the days of the British colonies had to invent a method of treatment of rice husk.

Meaning in another. When cooking most of the vitamins from the product disappears. The analogy was observed in the Dutch fleet. Sailors regaled the rye crackers, which almost does not contain vitamin B1. Beriberi quickly manifest. Value to include in the diet of white bread, and attack disappeared. When used uncooked rice disease might have been avoided. Rice porridge loses 43% of thiamine, so badly affected by the lack of vitamin B1 in the rump.

Any products lose vitamins when cooked. Saying that in the rotor juicer juice is heated to as much as 45 ° C, it should be noted that the liquid before the twist is cooked at 100 ° C. What we few percent lost during the spin cycle of vitamins, if still need to destroy them by heat treatment? Choose the right rotary juicer in this case will help the scientific approach! Neptune is good and the price, and performance. Undeterred gardener and unsightly appearance of the product. As for the juice, if he is stratified, there simply is no choice. Another type of juicer is simply not up to the task of processing the giant harvest in conceivable time.

Auger juicer Vitek

The emphasis on the Russian manufacturer of auger juicers due to the fact that in our country do not read the manual to use. If it is written in the manual meat grinder Zelmer series 886 that the unit is 10 min., And then half an hour of resting, the product probably will break in the near future without protection against overheating. Many do not know that the engine can burn. Burn blenders, and then abused vengeance producer.

Auger juicer Vitek running half an hour with a break of only 15 minutes. Unique to this class of devices. Break down the product difficult. The technical description is not a hint of protection against overheating, although some dealers say that there is one. Ask yourself the time.

Make a choice in favor of the auger juicer models Continuous operation, for example Vitek 1602. Otherwise, the unit will take longer to rest and not work. Do not expect auger juicer great performance. Its purpose - to slow the spin cycle, preserving the maximum of vitamins and structure of the juice. It should be the product of the order of 4500 rubles, the price has been steadily increasing.

We hope the review will help you choose the best juicer.

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