Cokovyzhimalka for a large number of apples

The need for a juicer, a large number of processing apples, gradually increases. The owners of garden or farm house with a garden for 5-6 acres simplify your job of getting the juice from the fruit, buying a home unit is capable to process at one time a large number of apples. In order not to waste time on persistent difficulties with oversized models or acquire real easy-to-use high-quality goods - portal "VashTehnik" detail familiarize potential buyers with the secrets of design and operation of home appliances, will help you easily select the appropriate product.

The task of acquiring powerful juicer is not just purveyors of juice (individual entrepreneurs performing work by hand). Housewives who want to squeeze the delicious drink useful for Sway family, it is recommended to pay attention to large plants operating with significant fruit.

large juicer

Modern devices easily processed apples without damaging the bones and skins, giving a fresh pure juice without foreign impurities.

Juicers are divided into several types. Let us examine which ones will suit interested buyer who wants to buy a marker kitchen unit to obtain the juice of apples.

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Types lineups

Home juicer designed for making juice and use it for a short time. The models that are preparing the final product for storage, although the results of scientific studies They say that it is better to drink the juice, but in this case, keeps useful properties and qualities juice.


If you need a juicer for apple juice only, pay attention to the one-speed hardware, ie operating within the same rate of speed - «V». To prepare the juice from different fruit / fruit / vegetables, choose a universal model that handles multiple types of fruits.

Note that the standard models are designed for short-term work, they are not structurally capable of handling several kilograms of product. If it requires a large amount of juice eyeing professional universal apparatuses, since their clogging distinguishes self-cleaning. In other words, these models do not need to leave your work to remove the peel or seeds. "Smart", the machine performs the process on their own.

The criteria for the correct choice of equipment

Omega JuicerSo, the decision to purchase a juicer for the processing of several boxes of apples accepted. The right choice - a set of criteria that meet specific needs. Pay attention to the factors:

  1. Presence-tray cover, which protects the unit from dust and dirt. There is no need to continually rinse the juicer before switching.
  2. Operating units are made of stainless materials. Structures juicing apples prohibitively contain easily oxidizable parts to between the liquid and the inner walls do not occur chemical reaction, oxidation, etc.. Otherwise, the juice will lose useful food quality, vitamins and minerals. stainless steel components guarantee the ecological state at the highest level. To understand what is at stake, represent a strainer involved in filtering the juice: soft or easily oxidized materials will break down "at times", stainless steel fibers hold out much longer.
  3. Household juicer for apples is working on the centrifugal principle. For juice user loads the top fruit and pushes down with a special pusher. Grater frays product produced juice in calico going to pulp. Therefore, attention is paid to the presence of the guide tray. Without it, the likelihood of overshoot fruit by mouth increases tenfold.
  4. Structurally, the separators are conical or cylindrical. The second embodiment provides the final product yield in an amount of 95%. But after treatment with 2-3 servings of fruits need to manually clean the parts of the extraction products. Conical separator produces approximately 70% of the finished juice from apples, does not require periodic cleaning.
  5. To prepare large quantities of apple juice from the juicer provide capacity for receiving liquid. When buying pay attention to sokopriemnika capacity so as not to suffer a 200-gram cups, squeezing out the juice from 10 kg of apples.

The above parameters will help determine exactly what kind of juicer to choose. Choose the device deliberately, based on preferences.
Juicer and apples

juice preservation procedure apples

Lovers of winter drink apple juice to replenish vitamins and minerals in the body to support the immune system should consider the possibility of preserving the juice.

  1. Raw juice was washed and placed on a cutting board.
  2. Prepare a juicer to work, check the availability of the necessary parts, damage, ready for use.
  3. Apples cut pieces depending on the power of the juicer and neck volume gradually charged into the device.
  4. Juicer, self-cleansing fruit of the seeds and the rind, without missing the flesh, save time costs. Loaded mechanism to push the fruit pressing a special push rod, being part of.
  5. The resulting juice is poured into a separate container. After completion of the extraction juice immediately boil, pour into sterilized jars and sealed.
  6. For canned juice sometimes add sugar. In this case, it is filled into either sokopriemnik, or prepared for canning jars.

The procedure for obtaining juice in an industrial scale

We help the reader understand how to get the juice in large (industrial) scale.

The above described process for obtaining juice at home. In the industrial volumes of apple juice is obtained by means of special units, such as "UIM-2." Industrial apple juicer fitted with parts made of stainless steel. Operating the engine - a three-phase 380 V. The centrifuge runs until 4500. / Min. Similar systems are used in plants producing fruit and vegetable juices.

The principle of operation of industrial centrifuges - the use of mechanical presses or centrifugal. Unlike devices from home colossal: volume, power, efficiency.

Reliable system "Rossoshanka"

For the processing of a large number of apples at a time suitable juicer Rossoshanka: capacity 70 liters per hour, the total concentration of 95%. The unit "knows" how to separate the pulp and seeds. The unit works only with hard fruits or vegetables. The principle of operation - the centrifugal force. It equipped with an electrodynamic brake.

"Rossoshanka" qualitatively transforms the harvest of apples. On average, the "stage" at a rate of one bucket of apples is carried out for 5-10 minutes.

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